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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Illinois

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


People tend to use any/all waterways as toilets, not understanding that this waste is not degrading, has serious consequences to marine and other wildlife, and is toxic to the environment and people. Our “throw-away society” is responsible for the state of our oceans and lands. The chemicals used by plastic producers initiates this toxic cycle. People ingest particulate plastic everyday. This is a health issue at every level of life. I HATE single-use bags and throw away crap that the public is inundated with on a daily basis. I already use non-plastic grocery bags, utensils, and recycle. It would be beneficial if everyone was re-trained to not depend on plastics. Please support and pass this bill. Not having plastics available would mandate such a change. Diane Vandiver, Bolingbrook IL

Plastic is choking our oceans and the wildlife that live in them. We have to save the oceans and rivers for the next generation. We are too wasteful as a society and need to rethink how we consume, and how much we consume. Support and pass this bill. Limiting single use plastics is good for all of us. We need clean oceans to survive, for the planet to survive.  Nancy Bauer, Brookfield IL

We are killing ocean life with this plastic pollution. When the oceans die so will we. Many of us care what happens to other species and those that don’t should at least be interested in self-preservation. I have witnessed animals and birds that have died by entanglement in fishing line. Supporting and passing this bill would help the planet in general and that is a benefit to myself and our fellow beings that live here. Patricia Browne, Brookfield IL

It’s killing the planet and us! Help me to use reusable and recycleable plastics. David Margolis, Buffalo Grove IL

Plastic is damaging to wildlife, the planet, and humans ecosystems. Support this bill for healthier environments. T C, Chicago IL

To me, I think people who don’t think it’s a big deal to toss a plastic bottle in the garbage are not only being irresponsible, but I think they’re being disrespectful of all the other humans on earth. Sophia Bush, Chicago IL

Plastic Pollution has become so problematic that it must have National and Federal attention focused on the issues surrounding it. This act would benefit the world’s oceans and freshwater systems and address the amount of toxic particulate matter entering our own biological systems. Chris Law, Chicago IL

Plastic pollution harms wildlife and our environment. We can not be sustainable as a species if we keep polluting as we do. I already do not buy single use plastic, containers bottles etc. Pass this bill to benefit the wildlife in my area and also clean up the river. Eve Danner Lentz, Chicago IL

Plastic is killing marine life and polluting our beaches and ruining the environment. Support and pass this bill. I would feel better about the poor animals in the oceans, rivers etc… Mary Ann Sorokie, Chicago IL

Because Plastic is ending up in our water ways.  Recycling is not impactful enough.  Our marine life, including the coral reef, is being killed by all of the plastic pollution. Because, although I personally reduce my plastic consumption, other citizens are not as diligent.  We need to get corporations to reduce at the source. Meredith West, Chicago IL

Plastic enters our landfill and rivers and oceans.  We are all affected by it. Support and pass this bill. It would be good to have reusable plastic straws. Other than that we have way too much plastic. Companies need to think about using something other than plastic to wrap things up. Debra Gleason, Chicago IL

Good afternoon. This must stop.  Plastics are ruining our earth and killing so much wildlife because humans are selfish.  Selfish in profit and selfish in throwing these items into oceans, ponds, streams and onto lawns.  This is killing and at some point, will kill us as well. Support this bill.  I grab a garbage bag and pick up items people have discarded off and from within their vehicles, onto the sides of the roads, grass and water.   I think we need to come up with stricter ways of enforcing pollution in all areas.  Laura Kearney, Chicago Illinois

Plastic is ruining the oceans and wildlife. We don’t need more plastic. We have so much all we have to do is make it into something else. Support and pass this bill. I would be so happy not to see the city trashed up with plastic. I want the world to be beautiful again. I know the wild animals would be more safe as well. Gloria Picchetti, Chicago IL

Stopping plastic pollution is important, but I would like to see better efforts to recycle.  Sandra Franz, Chicago IL

Plastic is hurting the quality of ocean, river and lake water as well as killing marine life.  This will eventually harm us as well. Passing this bill would lead to clean water, thriving marine life and beaches without plastic litter, places to walk and enjoy the outdoors. CAROL MASUDA, Chicago IL

Plastics in the environment and their production are dangerous and threaten all life on earth. Large mammals and other endangered sea creatures (whales, seals, dolphins,manatees, turtles) become entangled in abandoned fishing lines and drown.  Seabirds ingest small particles of plastic and feed them to their young killing themselves and their young. Minute particles of plastic are found in the fish humans eat. It is everywhere and is toxic! In addition, All aspects of the natural world are being irreversibly damaged. Support and pass this bill. My life and the lives of all creatures on earth would have cleaner air to breathe, cleaner water to drink, uncontaminated food to eat, and a greater chance of survival if we break free from the production and use of plastics. Suzanne Pentek, Chicago IL

Protecting our land and waterways, support this plastics bill.  Passing it will improve the wellfare of wildlife.  Patricia Matz, Darien IL

Plastic pollution is simply a threat to wildlife and must be cleaned up to prevent death. Plastic production must be reduced to decrease the amount that can be thrown out.  A process to break down plastics must be implemented to close the loop on plastic production. Support and pass this bill. It would reduce the pollution problem and save wildlife. Jeffery Biss, Elgin IL

