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“Dr. Rob Moir is passionate about saving the ocean by helping dolphins suffering from nitrogen pollution. Nitrogen is a dangerous pollutant affecting our oceans, altering ocean ecosystems and contributing to global warming.”

– Actress and Jazz Singer Christine Larkin

“I love the work of the Ocean River Institute, it is valued in more ways than one. It is comforting to know this organization exists, and it is necessary for it to be supported by all!!!”

– Deborah Cosio, Colorado Springs, CO

“We are grateful for the excellent work you do to protect our waterways!”

– Laura Schlegal and family, Chicago, IL

“ORI is a vital organization in the fight for healthy oceans and marine wildlife. Continue your outstanding leadership”

– Tim Duda, San Antonio, TX

“The Ocean River Institute consistently strives to preserve all the water resources on our planet; and to teach us all how to assist in this.”

– Gloria Clements, Macon, GA

“ORI is imperative to the continuing existence of our planet’s numerous and varied animals. Without this total commitment and determination, future generations would be denied the absolutely beautiful and wonderful experiences of life at its best. ORI is to be commended for all that they do.”

-Andrea Roland, Amboy, IL

“I totally support the work of the ORI and their efforts to restore the water quality of the Westfield River and its tributaries, to improve the environment of this river system in order to better sustain the wildlife it supports.”

-Jeffrey Mirate, Prairie Du Sac, WI