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Stop Plastic Pollution Comments from California

Thank you for lending your voice to this worthy endeavor.

Please share with friends and associates. Encourage them to join with us in speaking out in our own words. Got something to say?

Send us photographs and we’ll post on the state page where plastic pollution is happening.

Walk the talk with a donation of $3, one for cleaner waterways, one for less spoiled shores, and one for healthier skies. Together, we’ll go far for our quality of life.


Plastic is taking over our planet, and plastic manufacturers, from fossil fuels to plastic bag makers, are not slowing down at all. We should be using science to create better biodegradable plastics that don’t need fossil fuels. Its time to take a stand NOW! The bill would help me purchase products that use less or no plastic! Jillian Saxty, Alameda CA

Plastic is killing our animals and the environemnt we must stop using plastic. Support this bill. With this bill passed, I would know that our planet will be inhabital for future generations. Vic Bostock, Altadena CA

Plastic is dangerous for living plants and animals all around the globe. Support this bill. My planet would have healthier oceans, less carbon would be used for plastic creation, hence less carbon pollution.  It would also slow climate change.
Karen Malley, Anaheim CA

We are killing our planet, all living beings, and ourselves with plastic. They rely on us to be their stewards, not their destroyers. We must be environmentally responsible. We’d be doing the right thing by passing this bill. Nora Coyle, Anaheim CA

Plastic enters the food stream and destroys animal life. It also is pervasive in the water supply and is toxic to human beings as well. Support this bill. It would benefit all species on the planet to have a plastic-free future. Joanne Katzen, Aptos CA

Plastic pollution is destroying our environment, specifically the ocean. We need to greatly reduce the manufacture of plastics, especially single-use containers. Support this bill. Just to have the piece of mind that something is finally being done to reduce plastic pollution. Don Faia, Aptos CA

We live and depend on the see. We cannot pollute it so much.  Support this bill. It would protect the shore of the island I live on. Steve Robey, Berkeley CA

Plastic pollution is killing our planet. It’s poisoning wildlife, it’s clogging waterways, endangering habitat, inhibiting fishing, it breaks down into tiny cancer causing particles that are inhaled and ingested, and it is collecting in our in oceans forming giant islands of debris. The chemicals used in manufacturing plastics are poisonous, noxious to breathe and cannot be disposed of in any safe way. For the future health of our planet, it is time to act more responsibly by reducing plastic pollution. Support this bill. No more single use plastic containers. Jennie Pfeiffer, Bolinas CA

During WWII, I grew up without plastic & was happy & healthy with recycling bottles, cans, lumber, etc. Support this bill. I wouldn’t have to view pictures of animals entangled. Robert Reed, Buena Park CA

Act for the wildlife. Support this bill. It would give me hope. Steven Urrutia, Burbank CA

Plastic is starting to show up in our food chain. Support this bill and plastic would not be found in our food chain eventually! Terrance Hutchinson, California City CA

We are killing our planet, oceans are dying and wildlife are doomed. Support this bill. It’s a huge overdue step to help our planet. Sa Re, Carmel CA

The pile up of disposed plastic is filling our landfills and waterways. This will not degrade for years and poses a hazard to our wildlife and environment.  Victoria Swanson, Carpinteria CA

Plastic is clogging our waterways, littering our roadways, and killing wildlife.  It’s time to pull plastic out of the food chain. Support this bill. Rely on reusables!
Patricia Blackwell-Marchant, Castro Valley CA

Plastic is choking our oceans and rivers, and even our air.  We must reduce plastic pollution before it overwhelms our ecosystems. Support this bill. Reducing plastic pollution would benefit everyone.
George F. Klipfel II, Cathedral City CA

We are damaging the earth and all life with plastic pollution. We don’t need plastic any more. There other sustainable materials. We have all already ingested plastic and don’t need any more. Nancy Shannon, Cathedral City CA

Plastic is ugly, nature is beautiful. Don’t ruin it. Jon Anderholm, Cazadero CA

The reasons to stop plastic pollution should be obvious to anyone who cares about the health of our ocean waters – from saving creatures caught in old nets who then drown, to saving those that mistake the plastic for food and then die that way. Species that are already endangered, such as sea turtles and the blue whale, are being harmed even more through pollution, global warming and other types of human activity. Microplastics in the water end up in human food through the fish and other seafood that we eat. There are enormous vortexes of plastic trash larger than the state of Texas, with an unknown depth, and there’s disgusting mounds of plastic trash on the beaches. This is a global phenomenon. Again, as a citizen of the world, I would hope that with a HUGE reduction in production of plastic. We need to concentrate on how to clean up the terrible mess humans have caused. Support this bill. From someone who loves nature (and does not want to eat microplastics), I would benefit on all fronts. Lynette K. Henderson, Chatsworth CA

Reducing plastic waste is important because plastic production requires an enormous amount of energy and resources. This causes carbon emissions and contributes to global warming. Recycling plastic is not efficient – only 9% of plastic ever produced has been recycled. About 60% is discarded in landfills and oceans. It also uses large quantities of water. Plastic has toxic pollutants that damage the environment and cause land, water, and air pollution. It can take hundreds or even thousands of years for plastic to break down, so the damage to the environment is long-lasting. Globally, it is estimated that over 100 million marine animals are killed each year by plastic waste. This “Act” removes the burden of waste collection and recycling from the cities, from states, and, most importantly, from taxpayers, and puts it where it belongs: on the producers and the companies putting out these unsustainable products into the marketplace. Terry Kourda, Chula Vista CA

I have seen firsthand the impact of plastic on our once-pristine O.C. beaches, coasts and oceans. We need to do something now. Support this bill.  Elizabeth Wahler, Corona del Mar CA

This Act seems to be very reasonable and practical in it’s approach to dealing with our disastrous plastic pollution problem. Please give it your full hearted support and be part of the solution.  Martin Diedrich, Costa Mesa CA

Let’s protect our oceans and waterways.  Geoff Leavell, Costa Mesa CA

Plastic pollution affects all life and goes on and on and on in the environment. Support this bill. We ALL can do much better and put the world and our environment, not more $$, first. 
Allen Bohnert, Davis CA