Plastic pollution must be curtailed.  It is not just an unsightly risk to wildlife, it is a fossil fuel product driving climate change. Micro plastics have been found everywhere we look for them. I don’t want toxic chemicals or microplastics in my body or in my children’s bodies. Support and pass this bill. Our world will be cleaner and healthier.  Pollution from plastic manufacturing will be much reduced when we wean ourselves from fossil fuel products. R Thorne, Elgin IL

Bert Menco, Evanston IL

We have only one world, and our species need to become much better stewards than we have been for about a century now. The Break Free From Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of disposable, wasteful products in the United States. Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels. Support and pass this bill for much better recycling programs. Reuse plastic objects, e.g., no more water bottles, only one, reusable!!  Bert Menco, Evanston IL

We are littering our planet, & plastic is now in nanoparticles in our water & thus in our bodies, plus the stomachs of all sorts of marine (& other) creatures. Enough is enough! We’re poisoning ourselves & our environment! Support and pass this bill. Do the right thing. History is watching. It could improve my health!  Katharine Egan, Evanston IL

We do not need plastics.  Karma Lucy Mattinen, Galena IL

Our world cannot handle any more plastic in landfills or the water, and we cannot continue burning fossil fuels to create more plastic. Support and pass this bill. It will benefit the earth, which benefits everyone. Kate Harder, Glen Ellyn IL

Plastic is toxic and we cannot keep up with the disposal rates. We need to find another way. Support this bill and pass it for healthier ecosystems. Jeanette Shutay, Homer Glen IL

I feel we have a moral obligation to pass the world on to the next generation in better condition than we found it. Yes, this might be inconvenient at times, but doing the right thing enriches the character of a individual who does such things not for rewards, but for their integrity toward all others we share this planet with. Support and pass this bill for a cleaner and safer world for me and all the creatures. Buzz Alpert, Lincolnwood IL
Plastic is toxic to our environment both in a physical and emotional sense. Support and pass thius bill. Eliminate plastics as much as possible in everything we do. Dorothy Battle, Lisle IL

Plastic is not only polluting the planet and killing animals including us humans but we have no idea the long term side effects associated with introducing plastic into the environment.  If the ecosystem balance is thrown off we have no idea how that will impact the planet and selfishly, us. We need to stop using plastic and switch to glass. Less plastic benefits us all. Sean Dadban, Lombard IL

It should be horrifying to everyone what happens to animals when they eat plastics believing it is food. Animals die a very miserable death because of the plastics they eat and we as humans are responsible. The very thought of the suffering animals must go through before they die causes me physical distress. Sadly there really isn’t much I can do because I do have physical limits and am getting old along with my own worries about money to live one especially if trump eliminates all programs and benefits for those of us that have fallen in-between the cracks. I wish I had money to pay for changes and was physically able to do things. We are in a position to recycle but big business wants big profits and refuses to change recycling procedures that would recycle everything. sadly those running our big businesses have free reign from trump to pollute away and destroy because there are no restrictions anymore under trump. what we need is to severely limit managements and ceo’s salaries because they are just not worth that kind of money. we also need to ensure there are safeguards on all pollutants so they are not emitted into the environment. there are many technologies that exist but they are in direct conflict with all the established industries that will not yield the wealth and power and tyrannize and intimidate safe and green procedures that would in effect put the old ways out of business forever. Liz Szabo, McHenry IL

Plastic is polluting everything. Support and pass this bill right away.  Dorien Zaricor, Mundelein IL

Much marine life is getting harmed with swallowing or tangled in plastics. It is so important that innocent marine life don’t die from the stupid actions humans. I get to know that the valuable marine life in our oceans that cover 75% of our planet are still living. Keep our oceans healthy. Sandra Couch, Naperville IL

Plastic fouls aquatic and oceanic ecosystems.  It never decomposes.  It strangles animals.  It collects toxins and transfers them to marine life. Support and pass this bill so I would not have to look at trash thrown everywhere. Laurence Buckingham, Park Ridge IL

Because plastic harms wildlife, especially in the ocean, but not limited there.  If companies that ship their products in plastic and use plastic for all but the most necessary needs, i.e., health care equipment, there would be far less pollution.  Those companies should pay for disposal of its plastic.  If that happened, there would be far less pollution. Support and pass this bill. It would mean that at least the next generation will have a decent chance of having a world not completely choked with plastic. On land and sea. And it would help preserve my personal health. Laurence Buckingham, Park Ridge IL

Now, even more than ever, we need to be doing ALL we can to protect our environment and right the many, many wrongs committed against our Earth! People are to blame for plastic pollution and we owe it to our planet to mend our ways!! Support and pass this bill. If this benefits one, it benefits many! I am not alone here. We need to think globally. Our waters are all connected. Heidi Steinert-Bresilge, Plano IL

Stop plastic pollution to help the health of the ocean which in turns helps the health of the earth.  Act to stop sea animals from dying from eating plastic or getting caught up in it. Make the ocean a healthier more beautiful place. Rhonda Lawford, South Wilmington IL

Pollution needs to be decreased as much as possible in order to protect living things in the future, and plastic is a big component of pollution. It should be extracted from where it is littered, then recycled or disposed of in safe places.  Michael Weaver, St. Charles IL

It is important to protect wildlife, and human life, by reducing plastic waste. This act would protect and improve the quality of our land and waterways, as well as the health of wildlife and ourselves. Lynn Pearson, Wheeling IL

Plastic is showing up everywhere, including in our bodies.  It’s destroying the world as we know it. Passage of this bill will reduce the amount of plastic used.  Making it easier for me to find products in acceptable packaging. Kathy Engert, Wilmette IL

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