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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from New York

New York

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.

If current practices continue, there will be a greater mass of plastic than of fish in the oceans by 2050.  Once plastic gets into the ocean, it is impossible to get it all out as much of it is reduced to microscopic bits that can be consumed by fish and make their way into the fish we eat.  The only effective way to reduce plastic in the oceans is by stopping it at the source, by curtailing production of plastic, especially of single use plastic items.  Edna Litten, Altamont NY

Plastics are effecting the development and wellness of all living beings. It would begin to restore my faith in humankind to take care of our home – earth and all living things that need our Commitment to restoring the environment, and the necessary cleaning of air and water. Michele Pavillard, Big Flats NY

Our assaults on the ecosystem are so powerful, so numerous, so finely interconnected, that although the damage they do is clear, it is very difficult to discover how it was done. By which weapon? In whose hand? Are we driving the ecosphere to destruction simply by our growing numbers? By our greedy accumulation of wealth? Or are the machines which we have built to gain this wealth-the magnificent technology that now feeds us out of neat packages, that clothes us in man-made fibers, that surrounds us with new chemical creations-at fault?  Barry Commoner, Brooklyn Heights NY

Because so much single use plastic will last longer than I WILL LIVE!!!!! when it can be made into other things, like say VENTILATOR PARTS! I want to live in a world where I don’t see bird nests laden with plastic, see plastic bags hanging from trees, and see the horrible sight of plastic refuse pulled out of the bellies of dead whales. Catherine Jones, Bronx NY

Please take action to get all the horrible plastic pollution stopped! The beautiful animals, nature land and water need to be plastic free! It is killing our waters, lands and wildlife! Please invest in plastic free products! And please collect all plastic for recycling! No onetime use plastics! Sandy Sobanski, Brooklyn NY

For the health of our oceans, our animals and people.  Karena Wells, Brooklyn NY

Plastic is killing our beautiful ocean wildlife. Once we decimate the ocean’s populations we cannot get them back, including sustainable fisheries upon which human survival depends. There are excellent alternatives to plastic that can be put into use and that will not condemn future generations to environmental disaster. I worry about the environment around the clock. Knowing you were doing something to fix the impending doom would give us all hope. Amanda Gronich, Brooklyn NY

Plastic is killing fish and birds, and the chemicals released by plastic are poisoning the environment.  Douglas Cooke, Brooklyn NY

Single use plastics are choking our oceans and polluting our ground.  It’s time to be done with them.  Amanda Smock, Brooklyn NY

Everyday use of disposable plastics is a human convenience that is threatening wildlife all over the world.  Not only is it dangerous as waste (being accidentally consumed by so many animals on land and in oceans) but it’s manufacture contributes to the release of carbon emissions into our atmosphere that is already on the brink of collapse. The Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act would benefit me by lowering waste in the environment and lowering emissions. Inge Bernhardt, Brooklyn NY

Plastic isn’t biodegradable.  It’s made up of toxins which leak into our soil; animals that eat that soil and humans that eat those animals.  Birds and other animals die from being trapped in plastic thrown into waters.  People throws plastic on the ground creating trash. When we microwave plastic items that leaks into the food we eat and causes us harm.  Plastic water bottles also release toxins when we drink that water. It would prevent many people from getting sick.  I don’t want people to suffer.  It would stop plastic bags hanging from trees that people throw on the ground.  I want to look at the beauty of trees not plastic.  It would stop birds and animals from suffering being caught in plastic.  All animals should be respected and taken care of. Mirian Rivera-Shapiro, Brooklyn NY

Single use plastic pollution is an eyesore; it’s bad for the environment; and it can clog municipal waste water systems. Reduce single use plastics. Support this bill.  Amanda Smock, Brooklyn NY

This plastics bill will be for the good of the planet and the good of humanity’s future.  Jeremy Lopez, Chappaqua NY

Please reduce plastic pollution to protect endangered whales and sea turtles and other marine life that ingest plastic or drown caught in plastic.  We need to protect sea birds that eat fish that are filled with tiny plastics and often die. These are preventable deaths. Please help by supporting this bill!!  Shirley Schue, CHERRY VALLEY NY

Plastic pollution is throughout the environment, it is important to try and curb this as much as possible for our health. Reduce plastic pollution. Jess Summers, Cohoes NY