The prevention of plastic pollution will make the places we care about cleaner, safer, and more attractive.  Protect our environment and clean up our places from ugly, harmful plastics. The Break Free From Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of these products in the United States. Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas. Less manufacturing of these single-use and disposable products will decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major driver of climate change. F A, El Cajon CA

Discarded plastic swallowed by ocean fish is killing them in unacceptable numbers and otherwise creating an unmanageable clutter of our environment. Not only me but everyone in the world would benefit from passage of the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act to reduce the immense burden of plastic waste and its effect on wildlife on the planet. Ruby MacDonald, El Cerrito CA

Pollution from plastic keeps breaking down. I am tired of sea life being entrapped in plastic, sea life ingesting it.  We have huge piles of Plastic washing ashore. This is an forever pollution that will cost the death of much sea life, unless we take expensive measures to remove it. Support this bill. It would help by maintaining our coasts and saving our sea life. Judy King, El Dorado Hills CA

We MUST stop polluting for the sake of our lives, and the lives of generations to come. Not only the GARBAGE (Plastic) causes us problems but the extraction of the oil to make the plastic, the refining of the oil to make the plastic, and the plastic itself, as it leaches toxins as it breaks down. We once used Glass bottles for our milk and soda’s, so we know how to do it, we must return to the glass era, for our own sake. Support this bill. I believe that I would benefit by having to pay LESS in the long run for Items that are packaged in glass and metal in the long run. The Break Free From Pollution Act would help me by making my/our environment more human friendly. Marsha Lowry, El Sobrante CA

Plastic leaks harmful chemicals and doesn’t break down for up to 1000 years. It is filling the ocean and killing tons of sea life. Plastic relies on fossil fuels for production.  Shawn Johnson, Encinitas CA

By continuing the use of plastic we are poisoning our oceans, our wildlife and ourselves! We can do better using other non toxic substances like compostable alternatives that evaporate without negative effects on our precious environment. Support this bill. It would benefit all life. We are digesting plastic; it’s in our fish and food we eat. We would be healthier. Ava Evans, Encino CA

The wildlife is paying a sad price because of the crap plastic.  Ban all plastic to save the sacred earth and animals. Less trash, too. John Pasqua, Escondido CA

We cannot digest plastic. Glenn Ross, Eureka CA

The plastic in our waterways does not go away; it can harm animals as it is, or it will break down and enter the bodies of all animals, including humans. Support this bill. I would know that I am not creating more unrecyclable trash that can enter the ocean or go into a landfill. Joan Tippetts, Eureka CA

Our lives depend on this bill. Nature depends on it. Wild life depends on it. Support this bill. The future will be so much better. It benefits us all. Jason Fish, Fair Oaks CA

Let’s keep our oceans and waterways free of toxic waste. Stop buying plastic water bottles! I want to save the oceans and be able to see blue oceans. Samuel Durkin, Fairfield CA

Plastic is now found in every corner of this earth (including the deepest canyons of the ocean), and it is affecting all life on this planet. Support this bill. It would give me faith that we care about life on this planet, and we are doing what we can to protect it. Marybeth Arago, Fort Bragg CA

Plastic does not go away.   It may be broken down into pieces that are no longer visible to the human eye, but yet still exist in overpowering numbers, affecting our lives and the lives of many other living species on this planet. Support this bill. I wouldn’t be so worried about what was in the food I eat or the water I drink — though they aren’t visible to my eyes, microscopic particles are nonetheless still present and toxic.  As a person with cancer, I am now, more than ever, becoming mindful of what is in and around my body.  
Patricia Lessard, Fremont, Alameda County CA

This bill would save the ocean-dwelling species that are critical to maintain the food chain. Support this bill. It would mean less toxic plastic that gets into the food chain and eaten by my 9-year-old son. Hank Schlinger, Glendale CA

Plastics destroy not only the wildlife of many locations across the globe they destroy the beauty of them as well  and it gets worse around the world every day. Support this bill. I could enjoy  many locations around the world far more than I can now not seeing trash everywhere and wondering what negative health effects might result from my being there are. Louis McCarten, Glendale CA

Plastic is chocking our environment. Support this bill. Make the world a cleaner place. Lisa Hammermeister, Granada Hills CA

We are literally chocking on plastic, it’s everywhere. They are finding it in human feces. We need to break away from plastic and start using plant materials that break down. Ocean mammals guts are full of plastic. It’s really alarming and we need to do better. Support this bill. Just think no more plastic items by the sides of the roads. Cleaning our environment from plastic debri is a must! Donna Panza, Grass Valley CA

Plastic is unsafe for the environment and animals. It would make me happy to see that the threat to wildlife and the oceans are free of plastic and not endangering our animals and sea life. We have to realize that we are not the only important beings on this planet! Roz Goldstein, Greenbrae CA

Plastic pollution has long been way out of control. Consider the massive globs of plastic that are floating in the Atlantic and the central Pacific. Support this bill. Like so many others, I would feel better about the lives of fellow beings, and would feel it was safer to harvest reasonable quantities of them. Paul W Rea, Hayward CA

Plastics are polluting our lives and killing animals. Less plastic will help us improve our environment. This ia a crisis that needs immediate attention. Support this bill. Our environment will be cleaner, which benefits all of the earth’s creatures. Beverly Johnson, Hesperia CA

I just learned, recently, that every minute a truckload of plastic waste pours into the ocean.  And it can take up to 1,000 years before it completely disintegrates. So, I’d like to get all single-use plastic out of my life. Starting, with plastic wrap. which is a tough one because even the biodegradable plastic isn’t quite there yet: it just breaks into smaller pieces.  Barbara Hershey, Hollywood CA

Plastic is killing our sea life and getting into our food supply to lead a healthier life. We are poisoning our planet, our wildlife, our pets and ourselves. It must stop. Passing this bill will let me know we are living in a healthier environment. Michael Henderson, Huntington Beach CA

