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Put the ducks back in Harvard Square

Help us put the ducks back in Harvard Square.


The Ocean River Institute maintained a window display on Mount Auburn Street from 2007 to 2017, a decade of ducks on display.  Ocean conservation images and messages were exhibited and people liked to pause by the marine life.

In August, 2017, the exhibit was forever closed.

Write on our letter to the bank requesting to restore ducks to Harvard Square.

Before viewing the ducks, here’s a look back at what was on display.

A once and future ocean conservation display:

Image of a vibrant, alive, Boston Harbor, a harbor of pride from Castle Island with Deer Island to the left and Long Island to the right.

Together, we are protecting environments not for self, but for all.”


Gone Fishing by Colette Fairman   30” x 30” oil painting

Three habitats by Harper Dangler, watercolor

Animal Legend by Dina Chapeau, pen and ink

The Ducks set out to Harvard Square

in search of a display window.

They came across all sorts of places.

A loud mousy place

A curious place

A place with great tours

a deli place

In Harvard Square, it can be all sunshine and rainbows.

Blue skies and pretty rooftops.

A great place for movies.

They looked by Grafton Street

and the site of Thomas Shepard’s old meeting house.

Ducks were in the midst of the city.


They did not duck the streets of Harvard Square.

Duck down the alleyway to the ART.


The ducks took to water to find the right place.

They stopped to cool off at the old ice house.

Visited a pub for watercress sandwiches with cold drinks.

Failing to find just the right place, they met up with others.

To their surprise, found display windows at Bank of America.

More ducks came out to be seen in Harvard Square.

More ducks, geese, a loon, and others are in waiting.

Help us put the ducks back in Harvard Square.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts in our letters to Bank of America. Click here for letter.


Duck cast:

Surfer Duck,

Snorkel Duck,

Stars and Stripes Duck,

and Fisher Duck.

Cameo appearances by

W.H.Gilley Pintail of Southwest Harbor, ME

Massachusetts Ocean Whale

Fingers Frog

and Flamingo Fishmonger.

Supporting cast

Dad and Junior Loon, Mr & Mrs Green-winged Teal

Capt Smith Bufflehead, Drake and Hen Black, et al.

No ducks were harmed in producing this message.

The Labrador duck in ORI’s logo went extinct in about 1870.

You can help ORI not go the way of this duck by making a tax-deductible donation at http://www.donate4oceans.org/   Choose from nine ocean animals, nine different ways to save the ocean.

What’s in your ocean?

Talk to us, comment below.

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