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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Pennsylvania

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


Plastic is literally killing the planet. I detest plastic. I would benefit significantly from a plastic free environment where no one ever offers me a plastic bag ever again. Jeanne Held-Warmkessel, PA

I am a scuba diver and my daughter is a Marine Biologist in Australia. She tells me that every fish she cuts open has plastic debris in it. The Great Barrier Reef is dying.  How horrible, let’s fix this nightmare.  Support this bill for healthy fish, peace of mind. Honor environmental protections. Karla McNamara, Baden PA

It is a major threat to the planet. We cannot sustain it and survive.  Jacqueline Jones, Bainbridge PA

Plastic does not degrade back into productive soil and has been damaging our ecosystem and the lives of all plants and animals (including humans) within that system.  This MUST stop. I know this is important to you as well as to me.  Help save the planet. Kathleen Colwill, Berwyn PA

During my teen years, our area became cleaner. Plastic wasn’t as ubiquitous and industrial pollution was being offshored, obviously good for the environment, but not good for workers. Then came the endless promotion of plastic and throw-away culture–when there is no “away.” Plastic chemicals now invade our bodies, choke wildlife, and pollute our oceans. We must heavily reduce these harmful products as much as possible. I would have much less to “recycle,” knowing that most of it is not recyclable. There would be less litter. Our oceans, rivers, streams, roadsides can come back to life. Our bodies and those of other species can thrive. Benita J. Campbell, Burgettstown PA

Plastic is entering all marine bodies and ending up in Humans. In a short number of years there will be more plastic by weight in the oceans than fish – we cannot destroy the Oceans! Stop all use of “single use plastics”. Garry Taroli, Dallas PA

It is so harmful to animals everywhere. It never goes away. It found along our waterway, roads, fields. There is not an area in this country that is free of plastic. That is terrible for a place that states it is the number one country on the planet. As I see it, not anymore.

There is more plastic being made than we can recycle. I purchase as little as possible in the way of plastic products. It has to go somewhere, and that somewhere should not be in our waters, or on land where animals are exposed to it and using it for food, getting it stuck in their bodies and dying from it. We need to stop making it.  The people who make it should have to take it back. I have been recycling plastic since the very beginning and it would be nice not to see it strewn all along our roadways and in our trees. I try very hard to limit how much product I buy in plastic. I purchase products in glass containers and have reusable bags for all my fruits and vegetables and groceries. Donna Logan, Erie PA

Clean up time!! Enough lazy people! Less of God’s creatures hurt or killed.  Pat Mace, Hanover PA

I hear this mess in the Pacific is twice the size of Texas. If we can clean it up than why not? Go back to glass & or paper.  Maybe plastics can be reused? I don’t know why we can’t go back to glass & paper or maybe something new like biodegradable cellulose.  Thomas Brenner, Hollidaysburg PA

The Break Free from Plastic Pollution bill would reduce plastic production that will use less fossil fuels. By supporting the bill, you would take part in protecting and improving the quality of our land and waterways, as well as the health of wildlife and ourselves. Christopher Minich, Lewis Run PA

Plastics should not be treated as disposables.  They can be recycled and used in one form or another again.  We should refrain from plastic bottles, food wrapping and bags. A better environment for all. Sally Magaziner, Malvern PA

You are killing are wildlife and ocean marine life by polluting are lands and oceans! This bill will give us a cleaner place to live! Juls Schampel, McKeesport PA

Plastic is bad and dangerous for human and animal environments. Pass this bill to give our citizens a reason to care! Gwendolyn Schulman, Narberth PA

Plastic waste endangers and kills wildlife. Much packaging material is difficult or even impossible to recycle. The Plastics Bill will make the environment safer, cleaner and more enjoyable. Frank Bartell, Philadelphia PA

All sorts of animals have been found dead with plastic in their stomachs. Cleaner water = healthier fish. Michael McQuown, Philadelphia PA