Plastic is polluting our waterways, our wildlife, our marine life and even our salt! The Beauty Restoration alone is worth it…but also to quit killing seaturtles and to eat some seafood without worry. Support this bill. For cleaner beaches to begin with and some relief knowing that the plastic island that is larger than Texas at least will not be Growing!  Darcy Skarada, Kelseyville CA

Plastic is deadly to our ocean animals. Stop using bottled waters. G Smith, Los Altos CA

Plastic pollution is destroying the environment along with the remaining wildlife! Find suitable biodegradable products made from natural sources! Kurt Cruger, Long Beach CA

There are five known gyres spinning around in our world’s oceans. A gyre is a slowly moving spiral of currents created by a high pressure system of air currents. A spinning soup, so to speak, is made of what exists in the water. And in this case, the gyres are spinning with millions of tons of our discarded and forgotten about plastic waste! Brandon Boyd, Los Angeles CA

When I’m working, on sets or stages, my contracts specify in the rider that no plastic bottles be used. When I’m playing with my band, we all use metal and non-plastic containers for drinking to be ecologically sensitive and show others that this is the way to go. Jeff Bridges, Los Angeles CA

It is simple. Plastc turns the ocean into death trap for every living creqture and flora in the ocean Support this bill. It would give some hope that something is being done, that we are taking the blinders off. Mark Glasser, Los Angeles CA

I think, on a personal level, everybody, when you go through the checkout line after you get your groceries and they say, ‘Paper or plastic?’ We should be saying, ‘Neither one.’ We should have our own cloth bags. Woody Harrelson, Los Angeles CA

Cut down on your use of plastic shopping bags because many end up in the ocean. Angela Kinsey, Office Ladies, The Office, Los Angeles CA

Horrifying fact: we use one million plastic water bottles, every minute of every day and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.  And giving up plastic water bottles is really, really easy. You just replace it with a reusable water bottle.  Moby, Los Angeles CA

Save the earth and all life from all the toxins in plastic.  Marc Silverman, Los Angeles CA

Plastics were developed by us humans without consideration to disposal. Now we are burdening the whole environment with our detritus which has no decomposers – as all natural materials do. Plastic producers have profit motive to continue producing without consideration of the cost of disposal and to the environment. It is now entering our own bodies. It’s time for regulation. I remember when the requirement to return bottles for reuse when glass was the medium. Let’s get some change! How do I know that I am not at greater risk to my health due to the plastic that enters my body? It makes me sad and angry to see the visible pollution of the ocean and our cities, and know that there are no natural processes that will clean these pollutions. Especially cruel is the consumption of plastics by animals in their natural environment for which they have no selection nor relief, and which may and does kill them in significant numbers. Don Krotser, Los Angeles CA

Plastic causes health problems for fish, animals, and humans.  Once we reduce this, the environment will be better off and we won’t be destroying the planet. Any reduction in plastic waste and pollution would translate into cleaner oceans, beaches, and our lands.  It sickens me to see so much plastic pollution at the beaches. Neal Steiner, Los Angeles CA

Plastic garbage is choking us but as with oil and gas the fossil fuels does not want to give up the monster profit they have created. Science can find other product(s) to replace plastic. Hemp is a miraculous plant that prior civilizations used in many ways. Hemp is coming back and will bring many new products made of it. In the meantime, we must reduce the use of plastics. I was brought up in another world and I did not buy too many plastic containers. I preferred and still prefer my Pyrex containers that are as old as myself, glass or ceramic. Plastic was always no good to keep my left overs. I cook European cuisine. Plastic kills the flavor and also you cannot warm up the food in most of them. I detest to have to constantly have to clean the straws and other plastic garbage that people throws out of the car windows. They all end in our front yards. I can easily imagine the problem of fish, crustaceans and marine mammals that see their environment clogged with it! It makes me really angry to see plastic left over in Parks, the beach and our streets.
Graciela Huth, Los Angeles CA

Plastic waste is choking our oceans. Support this bill. A cleaner world benefits all, most of all future generations. Steve Hanlon, Los Angeles CA

Continued use of plastic which does not decompose means that we will ventually choke even our massive oceans. Stop manufacturing plastic and require use of biodegradable replacement. Sylvia Ruiz, Los Angeles CA

Save our oceans and planet. 
Carol Gordon, Los Angeles CA

Plastic is destroying our environment, and you have the authority to change that. Support this bill.  Act for benefits in multiple ways. Tiffany Goldwater, Los Angeles CA

Plastics take hundreds of years to break down, and we can’t just keep pumping them out with no solutions in place.  That’s idiotic.  We need to do better and stop choking our lands and waterways with trash. This act will help us leave a cleaner, more sustainable planet to our children. Wendy Frado, Los Angeles CA

We are killing our planet with plastic!  Julie Smith, Los Osos CA

Pretty soon there will be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish.  Stevie Sugarman, Malibu CA

The health of our environment , especially oceans. Support this bill for a healthier environment for people and animals.
Renate Dolin, Malilbu CA

This is a plastic straw. Did you know, that in America, we use half a million of these a day? A day! … In every possible way, these things suck. I pledge, never to use a plastic straw again. And it’s easy. Brent Spiner, “Live long and prosper” Malibu CA

The breakdown of plastics in our oceans is destroying not only the water and vegetation, but all the wildlife. Humans are being irresponsible and destructive in ways that will last years beyond our lifetimes.  Carol Taggart, Menlo Park CA

Plastic pollution is a danger to every living thing including us here on Earth and must be dealt with-we must eliminate single use plastic for the sake of the planet we live on. Plastic molecules have made their way into human bodies so eliminating all this plastic means a healthier YOU and planet. Robert Nix, Mission Hills CA

Pass this bill to avoid choking and killing all kinds of fish, reptiles, birds and other ocean life!  Carl Van Dyke, Monte Rio CA

A human life span is a century at most, but the planet must support humans and animals for centuries to come. If we take steps to preserve our earth life and our ocean life we will help those that come after us. Support this bill. Eliminating or at least reducing our plastics by “breaking away”from our reliance, the ocean life will benefit, our need for landfills will be reduced, our need for fossil fuels and fracking.  Lola Bice, Monterey CA

