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The oceans are suffering and we need your support.

With your donations, ORI is educating and mobilizing 51,000 ecostewards in collaboration with locals and working with decision makers to clean up and restore our oceans and rivers.

You are cordially invited to participate in the greenest way to give. Consider making a recurring donaton to ORI, perhaps $10 a month or partner to give quarterly.

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Your financial support helps us to fulfill our ORI mission for a greener and bluer planet. Our oceans and waterways are suffering from multiple assaults. Help us to protect, restore, and better manage our waters!

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~ We educate, advocate and promote action on pressing issues, many local issues you would not otherwise hear about

~ We make your voice heard by environmental policy makers

~ We run effective campaigns and achieve results you can see

~ We're a small organization; all your support goes to mission

Write a review or read what others are saying about the Ocean River Institute. Reviews of ORI on Great Nonprofits are also posted on Guidestar.

ORI, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit organization, was founded in 2007. We are not old enough to be listed in Charity Navigator. You may read reviews of ORI at


“I love the work of the Ocean River Institute, it is valued in more ways than one. It is comforting to know this organization exists, and it is necessary for it to be supported by all!!!”
- Deborah Cosio, Colorado Springs, CO

“We are grateful for the excellent work you do to protect our waterways!” - Laura Schlegal and family, Chicago, IL

“ORI is a vital organization in the fight for healthy oceans and marine wildlife. Continue your outstanding leadership” - Tim Duda, San Antonio, TX

“The Ocean River Institute consistently strives to preserve all the water resources on our planet; and to teach us all how to assist in this.” - Gloria Clements, Macon, GA

"ORI is imperative to the continuing existence of our planet's numerous and varied animals. Without this total commitment and determination, future generations would be denied the absolutely beautiful and wonderful experiences of life at its best. ORI is to be commended for all that they do."- Andrea Roland, Amboy, IL

"I totally support the work of the ORI and their efforts to restore the water quality of the Westfield River and its tributaries, to improve the environment of this river system in order to better sustain the wildlife it supports." Jeffrey Mirate, Prairie Du Sac, WI



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Surfer Duck with lobster pot and boat

Surfer Duck hangs ten video

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When you donate to Ocean River Institute, you become an ORI Steward. Your financial support helps ORI to fulfill our mission. You will receive the ORI e-newsletter, which keeps you abreast of ORI Actions and Events—and enables you to make a difference in environmental education, science, and conservation. Ocean River Institute, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education organization.

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Over the years I've been a member of Ocean River Institute they have proven themselves to be excellent at gathering, communicating and acting on the important information they broadcast over the Internet resulting in necessary changes to protect oceans and rivers.”  Judy, Minneapolis MN, Dec 19, 2013


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Join with the Blue Green Sustainer Partners


Monthly and Quarterly Giving enables ORI to meet the challenges throughout the year.


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The fine print on donating to ORI online instead of by personal check: eTapestry by Blackbaud is a "donor-advised fund," which is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that collects contributions from donors and distributes those contributions to other nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations in good standing with the IRS as recommended by you, the donor. Your credit card statement therefore lists eTapestry by Blackbaud and not the charity on this page because your donation is to our donor-advised fund. eTapestry by Blackbaud then forwards the contribution to the Ocean River Institute on your behalf. As required by the IRS, eTapestry by Blackbaud has exclusive legal control over donations to this donor-advised fund.

ORI has a brokerage account if you would like to gift appreciated securities. Ask Rob Moir for more details.

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