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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Wisconsin

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


If we are going to save the environment, and the fish and animals that get trapped by plastic, we must reduce our use of plastic.  At the very least we must use plastic that will break down after use so it does not continue to cause problems. I try to always go without a bag or bring my own bag.  That way I am using less plastic.  The Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act would be a big step in the right direction.  Please support that legislation!  Joe Meyer, Amery WI

Plastic is a cancer on the world’s environment.  Its effects are devastating and the sheer ubiquity of plastics are beyond belief. It’s everywhere! Littering every place. Support this bill that can help and make all of our lives healthier, thus, better. Elizabeth MacKelvie, Appleton WI

People need to be re-trained to use less plastic.  We’re being poisoned by it.  We ask you to support this plastic pollution bill, today.  Amy Holt, Fitchburg WI

It is essential that we protect the ability of our planet to continue to sustain life and to become a more beautiful, inspiring home. This plastic pollution bill may help pave the way to recognizing, and establishing in law and in practice, that Nature and our planet Earth has Constitutional rights, and that corporations do NOT legitimately possess Constitutional rights to despoil and pollute all of our resources.  Please support the bill.  Clyde Winter, Grafton WI

In less than 40 years we have lost more than half of all wildlife world-wide and we have created a very polluted Earth.  We now find plastic as a major world-wide pollution, even in the oceans!  We cannot continue this way.  The Earth will not sustain another 40 years in the same fashion.  We need to treat the Earth with greater care, sustainably.  There is no “Planet B” for us. I intend to live for quite a while yet.  This Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act may not have an immediate impact on my life because these things take time.  But without this legislation and major changes to follow in what we humans do on this planet, we will see severe harmful problems in the near future. Steve Deibele, Kiel WI

The vast islands of floating plastic garbage in the Pacific, and increasingly elsewhere, is already choking ocean life. Seabirds mistake it for food and starve their hatchlings. Microplastics invade the cells of even our own bodies.  The sheer volume of trash in oceans blocks light and redirects current movements, disturbing habitats and driving many species to the brink of extinction.  Act in support of this plastic pollution bill.  If plastics were removed from the oceans, I would be able to sleep at night knowing that we are doing more to support life on earth. Hannah Lee, Madison WI

This is very bad for the environment and our wildlife. The use of plastics need to be reduced or eliminated, more glass. Act in support of the plastic pollution bill. Jennifer Holmes, Milwaukee WI

Really?  This world cannot support more pollution, much less a type that takes soooooooo long to disappear.  Our oceans are suffering to extents that we don´t even understand yet.  This will affect everyone and everything eventually. Act now to support the plastic pollution bill and stop this outrage. Sam Orlich, Milwaukee WI

It is frightening how little plastic is actually recycled. And it is a danger to all creatures of the sea as the plastic breaks down and they ingest it, killing them and maybe us someday. Support and pass the plastic pollution bill and we’ll all use less and less plastic.  Gloria Jeanne Anderson, Milwaukee WI

Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels. Less manufacturing of these single-use and disposable products will decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Less plastic in the ocean fish means less plastic in my body. Act in support of the plastic pollution bill.  Helgaleena Healingline, Monona WI

The next generation does not deserve to have to clean up after us. Our generation just wanted it all and never wanted to sacrifice our way of life. Yet, people have the nerve to say our kids are most important thing. Let’s be real. It would be nice to see my generation finally act responsible. Support the plastic pollution bill and let’s not just be known as the I-got-mine generation.  Dennis Boehm, Mosinee WI

We are ingesting 5 mg of plastic per week, soon the mass of a credit card. Act in support of the plastic pollution bill and let’s have plastic-free food for a change. Mark M Giese, Mount Pleasant WI

Plastic pollution is not only really looking bad on surfaces, it’s dangerous for wildlife.  Pass the plastic pollution bill and there’ll much less plastic to worry about in the ocean killing everything in the water. Okay?  Chris Marquardt, Neenah WI

Plastic pollution is a threat to all wildlife on this planet including to Humans.  It is killing off wildlife and is polluting the ocean with microscopic particles that contaminates the food we take from it. We as Humans and all other wildlife were not designed to consume plastic. Additionally, we have an obligation not to destroy this planet for future generations. Please take a stand in support of the plastic pollution bill.  This would stop the threat to my health and well-being from plastic pollution. Peter Wormley, New Berlin WI

No more plastic. It endangers animals and all forms of life on this planet. Ina Pillar, Oregon WI

I want my daughter to grow up in a safe world. Make the world the better place. Support the plastic pollution bill.  Joyce Frohn, Oshkosh WI

We need to stop big plastic now before it kills everything and everyone!  We should further develop bio-plastics as the alternative. Please act in support of the plastics pollution bill. Already. Rita Lemkuil, Two Rivers WI

We are ruining the world as we have known it. Support of research, which would benefit us all by passing the plastics pollution bill. Thank you. Kathy Fish, West Bend WI

Sea animals should not be dying from plastics which float on top of ocean and sinks to the bottom.  Groceries should only use paper bags or reuse the bags brought by customers. My supermarket would use only paper bags instead of plastic, which I strongly believe in not only to stop pollution of plastic but make bags easier to carry groceries in. Single-use bags are hard on the arms and wrists and don’t keep as many groceries. Deborah Brown, Wisconsin Rapids WI

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