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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from New Mexico, North Dakota, and Oklahoma

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


New Mexico

Plastic pollution is killing animals and poisoning us. We are more likely to get cancer and have our hormones disrupted by plastics and the chemicals used to treat plastics. Reducing plastic use, especially single-use plastics, will reduce the pollutants and reduce our dependency on oil. We need to use sustainable products and fuels. Cynthia Hull, Gallup NM

It’s killing our oceans and innocent animals, as well as polluting the entire planet! Pass the bill for a healthier lifestyle and planet! Barbara Swyden, Rio Rancho NM

The Break Free from Plastic Pollution bill would help reduce a tremendous amount of waste in the United States. With our climate changing drastically this is the first step among many that have to happen.  We do not have the luxury to not take action.  Our environment and lives are at stake and changing forever.  We need to take responsibility as Human Beings to take care of our home, our Earth, our Planet. This bill would teach our local communities throughout our state and the country. Take responsibility in taking care of our environment. Chemen Ochoa, Santa Fe NM 

The Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 (H.R.5845 in the House of Representatives and S.3263 in the Senate) is in response to rampant plastic pollution. Please pass it! It benefits everyone and everything. We are drowning in it. Susan Peirce, Santa Fe NM

It’s strangling our entire earthly ecosystem…. that means us folks! Keep dangerous residues out of my air and water. R.A.L. West, Taos NM

This is unconscionable.  We are leaving our children and grandchildren a dying planet.  There is no excuse.  Dottie Butler, Valdez NM

North Dakota

The situation is getting out of control. we need to reduce plastics immediately. Clean up the environment. Doug Krause, Fargo ND

We are suffocating our planet with plastic. Our rivers, oceans, lakes, and streams are littered with the stuff and it’s killing vital wildlife and choking flow. Act so I might get to survive more than 8 years more. Susan Harrie, Grand Forks ND


Plastic pollution causes the deaths of millions of animals a year, including endangered species. This careless and unnecessary destruction is unacceptable. Reducing plastic pollution benefits everyone! Lisa H, Oklahoma City OK

The ocean is FULL of plastic and it is in the stomachs of fish and other mammals who swim in the ocean. It is now even in our systems due to the breakdown of it. We need to stop this now for the health of all animals.  Lana Henson, Oklahoma City OK

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