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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Florida

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


Have you ever seen turtle wrapped in plastic webbing, so tight it cannot breathe or eat? I hate seeing the plastic on the seashore. Support this bill and get it passed. Don’t let people be pigs. Lisa Blanck, Altamonte Springs FL

We need to remove plastic waste from our world cleaner beaches and waters. Helen Drwinga, Apopka FL

There are better alternatives to plastics! Support and pass this bill. Everyone would be better off. Kevin Bickers, Atlantic Beach FL

Besides an agonizing death and/or dismemberment from plastics, the value of the sea is its purity, its habitat for life, its beauty, its source of food, its existence. The litter of plastic assaults all life that breathes. Support this bill and get it passed. Roberta Gerber, Bonita Shores FL

People behave as if we have always had single-use plastic bags, straws, etc., when the reality is it’s only been about 40 years of all that in common usage. Being slaves to convenience and having no historical awareness is destroying us; this issue is emblematic of all that. I want to see a healthy future happen for our descendants. This dumping and our wasteful plastic addiction is paramount to what’s happening. I do not need to see one more sea turtle die from  ingestinga plastic bag. This bill can give us all some hope for a healthier future for all of us, especially for Mother Nature who allows us to live on This Good Earth in the first place. Tina Henize, Brooksville FL

The plastic is killing so many animals.  It must stop.  We can do it if we work together! Reduce the number of animals killed and change the landscape for everyone. Frankie Harris, Cantonment FL

I don’t want the animals dying from the plastics that humans through all over the earth.  It’s time we take a stand and rid ourselves of the plastic that pollutes and kills. It will help with climate change. Rebecca Lambert, Citrus Springs FL

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of stuff. Support this bill and the prevention of plastic pollution will make the places we care about cleaner, safer, and more attractive.  Protect our environment and clean up our places from ugly, harmful plastics.  Rickey Buttery, Cocoa FL

Plastic pollution is now causing people to consume an entire credit card wroth of plastic every day. Millions of animals are killed as well. There is no benefit to throwing out a bag or container that lasts for hundreds of years and never actually breaks down into natural elements. The Break Free From Plastic act would benefit every animal (including humans) and plants on the planet. The chemicals in these products are toxic, and the effects of these products on animals that eat them or get entangled is terrible and unnecessary. Support and pass this bill. I would spend less time picking up plastic on the beaches, and less time helping animals that have consumed plastic. Ken Mundy, Cocoa Beach FL

We can not keep polluting our precious earth, waters and environment, big business needs to rethink all plastic use and start creating recyclable alternatives and not overusing resources. Supporting this bill will benefit the earth and the environment, and that is the most important thing. K Krupinski, Cocoa Beach FL

Plastics are terrible to the health of wildlife and ecosystems. Support this bill.  Recycle more and find new better materials. Damaris Krois, Davenport FL

Plastic is clogging up our environment and causing so much harm to animals and nature. Not only is it in our environment, but now microplastics are ending up in our food. We need to do so much better for everyone. There are many companies that I am seeing and have purchased from that make bags, plates and utensils from plant-based sources that break down and do no harm to the animals or the environment. Plastic needs to be replaced with something better that does not linger long after its thrown away. Stephanie Witkoski, Davie FL

Plastics are killing our wildlife, not biogradeable I already recycle as much as possible, not purchase plastic that I can avoid. Please support this bill to break free from plastic pollution. Beverly Fannin, Deltona FL

The ocean and the animals in it are dying because of plastic. Fish and other sea animals think plastic is food, eat it, and die. We are responsible for these creatures who cannot speak for themselves. Support this bill. We must insist that large companies using plastics for drinks and other products go back to using glass bottles. More beautiful species will survive and so will our oceans. Carolyn Clark, Englewood FL

Plastic is going to destroy our planet! I found it discarded everywhere & washing in from the ocean across all beaches. It’s ingested in our sea creatures and also land creatures. WE are ingesting plastics. We must be as aggressive with this scourge as we are having to be with Covid 19 if we want to survive and have a healthy planet again!  Mari Mennel-Bell, Fort Lauderdale FL