It’s on us to keep this earth clean; this is our only home. Support this bill. This bill would let my children, my grandchildren & my great-grandchildren inherit a clean earth. Kathryn Santana, Moraga CA

Basically it comes Down to our safety. Small Ceramic organisms are being found with plastic the relative sauce of a rope their digestive track – and it adds up going up the food chain ending with us. This is besides the choking hazards. Support this bill for less pollution that never degrades around my living space.
Constantine Bogios, Moraga CA

Plastic is not good for the health of our entire planet. Beacause it does not break down, smaller micro particles are penetrating all life. A COMPLETE ALTERNATIVE IS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY.  Seychelle Cannes, Morro Bay CA

We need to move away from fossil fuel-based plastics because it ends up in the ocean where it kills many already struggling marine animals and it is a blight on the land. 
Julia Adkins, Napa CA

Plastic pollution has become a huge problem for wildlife, marine life and soon, human life!  Please be forward-thnking and sign on to co-sponsor this bill!  Jan Gates, Napa CA

Save our planet!!!! Recycle! Support this bill.  Linda Mellen, Newport Beach CA

So much ends up in the ocean – soon there will be more plastic than fish. Dangerous ecology for the human race and planet. Support this bill. Any less pollution benefits us all – and future generations. Dianne Carniglia, Novato CA

We use way more plastic than we need to. It’s time to stop it. We MUST limit plastics and find biodegradable alternatives!  Judith Smith, Oakland CA

Plastic is strangling us to death. Support this bill. Cleaner oceans. Healthier wildlife. Dan Perdios, Palm Springs CA

The tragic death of ocean creatures by their ingestion of polluting plastic is a needless tragedy in huge proportions. But perhaps worse still is that microscopic plastic is ingested by fish which humans end up eating, thereby allowing us to also have plastic particles within our bodies. See above!
Abby Wanamaker, Pasadena CA

It is now painfully obvious that Humanity has taken an innovation and unremarkably misapplied it.  If we can’t correct our many, many errors, we are doomed.  It starts at the top with the CEOs. Spurring development of sustainable alternatives WHEREVER possible. Frances Goff, Pasadena CA

If we hope to live on this planet with any chance of health and longevity, we need to take of it!  NOW! Before it’s too late! A better world for the living things upon this earth! Save the earth and all that inhabit it!  Stop plastic wherever possible especially single use plastic of every kind!!!!  Jami Pillow, Pasadena CA

Plastic is killing all life in & around the Ocean.  Patrice Sena, Pasadena CA

Because people throw their trash on the ground, beaches, parks, and anywhere they want to. Support this bill. It would benefit everyone, not just me. Sherry Ann Pardee, Phelan CA

We can no longer recycle plastic easily, if at all, which means it goes into the earth, somewhere, & will be there for an unknown period of time!! Support this bill for new/better options for shopping. Liz Redwing, Pine Mountain Club CA

The bill would reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean that fish and other mammals ingest. I believe the bill H.R. 5845 and S.3263 will help. It would help if there are other alternatives to plastic straws, cups and styrofoam that I am able to find a restaurants and stores so I would not have to use plastic that is going to urt the environment and oceans. Carol McMahon, Placerville CA

Plastic is killing marine life and clogging the Pacific and all oceans. Support this bill.  Fulfill my own recycling of plastic ideals. Malc Moore, Portola CA

Our rivers, streams, lakes and oceans are life lines not only for people but the animal kingdom as well. Support this bill. My grandchildren would inherit a better future. Janet Larson, Potter Valley CA

For the health and well being of the planet! We need to clean up this HUGE mess that we have made. Much of the wildlife including plant life has been hugely compromised. If we want our planet to return to health, we must do all we can to help clean it up! Support this bill for cleaner air, water and soil.
Barbara Sawicki, Redding CA

Our planet is inundated with single-use plastic…we have no place to put it. Support this bill.  Tami Phelps, Redding CA

Plastic doesn’t break down it kills fish and mammals in the ocean and on land and tiny particles of plastic make there way into humans.  Not only is it poisonous to individuals but a breakdown of the whole ecosystem puts the whole human race at risk. Support this bill. It will help me also to be able to find food items in the store that are plastic free and keep our whole ecosystem healthy.
Margaret Rogers, Redwood City CA

Way too much plastic is ending up in our bodies and that of other living things, harming and killing far too many. This act would protect the health of those I love and maximize all that is valuable in experiences of ocean, mountains, rivers, streams, valleys and deserts across our land. JL Angell, Rescue CA

It’s important to reduce plastic pollution so that we can set a great example for future generations! Support this bill. It would benefit me greatly because it would make sure that the material is properly recycled. Carlos Nunez, Reseda CA

The Break Free from Plastics bill would be a significant measure to reduce the production and proliferation of disposable plastics that are causing incredible harm, not just to the oceanic environment, but systems-wide. At a time when our environment is taking multiple debilitating hits, this could significantly improve quality of life and health. Support this bill. This could be one measure that could improve health and quality of life, as well as cut rising costs of seafood and other related necessities that are adversely effected by the increasing load of disintegrating and obstructing plastics in waterways and oceans. Bruce Wismer, Richmond CA

It is foolish how much damage has been done to our environment in the last 50 years, for convenience. Let’s clean up our world. 
Brenda Hoffman, Rio Dell CA

While growing up my parents myself and my four siblings camped and hiked throughout California. We also spent a great deal of time at our local beaches. About 15 years ago I was with my daughter and my two grandchildren when we saw two beached sea lions. One was close to the water while the other was further up. This one was in quite a bit of distress fishing line had been entangled around its entire body and you could see it was more than likely dying. We have a wonderful Marine Life Rescue Team here in Southern California while the lifeguards were awaiting the team they were standing by the two seals.  I have always had deep respect for our earth and it’s ethereal wild life this so heartbreaking for me and when I see the way humans continue to dishonor each of these I get so angry. Support this bill. It would help me to know that in some small way I’ve contributed to this cause by caring. Kathleen Tyson, Riverside CA