If we do not reduce and eliminate single-use plastic materials, we are doomed to further death and destruction of all carbon-based life forms. I, like my friends, family and community, no longer want to participate in this deadly and destructive petrochemical nightmare of single-use detritus covering the planet. A.L. Steiner, Cornwallville NY

Plastic pollution is destroying the environment, especially the oceans & endangering wildlife, especially in the oceans.  Susan Ford, East Nassau NY

There are other ways to package items or drink from than plastic. We are killing the marine life and in effect, killing the human race.  Bernadette Belcastro, Floral Park NY

Everywhere I go I see discarded plastic bottles, bags and packages. We are killing the planet that supports us and soon nothing we can do will save it. We must stop being lazy and inconvenienced and do what is right for our environment. We should force manufactures to recycle all they produce or not make it at all. I would see a cleaner environment and less suffering of the creatures that live here. It would be a better environment for all. I urge you to support this bill. Kirk Krebs, Harpursville NY

If you ever eat seafood, that means the health of the ocean affects your food. It means the plastic that is in the ocean becomes part of *you* when you eat. As someone who was born with bad genes, I try to fight it with diet. Much of what is best for us is in the ocean. We rely on it not only for survival, but for health. The health of the ocean will directly affect us. We need to clean the ocean. Plastic is an endocrine disruptor. I have endometriosis, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, and genes that led to diabetes. All these diseases, especially endometriosis are affected by exposure to endocrine disruptors. There is so much exposure to them from plastics that it adds up in my body. I have switched from plastic storage to pyrex. I have stopped dying my hair and painting my nails. I think that makes a bit of difference. This bill is deeply necessary. Hillary Buckingham, Hastings on Hudson NY

First of all, one should not pollute in any way shape or form. Secondly, if it affects the beautiful, innocent sea creatures, then that’s another reason to stop it. Let’s protect what’s left of our earth and its creatures.  Gregg Mayer, Jackson Heights NY

Plastic pollution is more than beaches and coastlines full of floating bottles. It is now also micro-bits of plastic that find their way even into fish at the bottom of the sea. It is not only endangering nature, it is endangering our health, which depends on the health of the environment. This is not a sentimental matter. It is a matter of survival for the planet. There is no Planet B. I am not an island, I am part of a whole, and the health of that whole, whether it be a village in Africa, the coast of an island like Hong Kong, or a beach in California (where I have family)—it’s all a part of me. Isabel Sena, Jackson Heights NY

Plastic is killing, burying and trapping our Planet!  We cannot continue this madness!  it is not necessary and you can do something to stop it!  Do it now! I could sleep at night!  And not worry about all the wildlife and people who are drowning in plastic! Kay Johnson, Jamestown NY

Plastic will ruin our environment and kill all of us.  Barb McCarthy, Lancaster NY

We are being choked to death by the amount of plastic that we throw away. It’s killing our oceans. It’s entering into our bodies in the fish we eat. Kevin Bacon, Manhattan NY

Many beautiful animals have mistaken plastic items as food, consumed them and died a horrible and painful death.  Plastic has taken over our beaches and so many other things that we love and hold in high esteem. It is not worthy of that–to think that every time some people drink water, another plastic bottle is generated and sent to the trash which becomes an item that can be a bit of clutter that can last more than 50 years.  We can do better. This bill allows our earth to be rid of items that are nothing but useless litter or things that require special processes to make and destroy. Connie Mogull, Mamaroneck NY

Plastic pollutes water and harms water life, like fish and fowl. We rely on these beings for many things, and they deserve clean water just for being. The quality of our lives would be healthier and more productive. Healthier air and water would strengthen my life. Harvey Spears, Manhattan NY

Act to protect humans and animals, because we are destroying our planet. This bills tries to greatly reduces plastic pollution. I would know that we are working toward a better world. Carol Elias, Massena NY

Plastic is killing all kinds of wildlife.  Plastic takes years to biodegrade, as a result getting into our water and soil. We all benefit from ending our dependence on plastic.  It clogs our waterways, it pollutes our beaches, it fills 2 gigantic sections of the ocean each the size of Rhode Island, it increases the warming of the oceans, leading to the death of marine life and birds, and less fish for our fisherman. You know this is all true and you know we need to stop it. Marlena Lange, Middletown NY

Living on the east coast for my entire life, diving, fishing and recreating on the shore has shown us very directly the effects of the enormous plastic problem! Keep the oceans healthy and protect the wildlife and humans who depend on it! Matt Stedman, Montauk NY