Microplastics are found in all of us, up and down the food chain. And still humanity does little to stem the overwhelming tide of plastic pollution. This apathy and carelessness must end now because all species are at risk! I pick up huge months of plastics whenever I go out to walk my dog. It is pitiful the way people discard things now including plastic gloves due To Covid 19 along with their plastic water bottles This would benefit all humans on the planet and all other creatures. We can’t continue eating plastics in Our foods! Support this bill and please get it passed. Mari Mennel-Bell, Fort Lauderdale FL

Something must be done to reduce the wholesale pollution and destruction of life and habitat caused by excessive plastic use.  Support this bill. The American economy, fisheries, and tourism would all benefit. Robert Leslie, Fort Lauderdale FL

Plastics gets distributed all over the Surface of the earth, toxifying the seas and land, not to mention it also poisons the atmosphere in its production. I’m a sailor; sail my own personal sailboat. I’ve had reports from other sailors sailing up from Hawaii and Australia to the NW coast of the U.S. that they’ve sailed through Days and DAYS of plastic “islands”, with plastic so thick there were NO fish or sea life. For miles and miles there were Dead Zones. In time, this plastic, which consists of anything from coolers, garbage cans, toys, flip-lop, and drink containers (et al) will break down. But, they will break down into smaller and smaller microscopic particles that will only make the seas more toxic. It NEVER “goes away”! And all the while we are producing even MORE thing from “Plastic” from crude oil!!! INSANITY! There is NO reason that ALL plastics, from medical and industrial grade to everyday use items of the public, can’t be made from Plant Matter. It’s been done! — dating back to Henry Fords first model ‘T’ prototypes — which were deigned and built out of hemp fibers — including the Fuel! Tough as nails, and when their usage has come to an end they will NOT pollute any of the earth, but break down back into the soil (or even the seas) toxifying NOTHING!! Support this bill.  It would give me peace of mind that we are leaving not only a toxic mess of the planet for future generations, but a horrible example of how to be responsible for ourselves and the environment. Anthony Waters, Fort Pierce FL

Every day I see photos and hear reports of the plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways. We know that micro plastics are ingested by all of us .. sea and land creatures because the plastics are just thrown out with no thought to the consequences. My heart is heavy thinking of the sea birds the turtles the fish that eat plastics thinking it is real food, This is suffering non a massive scale. This impacts all of us as we eat seafood. To pass this act would see the beginning of first of all reducing the plastic stream and then beginning the cleanup. Judith Angley, Gainesville FL

We have to consider the damage plastic pollution does to other animals.  Be kind..  Judi Calvi, Holiday FL

I want to be part of the solution and to see oceans brimming with life not filled with plastic. Plastic is killing our wildlife, our oceans, sea life, birds and especially whales who take on more carbon than trees to help with the CO2 problem humans have placed on the earth. Plastic does not diminish and it lasts for 100 years. We must stop this. Plastic became part of life in 1957 and still exists. Hopefully not for much longer. Please support this bill. I would like see a cleaner world, happier wildlife and healthier humans. Fish would be plentiful. Our earth is 70% water but it needs to be clean ocean and drinking water. I have stopped with plastic bags which kill all types of animals and birds. Humans are selfish and want their convenience but one day they must know their convenience comes with a price tag their children won’t be able to pay. Paula Morgan, Hollywood FL

To save our animals and to better the lives of everyone.  So annoying to see plastic products all over on the beaches, on the highways, etc.  Ugly sights, just do away with them! Purchase bags, etc. that are reusable and not made of plastic. Use paper products as available.  Whatever is safe will be a excellent step forward.  Plastic discards are a danger to our sea animals as well as other species. Only produce plastic where needed.  PAUL ANTHONY, Homosassa FL

Because plastics are choking our oceans and planet.  Marian Rees, Jackie FL

Humans are destroying the world with their stupid throw away everything mentality.  They are killing innocent living beings as well.  What is so wrong with disposing of waste like it should be.  When will so-called mankind learn, most likely never! We are counting on you to support this bill and get government to do what is needed. Gwendolyn Youngblood, Jacksonville FL