While growing up, my parents, myself and my four siblings camped throughout the U.S, Yellowstone and beheld The Ethereal Grand Canyon. We were taught to respect all manner of life I’m now 70 and those lessons have remained with me all these years. I belong to a website called Free The Ocean. I daily answer a trivia whether I answer correctly or not I am able to have one piece of plastic removed from the ever encroaching plastic that is filling our beautiful waters. Support this bill. It would give  me hope for not only my children and grandchildren but generations to come. Kathleen Tyson, Riverside CA

Plastic is the pollution that keeps on giving…death, poison, death, tragic entrapments – death…kills baby birds, kills turtles, seals, sea lions, whales…it’s found 8000′ at the bottom of the freaking ocean for heaven’s sakes. We need to STOP making it. If it doesn’t biodegrade, it doesn’t come out. Support this bill. For no more figuring out which plastic to recycle – it all would recycle…no more watching baby birds die, seals trapped, turtles trapped or starved to death by plastic, whales & dolphins washing up dead….we should NOT have to see any of that happening…it shouldn’t BE happening. Vicki Perizzolo, Riverside CA

When I go to the beach in search of driftwood for art projects, I see lots of flip flop bits, and other garbage. Not only unsightly, but I worry about the seagulls eating this, as are other marine animals. 
Gloria Hafner, Rohnert Park CA

Plastic is systemtacically destroying the ecosystem and the planet as a whole. Support this bill. It would provide me with alternatives to plastic. Lisa Steele, Roseville CA

Plastic doesn’t biodegrade but instead breaks down into microscopic particles that are showing up everywhere.  We don’t know the health impacts of this on us or other species, but it can’t be good since plastic is made from toxic fossil fuels and other toxic chemicals. Plastic is killing vast numbers of wildlife contributing to the extinction crisis.  We are drowning in plastic litter.  We don’t have safe ways to dispose of it.  It is also helping to drive demand for fossil fuels at a time of climate crisis.  We need a solution.  Please vote for the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act I am sick and tired of seeing plastic litter everywhere – even hanging from tree branches.  I am sick for the wildlife that consume it or get caught in it and die horrible deaths.  I want an end to all fossil fuel extraction and that won’t happen as long as the criminal fossil fuel industry can keep manufacturing plastic. Karen Jacques, Sacramento CA

Plastic is polluting and harming life on every level and we must take action to stop this immediately. Support this bill. I would be able to buy better, more sustainably packaged foods and products, and feel better about the choices available to the general public! Ashley Lewis, San Anselmo CA

SAVE LIVES! SAVE LIVES! Plastic pollution KILLS!!! Eliminate plastics. C S, San Diego CA

We do not own the seas! We must give them back to the creatures who inhabit them, clean and livable.  Simone Butler, San Diego CA

We can’t go on this way. We’re killing our sea, river, and land wildlife and ourselves. I want to see all the plastic I have to use replaced by environmentally friendly — sustainable, compostable and non-toxic — packaging. Alice Polesky, San Francisco CA

We can no longer afford to sacrifice the health of our oceans, our land, our wildlife and our own health, for the convenience of plastic. We have the technology to do better. I use. Alice Polesky, San Francisco CA

Plastics are ruining the health of our oceans where human beings fish, etc. Clean it from the oceans. Support this bill. It will improve the condition of our oceans which sustain our lives. It would reduce the amount of plastic going into our oceans and landfills.  J. Barry Gurdin, San Francisco CA

We are overrun with plastic and it is our responsibility to lessen the burden on our planet.  I feel it core level important for companies that use plastic to house their products to look aggressively for biodegradable options.  Before plastic, we had many, and it’s time to revert.  So many products should be altered, especially personal care items.  In addition, in grocery stores, all the shell packaging used for individual servings is not necessary.  We need to take responsibility for active change. I already do not purchase items that use plastic if I can at all avoid it, and I do regularly. Support this bill. The benefit is for the greater good. It will improve the health of our planet, which will improve the quality of life for all people and wildlife that call this planet home.  One area of focus:  GIVE OUR OCEANS A BREAK! Janet Monfredini, San Francisco CA

It is outrageous we use plastic for so many applications when biodegradable and recyclable materials can be used instead.  Is not the condition of our oceans and polluted land reason enough to forge ahead? Support this bill. It benefits the planet which benefits us all.  We MUST have a strategic and longer term view of the impact of decisions we make today. Janet Monfredini, San Francisco CA

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of disposable, wasteful products in the United States. Less plastic production will use less fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas. Less manufacturing of these single-use and disposable products will decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major driver of climate change. Stop putting profits over wildlife and climate change. Jill B., San Francisco CA

Plastic pollutes, it chokes, it kills marine life, it prevents swimming by human beings, and it lasts for scores and scores of years.  By the way, it’s ugly, also. Support this bill. It would make planet earth more habitable. John Deforest, San Francisco CA

Plastic is in our food, it’s in our bodies. It was never meant to be part of our bodies. It’s killing fish. Guess what else? At 76? Michael Kemper, San Francisco CA

Because it is ruining the ocean, killing ocean animals, and the oceanic food chain. Support this bill. It will help clean up the ocean and improve the ocean environment. Rcindy Navarro, San Francisco CA

There is so much plastic in the ocean, it out masses the fish in the ocean.  There is so much plastic in the air, and in all our water, that we’re eating a credit card’s worth of plastic a week.  There’s so much plastic in the environment that it’s broken down to nano size particles and now can pass the cellular membrane barrier, the blood-brain barrier, and get into our DNA.  There is so much plastic around that it kills on every size scale imaginable and is acting like a chemical we all swim in.  And it’s all of it toxic. Endocrine disruptors.  Carcinogens.  Mutagens.  Toxic heavy metal carriers.  There’s an enormous advantage to removing these things from our blood streams, our water streams, and our lives. Ellen Koivisto, San Francisco CA