Save our oceans and sea life. We are all ingesting bits of plastic. That has to stop. John Stratton, New Hartford NY

Let’s keep the plastic for listening to LPs, not for strangling birds. Neil Bleifeld, NEW YORK NY

We need now, more than ever, to protect and support our environment, all living creatures, and our future. Reducing plastic pollution is one important step. It would benefit all of us. We are all connected. Alix Keast, New York NY

One lesson I got from Gandhi, ‘Be the change you want to see,’ haunts me. I just feel like I can’t keep stomping around pointing the finger at BP when I am supporting the oil industry with my very own dollars and actions by buying their products, helping to pay their mortgage – plastic is from oil… polyester, shower curtains. Kristin Bauer van Straten, New York NY

This plastic garbage is killing the planet, propelled by corporate greed. I do not buy anything packed in plastic, but that is still limiting. Beverly Bullock, New York NY

Everything’s plastic, we’re all gonna die. Elizabeth Wurtzel, New York, NY

What’s it like to envision the ten-thousand-year environmental impact of tossing a plastic bottle into the trash bin, all in the single second it takes to actually toss it? Or the ten-thousand-year history of the fossil fuel being burned to drive to work or iron a shirt? It may be environmentally progressive, but it’s not altogether pleasant. Douglas Rushkoff, New York NY

Plastic senselessly kills and it pollutes the planet, causing many other problems, including suffering.  James Scotto, New York NY

Plastic kills animals and dirties up the earth.  George Tulloch, New York NY

We, as well as ocean life, are drowning in plastic. We ingest it, from what I understand, and it is building up in our bodies just like it does in fish, turtles, whales. We MUST work incredibly hard and fast to REDUCE plastic pollution. Thank you. Jill Simon, New York City NY

The Break Free from Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of disposable, wasteful products in the United States. Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas. Less manufacturing of these single-use and disposable products will decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major driver of climate change.  Donna Knipp, New York NY

We, as well as ocean life, are drowning in plastic. We ingest it, from what I understand, and it is building up in our bodies just like it does in fish, turtles, whales….We MUST work incredibly hard and fast to REDUCE plastic pollution. Support this bill and make it so. Thank you.  Jill Simon, New York City New York

The entire world has been dumping plastics into the ocean for a long time.  There needs to be a global effort to reduce the pollution. This bill is just the first step. Larry Weingart, New York NY

As someone who spends a lot of time in coastal areas I am acutely aware of the huge amounts of plastic pollution that are accumulating in our environment. The Break Free from Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce plastic production. Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels and less fouling of beaches. Leslie Burby, New York NY

Plastic pollution harms the environment in which many of our fellow creatures live. I would like to see less plastic because they are made from fossil fuels.  These fuels are harming our air and water. Go green! Priscilla Balch, New York NY

By supporting the bill, you would take part in protecting and improving the quality of our land and waterways, as well as the health of wildlife and ourselves.  This is very important to me and I’d like to urge you to support the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act.  Sincerely, Richard Stern, New York NY

Too many fish ingest plastic. Too many plastic rings get caught around sea mammals necks, and in their gut.  Plastic breaks down and gets into the food chain and eventually. Plastic is in our water and soil. It’s in vegetables and animals. We would all be healthier and sea life would not be harmed. Dorina Cragnotti, New York NY

We need to protect our environment.  What did humans do before they had plastic?  We managed without. Reducing single use plastic is essential to our planet’s wellbeing. Katherine O’Sullivan, New York NY

The oceans cannot handle any more trash. The oceanic environments and animals are suffering. There already is too much pollution being dumped into our waters. It breaks my heart when I see pictures of marine life being harmed and killed by human trash! I have not asked for or have needed to receive a plastic bag when shopping since almost two years. Having a bill like this, if enforced, would definitely decrease my concern for how lightly we are taking our own health and that of future generations. Cynthia Kirschling, New York City NY

I urge you support this bill to protect our planet & keep our oceans & wildlife safe & to just keep it more clean in general. Help to save our planet & to being a part of a solution to a problem. Help to keep our waterways & wildlife safer. Keep our planet safer & cleaner. Wendi Cohen, Ossining NY

