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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Colorado

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


We need to save as much wildlife and sea animals as possible. Support this bill. Everyone can use refillable bottles. Lynne Rosenfield, Aspen CO

Stop plastic pollution to help save all our animal friends of the oceans. Support this bill so I can show my grandchildren and their children our wonderful wildlife for generations to come. LeeAnn French, Aurora CO

We are choking on plastic!  Act by supporting this bill. It’s about time.  Lavaughn Standridge, Aurora Arapahoe County CO

We must protect the vitality of life in our oceans and keep our land freer from pollution.  Plastic pollution is moving through our environment and back into our own bodies.  We have yet to assess the full harm being done.  With a changing climate much that we need is under threat, something made worse by plastic pollution. This legislation would set new limits on plastic production and use. Support this legislation and lead us towards better alternatives for a viable future.  Without limits now we will fail to fully create the alternative practices that make for a better future. Mark Meeks, Bailey CO

Plastic is coming to fill up more and more of the earth and its diverse environment including the inner environment of humans themselves.  We must reverse this terrible trend and keep more of life free from plastic pollution.  Support this bill. It would enable a way of living more and more that is itself free from utilizing plastic, keeping down my own life impact from doing the harm of having more plastic.  We need alternatives and this act will move us into better practices. Mark Meeks, Bailey CO

Plastic waste is filling our oceans and waterways. Micro plastics are even found in our local raindrops. It would take out some of the toxins in our food and water. Donna Bonetti, Boulder CO

Plastic pollution is endangering our wildlife and our waterways. Support this bill. It would significantly reduce disposable and wasteful products that litter our cities and our waters. Elaine Benvenuto, Boulder CO

One of the worst things about plastic is that it is not biodegradable and it ends up in all of our waterways, oceans and open spaces, polluting the land, water and even the air we breathe as it degrades into nanoparticles, not to mention killing and harming animals on land and sea. Support this bill. It would improve human and animal health as well as the environment we depend on to live. We can curtail the production and use of plastic in our industries. Jackie Nelson, Boulder CO

Our oceans are becoming a plastic dumping ground and the marine ecosystem can’t take it any longer. We are killing our most important resource. Time to reduce the use of plastic worldwide. It will benefit the next generation. Paul Schutt, Breckenridge CO

The whole planet is hurting. It is possible to take many more steps right now than we currently do.  Sharing good ideas online for cutting use of plastic might continue to make a difference. Sharing this info with the younger generation via school resources is always a good step. Recognizing the companies who are taking the good steps continues to be a good thing.  The more of all of this the better! Support this bill.  It would definitely make me happier personally!  I try very hard to minimize my use or misuse of plastic whenever possible.  It is not that hard. Pam Benton, Castle Rock CO

We are literally drowning in plastic! Support this bill. It would probably help me feel better about plastics. Edward Cowan, Centennial CO

We humans have polluted the entire planet with plastics, even micro particles in the human bloodstream.  We must limit and reduce the production of unnecessary plastics in our nation, which will also reduce the use of fossil fuels, lessening greenhouse gas emissions, a necessary response to global warming.  Support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution bill! Am I enjoying the knowledge that my blood is circulating micro particles of plastics?  No I am not!  It is difficult enough to remain healthy in a country where major polluters have just been let free to dump in our waters by Trump’s EPA and where our president delayed response to COVID-19 so that thousands will due unnecessarily.  No one needs the effects of plastics inside of us and out. Amanda McNeill, Cortez CO

There is plastic trash everywhere I go. Support this bill. I would love to see less plastic trash.
Tom Peace, Denver CO

Toxicity of entire planet and all life, humans ingesting equivalent of a credit card size of plastic per day… Health for planet and all life… Support this bill.  Barbara Babin, Denver CO

Plastic is harming our planet and needs to stop. Support this bill.  I am concerned about wildlife and the health of our planet.  Michelle Ku, Denver CO

I’m tired of treating the earth like a trash can and I’m concerned for wildlife and future generations. Michelle Ku, Denver CO

Plastic causes cancer in humans and is dangerous to other species as well. I try to buy the products I need in glass or paper packaging.  Support this bill. It would be wonderful if all the products I need were packaged in something other than plastic.
Kathryn Rose, Denver CO

Please please please pass a bill that will limit plastic production. The creatures in the ocean don’t deserve to die the horrible deaths caused by getting caught in plastic, eating plastic because it is mistaken for food, and drowning because of plastic. Corporations like Coca Cola and Hasbro  get rich but do nothing to prevent plastic pollution and continue to clog the rivers and waterways with their trash. I’m so happy that they are being sued for causing a public nuisance.. they need to be held accountable and forced to change their practices. You need to protect the environment   Because you can’t recreate what is lost  from plastic pollution. It would ensure that my children and grandchildren can enjoy waterways and wildlife for years to come. It would  let me see trees without plastic bags stuck in the branches. Jennifer Thayer, Denver CO

Plastic is a plague on the earth. Support this bill. There are so many better options that we can come up with and use. Act to protect animals and our environment. Tracey MacDonald, Denver CO