The world is smothered in plastic. It has entered our food, imperiled endangered species and continues to degrade the environment, the places we depend on for survival. Its production pollutes the air, water and ground. Its fossil fuel core is destroying the planet with climate change. For all of us to survive into the future we must eliminate this product – now. Support this bill. I would like our family and future generations of humans and wildlife to have a healthy, clean Earth to live on. This Act is a good step forward. Nelia Coyle, Jensen Beach FL

Plastics are toxic. Support the bill and give us cleaner water–ocean, rivers, streams, etc. Rik Albani, Key Biscayne FL

It is important that we take care of the world that we live in. Plastics have been a detriment to our natural world.  Sea turtles get entangled in the plastic that holds soda bottles together and ingest the small pellets, which causes their deaths.  Theresa Johnson, LaBelle FL

I live near the beach and walk it most weekends.  There is so much plastic that I pick up from just our small area of beach and know the enormity of what this does to the health of wildlife and us. Support this bill. It might educate people and companies to make a change for the better. Heidi Coyne, Lake Mary FL

The ocean is the foundation of Earth’s entire food web! Support the bill and my kids would gain a more secure future. Dr William M Smith Hr, Lake Placid FL

It is choking the life out of our oceans and killing marine life.  There have been hundreds of instances recorded of plastic remains found in the stomachs of fish and marine mammals that caused their deaths.  There is at least one patch in the Atlantic Ocean that is the size of Rhode Island, that is nothing but plastic trash and it is constantly growing.  The same thing happens to streams and lakes in our country as well as around the world – plastic trash is literally choking the world to death. Support this bill. It would free me from breathing in millions of microscopic plastic particles (nanoplastics), as well as ingesting them with everything I eat.  Gavi Stevens, Largo FL

Decrease the amount of plastic in the air, the water, the fish and in our bodies. Please act to decrease plastic in my body. daniel morneau, Largo FL

Since only a small percentage of the plastics produced are recycled, they end up in oceans, rivers and even our drinking water. Landfills are in short supply so less plastic means less  waste which ends up on land and water. Less visual pollution, cleaner water, less poor air quality and a nicer world for the future. Barbara Fite, Lutz FL

Plastic is polluting our environment; killing our wildlife by poisoning, choking, entangling; spoiling our beaches, choking our landfills. Tiny microparticles are poluting the water we use to drink, cook and wash, and they work their way up the food chain. Most of the plastic cannot be, or is not being, recycled. It is imperative to stop making so much plastic. Support this bill –FOR our environment, FOR wildlife, FOR our future. It would benefit our envronment that we depend on for our very lives, which would benefit my health and welfare, physical and mental. P. Hays, Maitland FL

Plastic is clogging our oceans and waterways and killing our precious wildlife who actually prefer plastic over real food!  Plastic pollution is a scourge to the environment as well as wildlife.  If we don’t do something to stop this plastic scourge, we will soon have more plastic than fish in the oceans. I would not have to see the plastic pollution from hundreds of miles away that collects on my local beach; I would not have to see wildlife killed and maimed by plastic in the refuge I volunteer in; and my progeny will have a cleaner, more beautiful earth to live on. Theresa Thornburg, Mary Esther FL

Because it’ll be good for the environment overall, as well as the future health of the planet. It’ll be good for the future of the planet especially as my 2 nieces are growing up. Travis Weberling, Melbourne FL

It’s destroying our waterways and aquatic life!  There is no excuse for lazy humans to not track, watch and remove plastic they use, including fishing line, nets and other items used in catch. I live on the coast and the pollution of all sorts is destroying our beaches.  Sick of seeing dead marine animals wrapped in plastic. Support this bill. Caroline Luley, Merritt Island FL

Plastic is a great danger to the environment. We as a nation can reduce the use of plastic. Support this federal bill.  Janet Shipes, Miami FL

Plastic is killing fish and animals. Support this bill. Stop using plastic. Every person on earth needs to respect and protect the earth’s environment!!!!! John Deddy, Miami FL

It is killing us by leaching into Water and Soil, as well as animals throughout all Environments from Oceans to Forests. Support this bill and improve my Health and the Health of the Planet. s l, Miami FL