Plastic doesn’t break down and therefore as a pollutant it stays on our land and oceans and kills our sea creatures and destroys the earth. It’s the only planet we have and we need to be thinking ahead and about what we can do immediately. In the next few years there will be more plastic in our oceans and waterways than fish! With this bill, hopefully the world around me would start to be a cleaner and healthier place to live and I wouldn’t have to worry about the number of things that are packaged in plastic. Lynn Slonaker, Pawling NY

Plastic is glutting up our oceans and landfills.  Recycling can only do so much.  We need to reduce plastic production at its source.  Jill Nicholas, Penfield NY

Plastics are choking our oceans, killing marine life and causing catastrophic pollution.  ENOUGH! First and foremost, by causing less harm to marine life. Donna Lenhart, Poughkeepsie NY

Plastic pollution is destroying the ocean, killing marine creatures and ruining the environment.  It must be stopped. I am a citizen of the earth, we would all benefit from a healthy earth. Rev. L. Cline, Riverhead NY

We must protect and save the environment, wildlife and our health for future generations. Less waste. Kimberly Wiley, Rochester NY

Plastic is destroying the environment and killing animals on land and in the ocean. I prefer to buy items in glass when it is available. Patti Packer, Schenectady NY

Plastic is killing animals and causing environmental ruin.  Patti Packer, Scotia NY

It’s disgusting. I frequently walk the ocean beaches of Long Island NY and pick up bags and bags of plastic trash obviously washed up onto the beach. Cleaner beaches, please. Kevin Oldham, Shirley NY

We need to reduce greenhouse gases and plastic pollution imperil lives of marine animals. It is not difficult to recycle & reuse plastics, but is our responsibility and this bill would hold us to it. Lora Schwartzberg, South Salem NY

Plastic kills wildlife; it is not biodegradable, litters the worlds beaches, swamps and marshes! There is nothing good about it! Healthier wildlife, cleaner, beaches, swamps, and marshes, a definite improvement in the overall quality of life! Steven J Ercole, Staten Island NY

Plastic last forever and entangles the animals and it is bad for the environment I wouldn’t have to look at all the ugly dirty plastic bags all over the street. Annette Bailey, Syracuse NY

Our world is choking in plastic in the air, in the water, in our beautiful oceans. It’s imperative we stop this insanity now, and stop using plastic! Please support this bill to save our planet and our wildlife before it’s too late. thank you. I hate plastic and want to be able to buy products that are NOT made of plastic. Melanie Stopyra, Syracuse NY

Plastic pollution is threatening the health of the oceans and their inhabitants.  Healthy oceans are an important buffer to global climate change.  Plastic pollution also threatens the entire oceanic ecosystem as well as our food supply. With this bill, I would feel more confident about the survival of future generations and the planet. Wendy Yost, Syracuse NY

It is indispensable for the survival of the marine ecosystem. Teaching everyone the importance of protecting and safeguarding the oceans. Silvia Bertano, Torino NY

It’s choking the whole earth! Must be stopped!  Mk Petruzzi, Upper Nyack NY

I have been on beaches that were covered with plastic, along with dead sea creatures. I cannot understand why those people who DUMP PLASTICS in the oceans are not severely fined. Dumping anything in the oceans is stupid. Support the bill. I would feel better every time I went to the shore not to see all the mess and more dead creatures! Patrick Matriscino, Victor NY

Plastic does not belong hanging from trees or power lines.  Plastic does not belong in fish or whales or fingerlings. Pass the bill and I would be leaving the earth as I found it. Carol Clark, Warrensburg NY

Way too much plastic in the environment. It’s breaking down has negative effect on health of all life, including human, and the environment. Stop having plastic bottles, go back to glass. David Ward, Waterloo NY

Our Earth is in crisis because human activity is destroying the environment.  We’re addicted to fossil fuels and most of us are blissfully unaware what happens to these plastic water bottles when we throw them away. Worldwide, a million of these are purchased every day. So, what’s to be done? Since human beings have the capacity to destroy all life on the planet, we are therefore responsible for its survival. Taking responsibility creates a paradigm shift. That’s a change in the way we think so that we can survive on this glorious but finite planet… Join me. Take the pledge to replace any and all single-use disposable plastics for a reusable alternative. James Cromwell, Wawayanda, NY

It is heartbreaking what we do to our planet! Please put a stop to it. Sandra Cais, Woodside NY

Wildlife is dying because of plastic pollution.  Edith Simpson, Wynantskill NY

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