Plastic takes so much water to produce.  Lots of plastic does not recycle and ends up in a landfill where it can last for decades, or in the middle of the ocean.  Ocean life can mistake it for food and die as a result.  I want to leave a sustainable, vibrant planet as a legacy to my children, grandchildren and future generations: enough water, empty landfills and healthy oceans and waterways. A healthy planet, free from plastic waste and enough water to live a healthy life.  Also, I would not need to throw out plastic that does not recycle and thus creating more landfills.  In addition, I could leave a better planet to my children and grandchildren. Nancy McGuire, Denver CO

Plastic is the scourge of the Earth.  It takes forever to breakdown and then turns into micro-particles which end up in all living creatures. Less non-decomposing stuff in our landfills, no more ingestion of plastic when eating fish and a far healthier planet. Arthur Altree, Durango CO

Our oceans and oceanic wildlife are choking from pollution and when we eat the fish and seafood we’re ingesting these pollutants and contaminants. Support this bill. I’d feel better about eating what comes out of ocean and assure sea turtles and most other wildlife will still exist for generations to come. Silvana Borrelli, Englewood CO

Plastic is created from Oil and has a very long cycle to be able to be renewed into the environment. At this time when we need to desperately solve our pollution problems for the sake of all living creatures on the planet, we have better alternatives available to us than to continue to use plastics in so much of our manufacturing. Time to change now! Severely reducing plastics in all their forms helps all living creatures on the planet to be free from the pollution caused directly and indirectly by this material and the manufacturing of it. Our air, land and water will benefit from a ban on plastics. We have other options instead of plastics. Susan Daly, Golden CO

It is poisoning our biosphere and killing marine life. The Earth, and her community, do NOT need it. Support this bill. Less toxins in our water. Healthier marine life for future generations, meaning our children will get to enjoy it, and see the diversity of life. Less death from man made pollution. Brian Black, Grand Junction CO

Humans do not have the right to destroy the ocean and other waterways– and in the end, we will hurt ourselves. We need to show our children that we can be good stewards of the Earth. Support this bill. I would be proud to tell my children and grandchildren that my generation stopped kowtowing to the corporate dollar and simply did the right thing! Michele Barnard, Lafayette CO

I unintentionally eat 40 pounds of plastic a year. It’s in me, in fish, in meat, in rivers, in oceans, and in soil. We are bound by our capitalists who flood every local hearing when we try to eliminate the least bit of plastic. They’ve bought our government and won’t allow any action on this except to double down and build more plastic factories to pollute our neighborhoods.It can’t be recycled. Please support this bill.  Prove me wrong about who owns government. Let’s just stop. Just stop plastic pollution.  Richard Creswell, Lakewood CO

Animals ingest it and then we do. Please support and pass this bill so I would know that I am not ingesting small particles of plastic on a daily basis. Carla Behrens, Longmont CO

It takes forever to disintegrate. And it’s killing the marine life. Support this bill. It would be a better environment land and Sea to break free of plastic. Sarah Vanderwaall, Longmont CO

We need to stop adding to the problem of unrecyclable plastics that cause pollution and kill wildlife. Support this bill.  I would not like to have the option of getting one-use plastics at a cafe or store. We could therefore stop the cycle of plastic trash. Leslie Chouinard, Moffat CO

Our environment especially the water and animals are suffering healthwise with the continual buildup of plastic. The plastic causes pain when trapping animals and when getting into their bodies.  No creature should suffer just to make our lives a bit more convenient. We can control and even stop this when we decide that earth and nature are more important than mere convenience. The power lies within us. Support this bill. It would make me smile a lot more for our natural, beautiful environment and especially the animals. Virginia Waldron, Pueblo CO

We have already seen the destruction to animals and environment that plastic waste causes. We citizens are all responsible for the purchase of plastic AND the way we dispose of it. Now we know better.  I want our country and the world to be healthy and beautiful as it has been in the past. We need to stop the same old ways of manufacturing implements and packaging our products. We have so much knowledge. Let’s not wait; but get going with new technology that we know will not use pollutants. The longer we wait, the bigger the problem and clean up. Support this bill. I could rest easy that animals I love, and the Earth I love, are being better cared for. It will then be safer for ALL involved…and more beautiful. Virginia Waldron, Pueblo CO

Plastic never goes away and not only is it an eyesore at the beach or on a walk, it is fatal for those poor animals who mistakenly eat it. I don’t want there to be more plastic than fish in the sea. We need to be better stewards of the planet! Act for this bill.  Jennifer Wittlinger, Steamboat CO

Junking up our environment with plastic is a sick joke on ourselves and to the other sentient beings we share the earth with.  Let’s start acting like we are civilized beings who do not shit and eat in the same place…that is, let’s not make our world a junkyard I wouldn’t have to see picture of sea creatures dying or trying to break free from trash. Support this bill and I wouldn’t have to see plastic bags swinging in the trees near where I live.  I wouldn’t have to see trashy cups from McDonald’s and other fast-food places in the street gutters where I live. Karen Kalavity, Westminster CO

Plastic pollution is harming our planet, & all living beings that live on it. Support this bill. It would save us money that is being spent to clean up the environment. Sharon Balzano, Wheat Ridge County

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