Because plastic is toxic, it is ubiquitous, it doesn’t degrade but it does break down small enough to pass inside cells, and it kills at every size and in every amount. Support this bill.  To not be poisoned by eating, drinking, breathing, and being awash in plastic would be good. Ellen Koivisto, San Francisco CA

Plastic is hurting wildlife, which hurts us, too. It’s an environmental disaster and is destroying everything. Support this bill. The sooner we can do this, the better.  K R, San Francisco CA

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of plastic products in the United States. Please support this bill and protect our environment from harmful plastics.  Karen Kirschling, San Francisco CA

Passing this bill would decrease the pollution of our waters and sea animals, it would decrease our exposure to petrochemicals, and it would decrease greenhouse gas emissions, slowing climate change. 
Carolyn Shuman, San Francisco CA

Plastic pollution is killing our marine life and destroying our oceans. We need to clean up the plastic pollution before it’s too late! The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act would start the conversation and begin the acts necessary to save the oceans. I think that that’s something that everyone could benefit from. Rene McIntyre, San Francisco CA

We need cleaner oceans to provide both jobs and food for all of us.  We cannot continue throwing away plastics even during the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are alternatives and we need to work on replacing all non compostable plastic.  Stephen Bartlett-Ré, San Francisco CA

The oxygenating of rivers and keeping the oceans unpolluted is vital to the food chain and our species. To not protect is tantamount to destroying ourselves. We need to be vigilant about protecting all forms of life. Support this bill to help keep our species alive. Roger Woodward, San Francisco CA

Plastic is killing wildlife and poisoning us! I watch water birds eating it and see the death of them as well as carcasses of fish and whales on my beach. Support this bill. I can only begin to imagine what I cannot see! I could rejoice in life and in fullness of life for other creatures and the planet. I could celebrate freedom from harm. Gertrude Nuttman, San Francisco CA

There is no planet B. Support this bill. I might live a longer and healthier life. John Oda, San Francisco CA

Mother Earth is under great threats from all corners of the world. Plastic pollution is one on the gravest dangers. At the same time, it is one of threats that can be stopped. All that it takes is for us caretakers of God’s creation to care enough about the gifts we’ve been given. Support this bill. At eighty-three years of age, I worry about the world that I am bequeathing to my children, grandchildren and subsequent heirs. Stan Fitzgerald, San Jose CA

Products made from dead dinosaurs are killing the planet. Plastics are killing our oceans, clogging our rivers & streams, destroying many animals. Support this bill. Make our world more beautiful.
Nona Weiner, San Jose CA

Animals are ingesting plastic products & being caught in plastic nets. Support this bill for less suffering in the animal world & less greenhouse gases used to make the plastic. Claire Flewitt, San Leandro CA

Plastic pollution is choking our oceans, killing and poisoning marine life, and poisoning our water supply with toxin laden micro plastics. Single-use plastic must be banned. Support this bill. It will benefit the entire planet and all of us who live on it. Lori Kegler, San Pedro CA

Plastic is strangling our oceans, killing animals in huge, choking tangles of death, and blocking sunlight from the phytoplankton that produces 70% of our oxygen. Micro plastics are filling our drinking water with toxins, and imperiling the health of all life on earth. Support this bill. It will stop killing animals and filling our water with poison. Lori Kegler, San Pedro CA

We are killing our selves, our planet and all that calls this place home.  If we do not reduce our plastic pollution we will likely see mass extinctions and unnecessary illness, disease and death as a result. I inhabit this earth! Jennifer Grasso, San Pedro CA

As much as plastic is a convenience, it is also deadly to animals. It is long lasting and floats through our oceans, creating islands of toxicity. And our beaches and waterways collect tons of it. It’s a disgrace, we have to limit it to essentials like buckets and cars, but have to ban single use of it.  Andreya Marks, Santa Barbara CA

One of my big pet peeves is single-use plastic bags. I think it’s one of the stupidest ideas in the world.  I hate plastic bottles. Just think about it before you buy one. We pay more for a gallon of water than we do for a gallon of gas. I think people will realize that water quality standards in most municipalities are as good or better for the stuff coming out of the tap than bottled water companies. You’ll save money and save the environment, too. Philippe Cousteau, Jr., Santa Barbara CA

First, plastic is derived from petroleum.  There are more sustainable ways to make the products we use.  Second, and more importantly, plastic is forever!  It ultimately breaks down, but has been found in minute particles in nearly every marine animal’s body, and is causing life-threatening hazards to all marine mammals and fish. Production of plastic is based on human convenience. Support this bill. It is time Humanity broke away from its selfishness and considered the health and well-being of the rest of the planet’s millions of living species. I enjoy sharing the planet with all other living organisms.  If taking my own life meant the planet would be free of plastics I would willingly take that step.
Bob Cunningham, Santa Barbara CA

We need to protect our ocean life from accidentally ingesting plastics. It is shameful that in some locations on our planet, there is so  much plastic in the ocean it looks like masses of “plastic” seaweed washing up on the shore. Time to stop polluting our oceans.   Also: It is disheartening that every time I walk local beaches here in Central California, I am picking up plastic bits, plastic straws, plastic bottle caps, etc. All we should be finding on our beaches is seashells, crustaceans,  shorebirds, seaweed, sand fleas, and other such made-in-nature entities. NO PLASTIC. Since I do not eat any meat, shellfish, fish, etc. I am not in danger of eating animals which are tainted by having ingested plastics. However, I would LOVE to take beachwalks and not have to pick up plastic on our local beaches. Lisa Ann Kelly and Family, Santa Barbara CA

Plastic pollution is not only deleterious to pelagic seabirds & marine mammals but it is unsightly and inexcusable. As such, it should be replaced by biodegradable substances, recycled, and/or banned. Support this bill. It wouldn’t force me to feel guilty about not picking up all the discarded plastic I come across in the outdoors. David Walker, Santa Barbara CA

