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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, and Montana

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.



We all need to reduce plastic so that the world will be a cleaner place and safer for animals and people. It will ensure a cleaner world for me and my family. Dee Smallman, Abingdon MD

To protect biodiversity and clean water for humans and wildlife.  Amanda Dewey, Berwyn Heights MD

Plastic pollution is not just a problem for animals and fish. Harmful chemicals from plastic have been found in dangerous levels in most humans tested. We are all drowning in this stuff. Please help stop it.  Ellen Halbert, Drayden MD

During creek cleanups a majority of the trash is now plastic water bottles in Maryland. It used to be plastic bags, but the county put a ban on plastic bags and that has helped reduce the trash.  James Togashi, Silver Spring MD

Plastics are polluting the environment where produced and the oceans where they end up. Plastic lasts for thousands of years. We need to shift from an extractive economy to a regenerative one, relying on sustainable practices and reducing trash. This will help me live in a more simple and sustainable planetary environment. It will help me live in a human culture where people are awakened to their relationships and connections with nature. People will stop treating nature like it is a thing. Joan Clement, Takoma Park, MD


Our fauna is being very damaged by the plastic pollution, particularly the ocean. This act would benefit every creature on our planet and should not be a partisan issue except for the greedy. Susan Gerry, Friendship ME

Plastic pollution is ubiquitous in the world’s oceans. It is breaking down into micro-bits of plastic and entering the food chain and even then being consumed by humans. We need to dramatically turn the tide. This is no less a threat to the world than many crises that receive much more attention. This is a hugely important issue to me personally. Richard Klyver, Bar Harbor  ME


The Pacific plastic garbage patch is reason enough. Wildlife ingesting the plastic garbage is another good reason to stop plastic usage. It would benefit us all. Daniel Jones, Carthage MS

Break our addiction to single-use and excessive plastic use. Cleaner towns.  Rosemary Ward, Greenville MS

Spoiling all our world’s beautiful places and endangering life. No more reliance on ordinary plastic items, throwaways. Rosemary Ward, Greenville MS

Many animals die every year due to plastics, i.e. ingesting plastic, getting tangled in plastic, etc. We are ALL in this together. Every human, every creature is intertwined and when something affects one, it essentially affects all. Allison Anderson, Meridian MS

Let’s preserve the oceans and encourage less plastic purchases. Plastic pollution harms innocent animals, like turtles in the ocean, and is totally unnecessary. I have stopped purchasing bottled water and choose glass over plastic as much as possible. Jean Saja, Raymond MS

Our precious sea creatures are ingesting plastic, getting sick and dying. Is this preventable? Yes! Do you want to be responsible for this death? Please say “NO”! What can you do to stop this? Please say “Anything It Takes”! My Mississippi Gulf Coast Beach could be healthier and the sea turtles and dolphins can be healthy and swimming free — Instead of carcasses washing up on our beach. Frost, Waveland, MS


Without clean fresh water, there would be no life on our planet.  Blue Gold (water) is Earth’s most precious gift to us.  We must not waste it or pollute it, but now plastic has been found at the deepest points in our beautiful oceans; animals are ingesting plastic or tangling in it and dying.  We must attack this problem from many points, from the production of plastic, to its use, to its disposal.  This act is a good step toward that goal. This act benefits me because I depend on clean water for my health, as does my whole family, down to my three great-grandchildren. Robyn Lauster, Bozeman MT

As divers, we have seen firsthand the appalling effects of plastic pollution around our fragile planet’s oceans; even our rivers are affected. Microplastics are found in all of us, up and down the food chain. And still humanity does little to stem the overwhelming tide of plastic pollution. This apathy and carelessness must end now because all species are at risk. I try very hard to not buy single use plastics, but sometimes I have no choice. Plant-based plastics are available, like our Co-op’s Vegware, thank goodness. And only #1 and #2 plastics can be recycled in Bozeman. So much ends up in our landfills, but around the world more ends up in our imperiled oceans. I want to shop sustainably and this act would help me do that. Gail Richardson, Bozeman  MT

I have enough extraneous crap in my system and I don’t really need plastic particles to keep well, ya know?  There’s always plastic stuff in my trash and there’s no real recycling for it.  I’d take the time to sort, clean and dispose of plastics if there were a real service and reuse industry developed in the US.  I don’t want some other nation to do this. I’d buy cardboard substitutes, glass, metal, and other containers and recycle them, too, given a real industry. Kent Mollohan, Helena MT

Plastic is a ‘forever’ product. This would reduce garbage. What are we leaving for our children if we don’t start now? Debra Henriksen, Livingston MT

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