Moir's Environmental Advocates

Just as the Lorax once spoke for the trees, Rob Moir's Environment Advocates speak out for wildlife, oceans, rivers, watersheds and ecosystems. Where once we thought globally and acted locally, Moir's Environmental Advocates also listen and observe locally, think systemically and become global by taking actions that cross boundaries. Moir's Environmental Advocates report weekly on how individuals and communities are steadfastly going the distance to defend wildlife and ecosystems from assaults of environmental degradations and destructions.

Erik Blasbaugh, Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters

Molly_Bolster, the Gundalow Company, Portsmouth NH

Jamie Cournane, PhD, the plight of river herring

Surfer Mike Dunmyer Mike Dunmyer, Ocean Champions

Beacon Hill Boston Erik Blasbaugh and Zack Greenberg, Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters

Pam Lyons Gromen, National Coalition for Marine Conservation Roger Fleming with Gompers and Scott Pam Lyons Gromen, Executive Director of NCMC, and Roger Fleming of Earthjustice

Patrick Hayes in his boatPatrick Hayes, Martin County Commissioner, George Jones, the Indian River Lagoon Riverkeeper, Jim Egan, Executive Director of the Marine Resources Council, Capt. Nancy Beaver, Sunshine Wildlife, Stuart, FL


Les KaufmanLes_Kaufman


Craig MacDonald

Matt McKenzie

Olivia Newton John


Ben Wright Environment MassachusettsBen_Wright


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