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of disposable, wasteful products. Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels. Less manufacturing of these single-use and disposable products will decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Support this bill. It will help survival of the planet and all living things. Robert Keiser, Miami FL

Plastic is killing everyone and everything on this planet. Time to put Life over profit. I live in Florida. Support this bill. No plastic pollution would benefit every person, place, and industry in the state – not to mention every remaining sea turtle, dolphin, fish….. Andrea Chisari, Mims FL

Support the break free from plastics bill. We must save the planet for future generations. Help my grandchildren lead better lives as they get older. Babs Marchand, Naples FL

I live in Naples Florida and never thought I’d see plastic bottles and bags in our water… but it’s here, plastic is everywhere.  We have got to Stop this insane pollution mess.  Support this bill.   When passed it helps people change. Hopefully your action will be quick enough. Barbara RUDD, Naples FL

We have to save the lives of sea life!!! Support this bill. Make me happy to save the lives of sea life. Margie Hancock, Naples FL

Reducing Plastic saves our oceans, rivers,canals, water ways, inlets of bodies of water, and fish,  otters, mammals, dolphins, and marine sea life. Support this bill. PLEASE REDUCE PLASTIC!!! The bags I carry are washable. I reuse them. Tamara Gossard, Naples FL

Birds and their young are dying because they are eating and feeding plastics.   Fish are filled with micro plastics which we also are ingesting.  Long term effects are not yet realized. Flesh eating bacteria was never an issue in 30 years that I’ve lived here.  Now it is a fear.  Plastic pollution fills the canals choking plant and animal life.  We used to see birds feeding, turtles swimming, now we see plastic floating. Support this bill. I would swim in the Gulf of Mexico again. Dimitra Arneson, Naples FL

We must do everything we can to STOP polluting the Earth!! It will benefit all of humanity! Linda Gazzola, Navarre FL

Only 9 percent of plastic water bottles are even recycled.  It has become so destructive to wildlife and humans, yet this country does very little to address this issue! Support this bill. It would give me hope for future generations. Dorian Canalizo, New Port Richey FL

We need to take care of our Planet, Now! Cleaner River. Cleaner Gulf. Keth Luke, New Port Richey FL

We should take packaging back to the 1800s.  I try my best to recycle.  Between junk mail, plastic bags, plastic containers, boxes, etc., I have to clear all the recycling out of my house at least once a week. What we are doing to this planet is a sin. I live on the Gulf of Mexico.  Fishing is a common pastime here. But the trash isn’t just in the Gulf, it’s in community ponds, rivers and streams. I grew up here. And I used to be able to swim here.  But not anymore.  Sewage and trash have turned our waterways into places to avoid. Support this bill, thank you. Patsy Shafchuk, New Port Richey FL

Our ocean life is dying, our wild life is dying from plastic pollution. People are harrmed by pollution. When will it end. We need to stop plastic from killing our ocean life.  Maryann Piccione, New Port Richey FL

It is toxic. Reduce the toxic plastic pollution. Support this bill.  Carol Hollander, Oakland Park FL

This bill would significantly reduce the production of disposable, wasteful products in the United States. Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas.Then less manufacturing of these single-use and disposable products will decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major driver of climate change. By supporting the bill, we are taking part in protecting and improving the quality of our land and waterways, as well as the health of wildlife and ourselves.  This is very important to me and that is why I’m taking a moment to comment and why I am urging you to support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act. Hollie Hollon, Orlando FL

Plastic contributes to pollution and harms wildlife. Plastic does not degrade and stays intact for decades if not longer. Citizens need to learn to reuse/recycle to save valuable resources. Support this bill. We need to reverse our society of convenience and terminate single use items  We have to stop destroying our planet–the only one we have–there is no Plan B.  The Act will benefit those who come after us.  We shouldn’t burden our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to resolve the mistakes we’ve made. Jan Scott, Orlando FL

Support this bill to save animals and the oceans from the harmful effects of plastics, this long lasting killer! Make plastics 100% biodegradable and actually edible, but without the bad effects. Vince L, Oviedo FL

To save lives for the animals  Ginny Pendas, Palm Beach Gardens FL

Support this bill to keep animals and sea life safe. It would save my local beach and intercoastal waterway. Rusty Rollings, Palm Coast FL

