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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Ohio

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


It’s killing our wildlife and oil is used in its production! Hemp can make the same items without oil! Same benefit as anything else! Regulate plastics and use more hemp from farmers instead of oil barons. For the continuation of life on earth, anything that benefits the environment benefits me.  Bruce Cratty, Akron OH

Plastic pollution is killing our oceans, destroying wildlife and will eventually be more plentiful in the oceans than fish. It is also causing serious damage to freshwater ecosystems such as the Great Lakes. There are so many other healthier and sustainable options to single use plastics. I live in the Lake Erie area and it would immediately start improving the plastic waste situation for us. Nick Hennessy, Bowling Green OH

For animals to have a clean, clear environment. So that they may live longer, healthier lives. Not digest plastic! Not be killed for some random lazy person who could have easily recycled the piece of trash, that could’ve been thrown away in a recycle can or garbage can! The ocean is for them! Not for trash to be dumped! How would we like it if an alien came down, dumped their trash on our planet & left-constantly?! With the bill passed it would be nice to know the animals could at least be free from human filth! What’s wrong with trying to make a world perfect if it can at least be done in one place?! Martha Kubik, Brecksville OH

Plastic pollution is harmful to creatures who sometimes eat it or get tangled in it make me feel better about keeping our precious resources clean. Barb DeLeone, Brimfield OH

What will it take to show us the error of our ways?  Our destruction of the planet, its creatures and our overpopulating have put us where we are today.  Eliminating plastic is a step forward. Maybe I could lay awake fewer nights, worrying about this planet. Karen Kindel, Canton OH

Marine animals and seabirds are dying from entanglements and ingestion of plastics.  Julie Clayman, Chagrin Falls OH

Plastic is glutting our oceans, our soil, our water, our air, even our BLOODSTREAMS with nano particles! Plastics of all types take a very long time to break down in the environment and along the way, cause harm — even death e.g. to sea animal life. I am as much a part of the living fabric of creation as is all other life. The harm of plastics to any part of life, also harms me.  H.R. 5845 and S.3263 are legislative measures that will Break Free of Plastic Pollution. This action is long overdue. Alice Dugar, Chardon OH

With this plastic bill the wins are immediate and achievable.  Jesse Williams, Cincinnati OH

Plastic is devastating our environment.  It is not bio-degradable.  Pass the bill and we won’t have to look at plastic bags everywhere. Gay Williamson, Cincinnati OH

So that our oceans can become healthy again and all things that live in them. I love going to the ocean and seeing the beautiful wildlife. How devastating it would be to have to tell our children and grandchildren that we as humans were to selfish to clean up our mess. Marie Pfierman, Cincinnati OH

We are drowning in plastics and must stop manufacturing items that have a nearly unlimited life span.   We need to respect our earth. This bill would make it easier to avoid plastics.  I now am unable to purchase some items in order to avoid adding to plastic pollution. Marketa Anderson, Clearcreek Township OH

Reduce all use of plastic and eliminate all plastic from oceans.  Barb Scholtz, Cleveland OH

We have made great effort in our home to stop using plastic all together but many products have some component of plastic. It is key to our environment to stop the use of plastic. It may help us with new alternatives to items and processes that use plastic. Kristin Huntoon, Columbus OH

We are the only ones who can care for our planet. If we don’t we will destroy it for everyone and every living thing.  Cynthia Upp, Dayton OH

Oceans are full of plastic and it’s getting worse.  Soon there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Pass the bill and see less plastic packaging at the retail level and people wouldn’t have to worry what to do with plastic containers then as they do now.  Steve Kent, Hamilton OH

This Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 (HR5845) is something that should have been done already. It is necessary for humans to stop damaging this planet now. It’s especially important now that in the midst of COVID 19, the United States has allowed the EPA to relax regulations on the fossil fuel, oil, natural gas, auto manufacturing, & commercial agriculture industries, which will lead to the erosion of what small amount has been achieved.   We will end up living surrounded by garbage, stepping in our own waste. There may be still beautiful-looking vistas and oceans, too dangerous to enter.  Supporting this bill would benefit me with the knowledge that something positive is being proposed and hopefully enacted for the better health of the planet and all of its creatures. Linda Porter, Lakewood OH

We must act now before it is too late. We must safe our natural resources, water, land, and animals. Go back to glass and can. All are recyclable and won’t hurt our environment. Marlene Barrett, Maumee OH

I was raised on the ocean, as a life guard and surfer. I have been to countless formal and informal beach clean ups and it has gotten worse year after year-only WE can change this full speed run down a dead end street of destruction!  Bob Quail, Mentor OH

Single use plastic is wrong for so many reasons.  It kills fish, emits pollution when burned, doesn’t rot in landfills.  Causes cancer & hormone disruption in our youth.  Plastic covers our beaches.  It’s everywhere.  Americans need to overcome their plastic addiction and deal with reality. We’re learning “social distancing,” we can learn No Single Use Plastics. It would make me and the animal kingdom very happy. Sandra Cobb, Moreland Hills OH

I use garbage bags made of sugar cane stalks that are biodegradable and I cannot tell the difference between them and plastic bags. Why can we not make all disposable bags of biodegradable material? Let’s clean up the oceans and prevent injury to marine life. Paul Hopkins, Norwalk OH

When large numbers of dead animals are being found routinely to have ingested massive amounts of plastics, that had been thoughtlessly discarded by ignorant human beings on beaches and in waterways, plastics that the ocean and stream animals believed to be food, that incidence of unnecessary deaths should serve as a wake-up call to human beings. We are murdering huge numbers of innocent animals simply for our own conveniences. This is thoughtlessness on an unimaginable scale and should make us ashamed and serve to make us think of our fellow inhabitants on this planet. We owe it to the voiceless to serve as their protectors, not as their executioners. We can do this and we should do this. I would be relieved to see clean beaches and clean creeks, rivers, streams, etc., that are not teeming with garbage tossed into them by fools. I would be thrilled to no longer see photos and read accounts of wild creatures that have died unnecessarily from plastics. I would be delighted to discover that people agreed to adopt wise practices that resulted in our waters being free from noxious debris and our animals able to live their lives without having to deal with the overwhelming onslaught of plastics. Patty Ridenour, Oakwood OH

It is causing pollution, animals are dying from eating it, it is contaminating the world. Make it a safer environment to live in for us and future generations. Peggy Fugate, Oxford OH

Plastic is choking off ocean life. It would no longer be found in the fish I eat. Wynn Shafer, Shaker Hts OH

Plastics are very dangerous to wildlife in the oceans. Support the bill for cleaner ocean beaches, etc. Tim Brause, Sulphur Springs OH

For so many reasons – plastic is not biodegradable and is all over our planet. So many animals eat plastic but then starve to death because they have no nourishment. Plastic clogs our waterways and our streets. It ends up in our food and water supply which causes all of us to have plastic in our bodies. It is not healthy and decreases our health. This bill would make our world cleaner, healthier and safer. Nancy Agacinski, University Heights OH

Plastics kill everything around it. This bill would mean less pollution, happier me. Edwin Crim, Willoughby OH

It’s choking the ocean.  I recycle everything that I possibly can and still I wonder how much of what I tried to recycle ended up in the great Pacific garbage patch.  We better start doing SOMETHING to help turn things around or the planet is going to do it for us.  Oh, wait.  It already is.  This bill wouldn’t benefit me personally, but I would sleep better at night just knowing that people are trying to get it together. Chris DeFrank, Youngstown OH

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