Reducing plastic pollution will safeguard our oceans and all marine life and coral. It will safeguard humanity since we are finding microplastic in our bodies, in our food, and in our oceans. If we pass this bill, it will reduce the plastic pollution that covers many of our beaches worldwide, will use less fossil fuels and decrease greenhouse gases.  It is very important to me that you please sign on and co-sponsor the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 listed above. I will be able to see seals, otters and dolphins again along our ocean here in Santa Cruz. I haven’t seen any marine life here for a long time. Several years ago, every single day you could always see otters, seals, and even dolphins and whales.  There are so many videos of rescues of whales and turtles entangled in plastic nets, and so many more have been killed by mistaking plastic for food in the ocean. I will know that our Congressmen and women care about humanity and marine life and the health of our oceans by taking this step. Thank you. Beverly Jennings, Santa Cruz CA

Plastics increase the push to drill for oil,thus increasing global warming with all its lethal effects on the planet’s ecosystems and all living creatures, plastics pollute land and terrestrial and marine waters, and kill terrestrial and marine wildlife, endangering our food supply and other life support systems. Passage of this bill will mean I’ll have cleaner water, more abundant and healthy foods, and a more beautiful environment, as well as the satisfaction of knowing the future of our descendants is more secure. Carol Long, Santa Cruz CA

Plastic pollution kills wildlife and habitat. Support this bill. It would lessen the amount of plastic pollution and there would be less plastic trash for me to pick up along walks. Russell Weisz, Santa Cruz CA

Plastic is non-biodegradable. I ask for paper bags or reuse plastic bags. Daniel Rosenthal, Santa Monica CA

We need to improve the quality of our land and the heath of our wildlife. This bill will stop us from using more plastic. Support it.
E Zuniga, Santa Monica CA

After this virus we will be inundated with plastic, it scares me to death. Support this bill.  I won’t buy plastic or use bags I reuse it all. Janet Heinle, Santa Monica CA

The harm to our wildlife, to our environment, it is too much and it has to stop!! Just look at the Monster Garbage Patches we have in the Pacific Ocean!  How many marine animals die because of plastic?  Support this bill. Have a Heart and let’s start changing things!! We grew up without all this plastic, we can do it again!! Passing this bill will mean living in a cleaner, healthier World!! Mary Rojeski, Santa Monica CA

Animals are dying from toxic plastic. Animals dying do affect our delicate ecosystem and threaten our own existence on this planet. Support this bill. Passing this bill would mean cleaner waters, less death to the animals and less pollution to planet. Jennifer-Lynn Jankesh, Santa Monica CA

Plastic is killing this Earth. By the way they’re consuming plastic these days, we’re not in a good place. 
Janet Heinle, Santa Monica CA

This has got to stop!!  We are killing our planet, wildlife and environment with plastic. Support this bill. I would be able to enjoy nature again if we pass this Act. Molly Huddleston, Santa Rosa CA

Plastic pollution is a growing problem worldwide.  It is choking our landfills and fouling our oceans, rivers, streams and beaches.  It is being consumed by practically every animal and fish on earth, so has made its way into the food chain, meaning we’re all eating it.  This has got to stop. Support this bill. Passing this bill would mean cleaner waters, cleaner shorelines, and cleaner food.  Healthier ecosystems worldwide. Evan Jane Kriss, Sausalito CA

Plastic pollution is killing our world – please take immediate steps to massively reduce plastic production and use now!!! Ban plastic in favor of environmentally friendly products. C S, San Diego CA

The amount of plastic people use is unnecessary and killing ocean life. Support this bill. I appreciate life on earth and want this bill to be passed. Ann Glenn, Sebastopol CA

Please stop making plastic products now. We recycle all we can, but worldwide that is a very small amount.  Just stop plastic production. Thank you.
Marilyn E Pettenger, Seiad Valley CA

By supporting the bill, you would take part in protecting and improving the quality of our land and waterways, as well as the health of wildlife and ourselves. Same as it benefits everyone else – by helping to preserve the planet to some degree for later generations. Mr Shaw, Sierra Madre CA

Simply put, we, humans, have broken our contract with animals and Earth. Earth and the animals of Earth should not have to pay for the irresponsible, selfish interactions of humans. Please stop, reassess, and start anew. Support this bill.  Every day I am saddened by the plastic waste I see – on the street, in parking lots, on nature trails, at the beach. It truly hurts my free-spirit. And, it’s such a simple thing to remedy that it frustrates me as to why it has been allowed to become the monster it is. I think many people (people who may not even realize it) would simply feel more happiness if the world around them was free of plastics and plastic waste and the greenery of Earth would shine through. Maria Lo Tempio, Signal Hill CA

Pass this bill so that the animals are not harmed. Susan Ciaramella, South Lake Tahoe CA

We have to do something about it. We have to beat plastic pollution. I’ve given up plastic and you should too. All you have to do is replace it with something reusable – like this canvas bag. When they say ‘paper or plastic’ at a grocery store, you say neither ‘coz you got your own bag. Ed Begley, Jr., Studio City CA

Every species is negatively impacted by plastic.  Our planet cannot wait another moment. I live near the Pacific ocean and long to enjoy clean the beaches every day. The tiniest pieces of plastic are nearly impossible to cope with.  I am privileged to be able to observe sea mammals and sea birds living free in the ocean yet so concerned that they are feasting unknowingly on plastic. Robin Van Tassell, Summerland CA

Plastic is killing our oceans. Support this bill. This act might not personally benefit me, but that’s not the point. It’ll benefit others. Gerald Shaia, Sun Valley CAEverything is choking on plastic. E P, Talmage CA

Plastics are destroying our oceans and the wild creatures that inhabit them. We all have to work to stop the killing and the destruction. Like every other person on the planet I would benefit from having clean oceans and from conserving the wild creatures that live there. Cutting plastic pollution will enrich our environment and make it safer for humans and animals. It is way past time to stop this destruction. Gail Roberts, Tecate CA

Plastics damage life in the ocean. How many whales, dolphins, turtles, etc. are found dead on the beach full of plastic? Humans seem to be the only species not cleaning up after ourselves. Everyone has micro-plastics in their system. I now make my own salt from companies that clean out the very small particles and use no heavy metals in their product. I carry my own shopping bags and try never to use plastic bags, but I have many things that are delivered in plastic-salads, fruit, yogurt, so many things. I know because I am constantly taking them to recycling centeres, but I am told that many times these are not recycled! Support this bill. In the future I can figure out where and how to buy things in bulk and store them in my glass containers. Lynne Latham, Tehachapi CA