Plastics do not break down quickly, if at all. Along with making a garbage pit out of the earth, plastic also kills off wildlife while poisoning our environment. The benefits to humans are to save ourselves from being poisoned by the chemicals that seep into our food and drinks from heated plastic. The environment around us would no longer have plastic litter all over, while our waterways and oceans would no longer have pools of plastic within them. Ginger Brewer, Pensacola FL

Plastic kills creatures in rivers & oceans.  Time to stop & have the producer pay this cost.  Theodore Bahn, Pensacola FL

Reducing or eliminating plastic is necessary to save ocean life, waterways as well as decrease pollution. Throwaway plastic does not end up being recycled.  Throwaway plastic ends up on roadways, killing land animals as well as animals that live in the water.  If something is not done immediately, the extinction of so many animals will be because of plastic.   We as a society have a chance to change this cycle around but it must be now. Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act would benefit me in that I would not see plastic containers on every roadway I use.  It would benefit me to the point that I would not see ocean animals being strangled everyday.  It would benefit me that Manatees, Dolphins and Whales would not be trapped in the plastic as well consuming it as their daily diet when trying to survive. Barbara Martin, Plantation FL

Because it’s going to bury us all…it’s killing our oceans. One use plastic is totally unnecessary. It has to STOP…recycling is not working. Plastic bags and bottles litter everywhere. At least cans will make people money. Plastic is just poison!!!  A friend of mine who was a Marine told me “if you shit in your own mess kit, you die”. Something to be said of that. Earth is our mess kit🌎 It wouldn’t just benefit me, it would benefit all living beings. This had better be taken care of before there is a point of NO return!! Weslie Phillips, Pompano Beach FL

For years my wife and I have walked our nearby beach. We would walk out a couple miles from the parking lot. On the return trip we would pick up the refuse. The great majority of it was single use plastic that would deteriorate to micro plastics affecting ocean life. A cleaner environment benefits present and future generations, animal and plant life. Changing from fossil fuel to more sustainable production of energy and manufactured goods saves our world. Richard Krygowski, Ponte Vedra Beach FL

I believe it’s incredibly tragic that we lose so much of our wildlife due to plastic pollution. I want future generations to experience and enjoy a world without such pollution. Specifically, I would not be spending time on my beaches picking up plastic to protect the local wildlife. Instead, I could relax and enjoy the serenity it is meant to be. Rachel Jett, Port Orange FL

I do recycle all my plastic as well as metal cans and paper.  Very sorry that it does not make it to the recycling plant. Support this bill. We just want to help out the wild animals and keep everything out of the oceans. Carol Alas, Port St. Lucie FL

We need to protect this planet’s oceans, rivers, and lakes. So many species have been adversely affected by plastic pollution. We can do better! I live in beautiful Florida and proximity to the ocean with all its teeming wildlife is a precious gift we must preserve for our descendants. We have no right to harm the world’s wildlife with our reckless disregard. Patricia Cooney, Saint Petersburg FL

Because plastic basically doesn’t break down.  It entangles wildlife, often eventually wounding or killing it.  Microplastics are pervasive in the oceans, such that the things we eat from the sea are full of it. The floating debris in the ocean is a travesty, and must be dealt with.  So many reasons!  I could go on, and on… This Act would benefit me in all the means that you’ve noted above. Katherine Wang, Saint Petersburg FL

There is nowhere on our planet that is not slowly being replaced by carcinogenic plastic particles. We are doing this for convenience? I love sea turtles who think plastics smell like food. This is abhorrent. Do something constructive by supporting this bill. My life depends upon thriving ecosystems and and a clean environment.  Mark Holmgren, Saint Petersburg FL

Plastic pollution is causing significant damage to all parts of our natural environment.  We must take effective action to decrease it.  Virginia Hitchcock, Sarasota FL

It’s Survival. Support this bill or we perish.  Rosie Hinnebusch, Sarasota FL

Plastic pollution does not only infiltrates fish, it gets into all animals, including humans, that eat fish. The BPA in plastic causes cancer when ingested. For these reasons I strongly support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act and urge you to also support it. I love both wildlife and humanity and believe that man-made pollution shouldn’t be allowed to cause harm to God’s creations. Liz Garratt, St Augustine FL