It is imperative that Rep. Evans, Sen. Casey and Sen. Toomey co-sponsor and sign this bill now to ban single use plastic first and also begin to limit plastic disposables more generally.  Let’s rid Philadelphia of plastic pollution. Norman Koerner, Philadelphia PA

We cannot allow marine life to be endangered by plastic pollution. It would benefit everyone, and future generations. Susan Babbitt, Philadelphia PA

After the virus, we’ll still have a dying planet unless we start passing responsible legislation like this. As a citizen of earth I want us to stop polluting it. William Haegele, Philadelphia PA

The damaging effects of plastic are just too great on so many levels. The Plastics Act would give me peace of mind knowing that the harmful effects of plastic would be reduced. Bridget Irons, Philadelphia PA

Our oceans are living environments for all sea life and need protection. A healthy ocean benefits everyone. Dorothy Li Calzi, Philadelphia PA

To end the endless stream of plastic entering landfills and eventually the ocean. With this act we’ll see sea life no longer strangled to death. Richard Burdo, Phoenixville PA

Our dependence on plastic has imperiled our oceans and rivers, forests and parks.  The power of the industry has blocked attempts to move to green alternatives. For the sake of the planet, we must reject plastic. This legislation would be a powerful boost to green alternatives to plastic, especially in consumer goods packaging.  Laura Horowitz, Pittsburgh  PA 

This planet has taken enough abuse from us.  It is time to clean up the mess we have created and make sure the planet is clean and livable for not only our children, but also the species we share it with.  Our lives and the wildlife that share our planet depend upon that.  Fish are ingesting plastic, which means everything that eats fish are ingesting it as well (including us). With this bill there will be less pollution in the ocean, in the ground, on the ground, in our waters. Andrew Wadsworth, Reading PA

The bill would reduce wildlife from ingesting and being entangled in plastics and waste products.   The bill will stop plastics and dyes from paper products from getting into waterways, which can then seep into groundwater and drinking sources.  Jenny Ruckdeschel, Rosemont PA

From production to use, plastics are overwhelming our planet. We must not look the other way as the problem grows. It will only get worse if we do. I urge you to support this bill so that the air would be cleaner, our food would be less contaminated, litter would be more manageable and we would all save money on trash disposal fees. Henry Berkowitz, Sabinsville PA

Act because plastics are killing our oceans. Our oceans are why we exist. Reduce all the plastic pollution from shopping and at events. Rachel Kleber, Shillington PA

Plastic is not bio degradable. It remains destructive to wildlife and fish for decades. Plastic is choking our rivers and streams. Many forms of plastic should be banned, that would help fish and wildlife, which in turn would help me.  John Furlong, Trevose PA

Please help save our environment, especially the oceans! This act would benefit all of us by reducing plastic pollution worldwide! Andrew Parker, Waymart PA

Plastics are destroying our oceans in many ways, as you know. It is of paramount importance that we clean our waterways, for all of us – humans, animals, birds, fish, etc. We all need clean water. This act would benefit me & my family in many ways, and the BSA, which we are a part of. We, and the Scouts, participate in many water activities: we find trash while swimming in the ocean, we find animals stuck in pollution (dead or slowly dying), birds that have died from eating plastic, and sometimes we find more plastic than fish when we go fishing. We clean up what we can but we need something on a much bigger level.  In this we need responsible government action. Thank you. Anne Marie Mandell, West Chester PA

There is too much plastic waste in our society. People do not take care of their plastics and it all ends up in our streets, open spaces, streams, rivers and oceans. This damages our ecosystems and endangers wildlife.  This has to stop.  This bill will benefit us mostly by not having to pick things up that have been discarded in my area.  Also, it would make me happy to see our environment being made healthier. Joe McCullough, Woodlyn PA

Our oceans will one day (soon, perhaps) be overrun with plastic junk – it lasts a VERY long time. I’m in favor of all environmental improvements.  This bill should be high on your to-do-list.  Paul Lerman, Wyncote PA

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