I am very concerned about the effects of climate change, with rising sea levels flooding large areas.  I am concerned about the single use plastics polluting our environment and leading to the destruction of animal species. We need to very much lessen our use of fossil fuels.  We have got to go green and stop this wasteful living that is making just a few abundantly wealthy! With passage of the Break Free from Plastic Pollution bill I will feel better knowing that we are making plenty of jobs in the solar and wind market.  I will be ecstatic about our ability to clean up our oceans and help endangered animals to make comebacks.  Now when I walk through grocery stores, all I see are plastic packages of everything imaginable, and children do not even know that vegetables and fruits grow on plants and vines and trees. Holly Hall, Temecula CA

As a marine biologist, I am amazed that our government has not yet taken huge steps to stop plastic pollution into our oceans and landfills and other environments. The deepest sea trenches now have newly discovered species with plastic in their stomachs. We MUST stop this pollution, stop fouling our nest, stop killing ourselves and all creatures! NOW. All fish now are polluted with plastic, those that we eat! We need unpolluted environments in order to support our fisheries. Ban single use plastics nationwide—NOW. Cynthia Lewis, Templeton CA

The simple fact is that plastic does not go away, and that it is needlessly used on, and for, so many things, means that we’re simply not thinking, or watching, as communities.  This can easily change for the better, with jobs, creation, innovation and better communities and ecosystems along the way. The Act would put more emphasis on avoidance and Alternative uses or materials.  Of course it would help everyone with better waters, health, ecosystems, farming, fishing, tourism and much more. Why hesitate? Support the bill. Doug Woodring, Tiburon CA

We have to stop trashing our planet & others food supply. I live on the west coast & see the damage plastic has done to our beaches. Ellen Segal, Toluca Lake CA

Plastic is killing marine life. It is destroying beaches. It is toxic. It is ugly. We need a healthy ocean for a healthy planet. I clean trash off of Topanga Canyon Blvd. With about ten like-minded Topangans at 7am for three hours each Sunday. Support this bill. With this bill passed, I could sleep in! Beth Goode, Topanga CA

Plastic pollution is COVID-19 to ocean life!  Douglas McCormick, Trabuco Canyon CA

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution bill would significantly reduce the production of disposable, wasteful products in the United States. By supporting the bill, you would take part in protecting and improving the quality of our land and waterways, as well as the health of wildlife and ourselves.  Jorge De Cecco, Ukiah CA

Plastic is filling our oceans, landfills & it doesn’t break down. I shop as plastic-free as I can and use reusable bags for my produce & groceries. Lorraine Lowry, Vacaville CA

We are severely polluting the oceans and other waters of the world with the plastics we discard unthinkingly. This must stop ASAP. Polluting the world the Lord gave us as carelessly as we do seems to be terribly disrespectful to me and offends me accordingly. Will Ozier, Vacaville CA

It harms/kills precious vital marine life and is toxic to the oceans which can’t purify the air anymore like they were designed to do because of plastic, trash and pollutants.  Coral reefs are bleaching and toxic algae/red tides forming. Please act for the peace of mind that marine Wildlife is being helped; not harmed. Nikki Nafziger, Vallejo CA

We are filling our oceans and rivers with pollution and are contaminating our precious water resources, slowly killing viable food sources.  What are we going to eat when we can’t grow food on land, and nothing from the sea is safe to eat either – or dead already? Support the plastic pollution bill. This bill would bring the peace of mind that our rivers will be free of pollution, sea creatures more safe and viable, and hopefully the ocean will stop increasing temperature so fast. I fly over Greenland all the time, and it is shocking how much less ice there is than even 10 years ago that can be seen by the naked eye. Robin Tatman, Vallejo CA

Plastic is destroying our oceans and is significantly worsening climate change. Plastic production is unsustainable and its continued production is untenable. Support this bill. The bill will help save the planet from the destructive effects of climate change, and thus, will help everyone! Dana Lubin, Valley Village CA

Plastic pollution kills living things. Support this bill. I do not want to die from plastic pollution. Bruce Fleming, Van Nuys CA

As a photographer & environmentalist, I have seen first hand how devastating plastic pollution is around the globe. I have also witnessed first hand how grassroots movements in conjunction with legislation can create waves of change – namely in Bali with their single-use plastic ban. Enacting a reduction in single-use plastics is a WIN WIN WIN! Not only is it better for our animals & planet, it’s also better for human health (since people ingest 70,000+ microplastics each year) and helps increase tourism to coastal environments boosting local economies. The plastic pollution ban is the right thing to do, and we can do this together. Passing this bill would keep my beaches cleaner from plastic debris, so I enjoy surfing with my close-knit community more! Meg Haywood Sullivan, Venice CA

Pass this bill for my son!!!!  Douglas Elliott, Vista CA

Plastics last forever it NEVER completely breaks down. We’re finding micro-plastics in deep sea micro life with a relative size akin to having a rope in our stomachs. On top of this, wildlife chokes on it and we end up ingesting it.  Support this bill; it will benefit all people. Constantine Bogios, Walnut Creek CA

Passing the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act is important for the sustainability of our planet. Support this bill. It will benefit both people and wildlife. Barbara Greenwood, Walnut Creek CA

There’s way too much plastic. Please act for less plastic pollution. Thank you.  Betty Banham, Willits CA

Reducing plastic is important because it ends up in rivers, soils, oceans, and the beings that inhabit these, including us. By passing this bill, I believe it would mostly benefit me by reducing stress.  I grieve and worry about the health of the planet. Myphon Hunt, Yuba City CA

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  1. Gertrude Nuttman, San Francisco CA

    The way we produce and use plastic has to change. It kills animals of all sizes, has entered our food chain, is harming our waters and soils as well as our air. This has to end or we will end our planet as we know it. We have already done irreparable damage. Pass this bill and begin a positive change.

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