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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Missouri

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


Life as we know it depends on protecting the oceans, ground water and the atmosphere.  We only have one planet upon all of us depend for life. A clean environment for myself and all wildlife. Terry Flowers, Independence MO

We all have an obligation to take care of our planet. All plastics must be made reusable. Benefiting the planet benefits all life. Kenneth Robertson, Kansas City MO

It’s not good for the environment.  Debbie Evans, Kearney MO

These animals are suffering horribly because of single use plastics and plastic pollution in the ocean.  This needs to stop. The contamination in our oceans and on our planet is terrible.  This MUST be addressed and fixed. We should be stopping most single use plastics.  I would love it if we had massive recycling in our country.  It should be a requirement, not an option.  Thanks.  And I DO support Pres. Trump 100%.  Robin Rysavy, Lake Winnebago MO

Animals ingest pieces of plastic and die as a result. Others get their heads stuck in it and can’t get out. I’m not sure. I guess there might be cleaner water, etc. Marie Driscoll, Lees Summit MO

Plastic pollution is causing torturous deaths to ocean wildlife.  Humans shouldn’t have to benefit by something themselves so that animals won’t be tortured.  Unfortunately, there are a great many who don’t care about animals being tortured on this planet. Stop it. Anthony Donnici, Liberty MO

Plastic pollution is poisoning life in almost all species on earth. Continued irresponsible use of plastic will come to a horrific end to many species as well as ourselves. It would give me some peace of mind if we could leave a cleaner and healthier planet to the generations to come after us. Brian Davis, Maplewood MO

We need to save the planet so it can save us.  James Deshotels, Robertsville MO

We need to address the damage that plastic use is doing to our environment. It would make our world better in so many ways. Terry Waggle, Saint Louis MO

It is killing sea life and creating pollution that last many years into the future. Plastic has been found in the bodies of humans also. Marie Wheatley, Saint Louis MO

It is destroying the environment and unnecessary when so many other options are available. A safer & healthier environment would benefit everyone & everything in nature. B Winkler, St Louis MO

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