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The Ocean River Institute provides opportunities to make a difference and go the distance for savvy stewardship of a greener and bluer planet Earth.

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The Ocean River Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people and groups make a difference where they live and work through environmental stewardship and science.

We believe that many environmental issues can best be addressed by people taking action in their own communities and regions, not by large, national entities. But small, localized, or newly formed groups often need help to achieve their goals.

That's where the Ocean River Institute comes in. We maintain a network of ORI Partners, connecting them with resources and services to help them maximize their impact, expand their capacity, and weather unanticipated setbacks. ORI Actions and Events offer opportunities to make a difference, and you can volunteer to be an ORI Steward.

Watch Rob's Short Welcome Video

November 9-10, 2013

The Friends of Nature Music Festival at Virginia Beach Key Park in Miami, FL.

Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

Ocean Frontiers II. A film of citizens working together for healthier seas while strengthening economies throughout New England.

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Ocean River’s radio broadcast live bi-weekly & archived here!

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Ocean Ecosystem Research, Education, Advocacy and Stewardship

Is there a hidden river of toxic mercury in your body? Be informed at Laura Russell's ORI partner page?

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"Dr. Rob Moir is passionate about saving the ocean by helping dolphins suffering from nitrogen pollution.  Nitrogen is a dangerous pollutant affecting our oceans, altering ocean ecosystems and contributing to global warming."  Actress and Jazz Singer Christine Larkin

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Actress and Jazz Singer Christine Larkin

Christine Larkin

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