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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Texas

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


Reducing plastic pollution is essential to the health of this planet. We must not let plastic destroy our ecosystems. Not just me personally, but the entire planet with all its inhabitants–human and otherwise, would benefit. Dorothy Lynn Brooks, Arlington TX

It is an ecological disaster, killing huge numbers of wildlife. I live on this fragile planet. Pass this bill. Donna Charter, Arlington TX

Clean up the environment – land & water, prevent the decimation of species due to ingestion of plastic debris, reduce amount of waste in landfills that will not decompose. Act to pass this bill.  Mary Cato, Arlington TX

We need to stop treating our oceans (and earth) as a giant garbage dump. I don’t want us to live in a garbage dump. God gave us a wonderful gift and we abuse it, instead of being thankful. Help us do right. Pass this bill. Deborah Livingston, Austin TX

We have a chance to stop plastic pollution now and restore some peace of mind about the future. It would benefit all of us by keeping our oceans clean and healthy. The Plastics Bill is our chance to clean up our act. Izabella Dabrowski, Austin TX

I warned about this 50 years ago! Plastics will choke wildlife and people. It will help keep me and everything I love from choking. Non degradable plastics must be heavily regulated and allowed for only the most critical production designs such as medical equipment. Degradable plastics formulas must be used for each, any, and all other uses. It is time for this Plastic Bill. Ken Box, Austin TX

We must preserve our waters and stop killing the species that live in them by throwing plastic in to the oceans, rivers, streams, because we are too lazy to put them in the trash. Passing this bill would help me sleep at night to know we are doing something to stop our materialistic and selfish ways.  We share this planet with so much beauty, and species. Sally Jacques, Austin TX

It is destroying the planet Save the environment. Pass the bill. Steve Lucas, Austin TX

Because we are drowning in it.  Many times it is not recyclable.  We need something that can be reused, recycled easily, repurposed, etc. If we can get rid of plastic, it will benefit all of us. This bill is what we need. Susan Lefler, Austin TX

The ocean is dying and plastic is choking and killing ocean life.  Pass this bill and we’ll rest easier knowing the environment and oceans are free of our waste.  Sally Jacques, Austin TX

Every choice we make today will influence the lives of every creature on this planet from today forward: our own, the animals with whom we share it, and future generations moving forward.  Reducing plastic is a huge step in improving our own quality of life and the quality of all the lives, human and animal, to come. We and they deserve so much better than we are doing right now.  Make the choice to support this bill and ask other legislators to stand with you. Meghan Parker, Baird TX

It is already too late to keep micro plastics out of our oceans, in our food, and in our soil, but we can mitigate the problem immediately.  Support this bill so there will be laws against the constant irresponsible manufacture and distribution of plastics around the world. It is time. It is imperative that we leave clean oceans, beaches, inland waterways and other waters clean and clear for our children but even more important that we begin clearing up our food systems, from packaging to actual food production, of these insidious materials. Lacey Crawford, Ben Wheeler TX

It keeps our waterways & the ocean clean. Clean water is good water. Jean Cameron, College Station TX

If our oceans die, we all die. cleaner and healthier oceans benefit us all by sustaining and protecting a significant portion of our food supply. Mark Lee, Colleyville TX

This remains a vexing problem primarily due to corporations’ ability to curry favor with elected officials.  The moneyed interests will turn any reform to their benefit, often at the expense of the nation as a whole.  All the more reason to support the Plastic Pollution Bill and have government regulate corporations for the greater good of all.  James Klein, Corpus Christi TX

I live in Corpus Christ, Texas, where Exxon-Mobil is preparing a plant to manufacture plastic nurdles.  Our coastline already is littered with these from other sources. The Plastics Bill would lessen future plastics trash in our area and would reduce plastic emissions into the air and water from the Exxon-Mobil plant. Pass this bill so the water we drink and the air we breathe will be cleaner. James Klein, Corpus Christi TX

The dangers plastic causes to all our sea life. The poor sea life that is endangered and suffering due to our carelessness of not recycling all plastic.  This is why we shouldn’t use it at all. It is useless and so harmful. Pass the bill and we’ll all feel better trying to protect the earth and its animal inhabitants. Janey Delgado, Dallas TX

Many, many of these animals are dying because of people’s arrogant attitudes and laziness to put their trash where it belongs, in the trash.  Eva Cantu, Dallas TX

All trash flows to our oceans. I like seafood! If we do not reduce plastic goods across America we will doom ourselves to a future of even more pollution and trash. I urge you to support the Plastics Bill. It would help keep my local creeks free of plastic trash. Marley Whistler, Dallas TX

I don’t want plastics to contribute to suffering, or stand by and see plastic pollution happen.  We need this bill passed.  Kathryn Melton, Deer Park TX

I have seen the photos of the awful results when plastic intervenes in the once clean environment of land and sea creatures.  This is not acceptable. I want to use refillable containers for all my food and health needs.  I always recycle, but recycling is not and has never been the answer to plastic overload. Please support this bill and stop the awfulness of plastic. Jana Pellusch, Deer Park TX

