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With the knowledge of Carson and the courage of Achilles, individuals are steadfastly going the distance to defend wildlife and ecosystems from assaults of environmental degradations and destructions. Join environmental studies scientist Dr. Rob Moir for lively dialogue and revealing narrative inquiry into how individuals are overcoming the obstacles turning forlorn hope into effective actions for oceans, rivers, watersheds, wildlife and ecosystems. Discover how listening to individuals, thinking locally, and acting in concert with others, you can act to save ecosystems. Act to bring about a greener and blue Planet Earth. Moir’s Environmental Dialogues is broadcast live every Wednesday at 9 AM Pacific Time on The Green Talk Network. For free iTunes podcast search "Moir's."

Atlantic menhaden

55. Atlantic Menhaden Overfished and a New Documentary Film: Shored Up


And so Castles Made of Sand Fall into the Sea, eventually… (Jimi Hendrix)


Ben Kalina introduces his new documentary film, Shored UP.  Ben experiences life on a barrier beach by spending a hurricane on Long Beach Island, NJ when all have left except for rescue personnel. Hear also accounts of beach life on Long Beach New York where surfers arrive be subway.

Shored Up is a feature documentary about our disappearing coasts and our irrational yet romantic urge to live on the edge of a sea that surges with unimaginable power.  It's the tale of living on the edge on barrier islands - some of the planet's most dynamic land - and the people whose passion for the ocean compels them to live at this tumultuous intersection of water and sand.  Because when you love something wild, and you move in with it, there’s going to be drama. See two trailers at Kickstart. 


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