It’s important to reduce plastic pollution for some many reasons, but mainly because it doesn’t biodegrade.  It also entraps, entangles, wounds and kills wildlife, and microplastics are becoming so prevalent in our water systems is frightening.  How long will the freshwater and ocean wildlife live with these plastics accumulating in their systems, and what will it do to those of us who consume them? The Act would benefit everyone by providing a cleaner, healthier earth. Support it. There will be direct benefits to the personal health and well-being of all of us. Kathy Wang, ST PETERSBURG FL

Clean up the oceans and save marine life by supporting this bill.  Beth Kessinger, Sunrise FL

Plastics are destroying our bodies of water and killing all marine life.  Beth Rosenblum Kessinger, Sunrise FL

Non degradable oil-based plastic, that is! Support this bill for a healthier world.  Peter Broderson, Tallahassee FL

To protect the environment for posterity. Pass this bill to help to alleviate concern over environmental destruction. Jim Brunton, Tampa FL

This World Environment Day, all of us can help beat plastic pollution. Did you know that 500 billion bags of plastic get used all over the world every year? And many of them are ending up in the ocean, killing fish, whales and even birds! And also, ending up in our food. Plastic is everywhere and if we don’t stop plastic pollution right now there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish in 2050. So can we all commit to making it our last? It’s easy. See. Switch to something reusable and tag your loved one, a friend and a company. Come on! Together we can beat plastic pollution. I’m counting on all of you. Gisele Bundchen, Tampa Bay FL

The welfare and safety of nonhuman life and their habitats is and has always been most important in my life. I’m not concerned about how it would benefit “me,” my concern is for the innocent nonhuman lives who are constantly endangered, terrorized and destroyed by careless, irresponsible, invasive and destructive human beings. Support this bill and protect what is most important to me. That is the protection and welfare of nonhuman life and their habitats. Lisa Mazzola, Tampa FL

It is an eyesore and tangles fish and birds in it. The fish are getting entwined in plastic.  It’s dirtying our water. Just support this bill. There should be severe fines for those who throw plastic in our waterways.  Cynthia Scionti, Tampa FL

I live on the gulf and it’s sad to see the number of birds, turtles, fish and other creatures that choke, are strangled or digest plastic waste. We need to reduce this pollution. Support this bill. It would make me happy to see these creatures live without harm! Joel Malkerson, Venice FL

Plastic pollution is choaking our ocean….It’s everywhere.  f we don’t do something to stop it now, who will? I just watched “Plastic Wars.” It’s a Frontline news investivation report, and it paints a very grim future for us, and our planet. Support this bill. I would feel good knowing that my generation was insightful enough to do something about the enormous problems with plastic. Set the example. Laura Guttridge, Vero Beach FL

We depend on the oceans for food and the beauty of nature.  A healthy ocean can sustain us, and enrich our lives. I live in Florida and enjoy the beaches.  I am tired of watching the news and seeing sad stories about whales washing up on the beaches with plastic in their bellies, etc.  Support this bill. I think we should all be good earth stewards and strive to leave the planet cleaner than our generation found it, we owe it to all who come after. Phyllis Vargo, Vero Beach FL

Plastic is destroying wildlife and the oceans and waterways. It takes decades to decompose and there must be stronger standards and other options available. Support this bill. It would benefit us because we do not want to use plastic and we prefer glass and paper. Enforcing this especially for grocery stores for their take-out bags would be crucial. Thank you. Anne Winicki, Watersound FL

Plastic pollution is one of the worst environmental problems facing our planet.  Phoebe Weseley, Wellington FL

Plastic does not breakdown and go away.  And when it does start to fall apart it becomes thousands of pieces to collect instead of one.  Plastic is now found at the deepest places in the oceans.  We lived without plastics before when I was growing up and we can live without it again. Support this bill and see it passed into law. I would not have to try to figure out how to reuse and recycle, and bring bags back to my supermarket.  It would mean less work for me. Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka MD, Winter Park FL

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