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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Minnesota

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


There is way too much plastic pollution! There are alternatives, we should use them. Sure, they are costlier, but the cost of cleaning up all the plastic waste costs us all even more. I try to limit how much plastic I buy, but it is very hard. Plastic is everywhere! I don’t want to buy something that will pollute my environment for hundreds of years, but far too often I don’t have a choice. Please make it harder for manufacturers to use plastic in their products. Joan Philips, Falcon Heights MN

We won’t survive, the earth’s water, soil, creatures will be poisoned/choked to death. This bill would help me to believe we humans are more intelligent than we’re acting right now. Maurita Bernet, Little Falls MN

By mid-century we will have more plastic the fish in out waters.  Let’s get smart and act. Kim Kokett, Minneapolis MN

The sheer amount of plastic waste generated daily is overwhelming the oceans, where all the garbage tends to end up. When the amount of plastic garbage outnumbers the grains of sand on a beach or the number of fish in the ocean, something is seriously wrong. Sea creatures will not survive if the garbage assault continues. I would live in a less toxic world; a cleaner environment is a healthier environment. The industrial processes that make plastic are destructive and polluting. Learning to live without plastic forces humans to be much more intentional in how they create community.  Our ancestors all lived well without plastic. We can too. Matthew Schaut, Minneapolis MN

We must restore our seas completely They are essential if humans are going to be able to continue to exist on this planet. Plastic is a completely unnecessary packaging element. The oceans are a source of life for everyone on earth. They influence the weather. They are a critical part of the food chain. To treat them with such blatant disrespect reflects the hubris of mankind. Shipping, cruising, the military, oil drilling, pipelines, shoreline must all be restored to pre-plastics conditions. Man’s domination will kill us all. Jim Pounds, Minneapolis MN

Plastic is hurting our animals and us. This bill would make me very happy.  Heidi Ahlstrand, Owatonna MN

I am an Ecologist and acutely aware of the damage that plastics are doing to our world.  Our ecosystems are being swamped with plastic that is imperiling the animals that live in them and ultimately imperiling our own lives.  The animals are necessary for the health of the ecosystems that they inhabit and without healthy functioning ecosystems, life on this earth cannot continue as we know it.  The most visible harm is the harm being done to our oceans, our largest ecosystems.  We must do all we can to remove this harm from our ecosystems and our lives. It would make our world healthier and ultimately all of us. Jo Anna Hebberger, Saint Paul MN

Plastics are polluting the entire world, starting at the base of the food chain and moving upwards. The most devastating is in our water bodies. Enjoying this beautiful earth and living a healthy life are made easier without this terrible pollution. Chad Roy, Shoreview MN

Plastic waste is choking our planet: on land and in our waters threatening all life on earth. It would eliminate the angst of trying to determine what to do with single use plastics as there is no viable or effective recycling program in this country. Kevin Stueven, St Cloud MN

Plastic lasts forever. Living organisms do not. We have a responsibility to protect the environment where these organisms flourish. Find other ways beyond petroleum products. Improve the landscape and protect the wildlife impacted by plastic pollution. I already recycle, reuse and try not to purchase plastic packaging. I make art reusing plastic items. Ideally I would not have so much to work with. Carrie Betlyn-Eder, St Paul MN

The longest-lived people eat a plant-based diet.  They eat meat but only as a condiment or a celebration. Nothing they eat has a plastic wrapper.  Dan Buettner, St. Paul MN

There are too many types of plastic and no newer plastic types should be allowed to be produced. The plastics industry should have been required to set up a system for recycling each type of plastic prior to putting it out in the market.  These are all fossil fuel products and do not break down completely in the environment – only became smaller pieces.  Recycling has not been able to keep up as there is no market for the types collected.  Require the plastic industry to solve the problem and help pay for the damage. Plastic is found in the digestive tracts of many living animals including people.  Removing plastic from our environment is a health issue. Linda Peck, St. Cloud MN

While plastics may have some important roles we humans are not using them well…we are over-using them unnecessarily and not recycling or re-using to the detriment of our planet and its health…. which in turn is a danger to humans….  David Councilman, St. Louis Park MN

I am an Ecologist and plastic is adversely affecting our ecosystems.  We must have healthy functioning ecosystems to survive on this earth and the ocean is the largest of our ecosystems.  It is vital that it remain a functioning ecosystem, our lives and the lives of the animals that inhabit our ecosystems depend on it. Hopefully I would not be faced with making decisions about the products that I need because of them being made of plastic or over packaged in plastic. Jo Hebberger, St. Paul MN

Plastics are destroying our environment and is killing our beautiful wildlife. Please act to benefit all of us-including animals and the environment.  Rachel Imholte, St. Paul MN

We only get one chance to save them.  We do not get a second chance with these precious animals. Knowing this helps animals. Terri Reischl, White Bear Lake MN

We need to help save our world by reducing plastics. Plastics are causing detrimental effects in our oceans, soil and bodies. It’s killing animals and their natural habitats.  Our environment is changing very quickly. It’s changing for the worse and we need to start taking responsibility to stop the pollution.  Tanya Koester, Chisago City MN

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