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Watch us now. The Ocean River Institute assists groups closest to wildlife and natural areas to educate more widely, to preserve flora & fauna, to conserve landscapes & seascapes, to advance ecosystem-based adaptive management, and to remediate environments.

ORI Videos and those produced in partnership with others are presented here.

Indian River Lagoon

Slime Crime Report Standing in FL Lagoon

Help protect dolphins, turtles and game fish from green slime in a Florida Lagoon. Rob is up to his ankles in it and the camera man nearly looses it all.

Rhodes 27 Gannet sailboat

ORI beginnings:Salem Sound to National Ocean Policy

Rob Moir tells how citizen science in Salem MA grew to greater stewardship of ocean waters.

Martin County Commissioner Patrick Hayes out on the water of Indian River Lagoon

Save Florida waterways by taking the summer off from lawn fertilizing

Rob Moir describes how Martin County Commissioner Patrick Hayes created by unanimous vote the state's toughest lawn fertilizer ordinance. A win-win bill for both dolphins and green lawns that reduces algal blooms (green slimey waters). Rob tells lawn owners to take the summer off from buying and spreading fertilizer. Join for dinner January 24th, 2012 in Stuart FL honoring Commissioner Hayes, a Blue Green Hero.

Herreshoff 12.5 Horseshoe Shoal, mid Nantucket Sound

Ryan and Rob sail to the middle of Nantucket Sound

At the southeast corner of Horseshoe Shoals stands a weather tower where the wind died and we were forced to paddle 5 n.m. home to Cotuit Bay. When I put my hand in the water up to my elbow I could no longer see my fingers for the green brown blooming algae. I vow in five years to reduce the nutrient loading so that I may forever see my fingers in these ocean waters during the warmest months. Algal Green Slime Busters to action.

Lisa Wong Mayor of Fitchburg talks with Rob

The Greening of Fitchburg MA

Fitchburg Mayor Lisa Wong talks with Rob and accepts endorsement from the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters.

ORI Surfer duckie with lobster pot and boat on ocean

ORI Surfer Duck at sea (surf scoters have more black wet-suits on)

Surfing Duck hangs ten video (clearly not an ORI duck)

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