It is choking the life out of this planet’s waters and the environment. This is due to laziness on the part of people and industry. No excuses! Support the Plastic Pollution bill. This bill will benefit the planet and water supply, benefits the people and animals too. Would you do this for us? Sandra Varvel, El Paso, TX

I live 5 blocks to The Gulf of Mexico and the beaches and Galveston. All I find is plastic washed up on the beach. So many families come to enjoy being on the sand and enjoying the sun and they are just surrounded by trash. It’s disgusting! Support this bill and the world would be a healthier place since plastic doesn’t break down and just causes more pollution. Donna Brown, Galveston TX

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of disposable, wasteful products in the United States. Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas. Less manufacturing of these single-use and disposable products will decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major driver of climate change. Passing this bill would improve the health of the Gulf of Mexico where I live. Lisa Hughes, Galveston TX

I care. Because I care. Thomas Moore, Houston TX

As a mother and a grandmother, I am very concerned for the health and viability of the planet that our children and future generations will inherit. We have a duty to our communities, families and most importantly, children to ensure their safety and well-being through environmentally-sound and sustainable policies. The Break Free from Plastic Pollution bill would greatly reduce the production of these products in the US. Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas. This will make a better world for our children and their offspring. Juli Kring, Houston

We need to stop production of plastic for uses where safer products can be used. Support the Plastic Pollution Bill to ban the most toxic plastics. I don’t want toxic chemicals or microplastics in my body or in my children’s bodies. Kristina Lamons, Houston TX

Plastics are destroying our oceans, which comprise roughly 3/4 of our planets. Plastics cause numerous health problems in humans, and there are certainly better solutions in the majority of circumstances in which plastics are used. As a person with health problems, this bill could potentially make me healthier. Please support the Plastic Pollution bill. Bree Pugh, Houston TX

We are decimating the earth with our trash. We need to drastically cut down plastic waste for the sake of the planet and its future. The Plastic Pollution bill is worthy of your support.  You can make the difference for cleaner places around here. Trigg Wright III, Klein TX

Save the wildlife in the oceans.  Its killing everyone!  M King, Leander TX

The sea creatures are dying. We need to prevent this from happening. Support the bill so our oceans will be cleaner, and ocean life will be preserved and will multiply. Sharon Frank, Lewisville TX

Plastics are everywhere on this planet – they don’t break down and they kill wildlife. They will eventually kill us, too, because they are getting into the food chain. As we transition away from fossil fuels, we will need to keep plastic products for the medically necessary supplies and equipment. Support this bill so that no more consumer goods or shopping bags will be made of plastic at all.  A cleaner world is a better world, good for all of us. Linda Cox, Lewisville TX

Because plastic is polluting our waterways and killing our wildlife. Supporting this bill would benefit me by resulting in cleaner water for the whole country and in safer habitats for wildlife. Cecilia Ball, Manhattan Beach TX

Plastics outlives us and trashes the planet, killing life all. Support the bill to make plastic biodegradable. T Logan, Marble Falls TX

Plastic pollution is threatening the entire ocean ecosystem.  Joshua Seff, McKinney TX

Plastic is killing our fish, birds, and animals; polluting our natural bodies of water.  There are US citizens who throw plastic bottles everywhere; and take much landfill space. Put a stop to this by supporting this bill.  It’s the responsible thing to do for us all.  Joanne Groshardt, Richardson TX

It is imperative to protect our oceans from plastic pollution.  When we are ingesting plastic in our food every day, it is time to protect our food supply and all living creatures in the oceans. I would feel safer knowing that it is safe to eat fish and seafood.  It is not safe now. We deserve your support of this bill. Joy Keeping, Richmond TX

Plastic pollution is not pleasing to the eye since it destroys the natural beauty of the environment.  Animals are crippled and killed by plastics thrown away by people. Animals are not aware of the non-nature of plastics, cannot co-exist with plastics due to the non-natural structure that traps them, are drawn by the color of plastics mistaking it as food, and are defenseless in its grasp. Support this bill and I would benefit by enjoying a plastic free environment that is pleasant to the eyes.  I would not be viewing countless videos of trapped see turtles being rescued.  The trend of plastic use would end and newer more environmentally safe products could be used.  The expense of plastic trash buildup would be gone. Patricia Karoue, San Antonio TX

For the life of the world! All species flow together! Support this bill for less plastic bottles and bags. Shawn Whitman, San Antonio TX

We must protect our fragile planet. It’s not about me. It’s about what Earth’s future will look like. It’s about the future for the next generations of humans and animals. Support the Plastic Pollution bill to enact laws to save our planet, all of the inhabitants including us.  Karen Kawszan, Spring TX

We have got to take better care of this planet. You support of the Plastics Pollution bill would make me feel better leaving a better world for future generations. Annie Winstead, Tyler TX

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