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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from Washington DC and Delaware

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


Washington DC

Everyone should wake up and have a fresh-squeezed orange every day. By having a fresh glass of orange juice with American oranges, you are supporting the local economy, you have all the vitamin C you need in a day, and you support the environment because you don’t use any plastic from bottles or bags. Jose Andres, Washington DC

In too many places, I no longer recognize the sea of my youth when I dive because there is so much plastic. I’ve seen things that my grandfather would consider a nightmare.  Alexandra Cousteau, Washington DC

Plastic is destroying our oceans. Support this bill. It would give me alternatives not currentlyy available. Sarah Epstein, Washington DC

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 is a critically important bill which would significantly reduce rampant plastic pollution comprehensively. We want to see fewer wild creatures harmed by the refuse which we’ve allowed to accumulate everywhere.  I’ve been personally advocating for a national standardized labeling system for recycling and composting receptacles, so that guidelines and rules are clear and specific and carry across state borders. And producers of these products should most definitely be required to include labels on their products that are easy to read and indicate whether the products are recyclable, compostable, or reusable.   These are all very important to me and to my family. Julia Stevenson, Washington DC

Pollution is crime compounded of ignorance and avarice. Ignorance exists at the very top where men in high places daily make decisions about weapons, pesticides and pollution tolerances with only a vague idea, if any, of their ecological implications. . . To paraphrase Clemenceau, war on pollution is too serious a matter to be left to experts. Harrison Wellford, Washington DC.



Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels. Less manufacturing of these single-use and disposable products will decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major driver of climate change. Less use of plastic products will save ocean species who are dying due to ingestion of plastic trash. Support this bill. It would encourage more earth-saving habits. Ellen Wasfi, Dover DE

Plastic is killing the ocean and the creatures that live in it.  When the ocean dies, we die.
Plastic has its uses but must be only used when necessary. No more plastic for convenience sake.  Support this bill.  Help save the planet. I would be encouraged by the limiting of plastics and their damage.  It’s a small step that is a major benefit for all, not just me.
Kathleen Eaton, Middletown DE

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