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Chasing Waterfalls

I recently returned from a research sail through the Denmark Straits and I couldn’t be more in awe of mother nature. We sailed aboard the gaft-rigged ketch Tecla out of Isafjordur, Iceland, bound for Greenland. We were thirteen women and men on a hundred-foot steel-hulled sailing vessel. As we cleared the steep-sided fjord and sailed…

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Cleaning the waters of Martha’s Vineyard and making waves with Conservation Commissions

In July, we took ORI’s Clean Water and Healthier Lawns Campaign to Martha’s Vineyard. ORI’s summer intern Jessie McIsaac led the initiative because of her multi-generational ties to the island. Morgan Berman, the other ORI summer intern, assisted Jessie both in the office and on the Vineyard. Nitrogen pollution has long been an issue for…

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Metacoment Pond turns to bacterial stew – swimmers should not dive in

Metacomet Pond in Belchertown, MA, is experiencing a massive algal bloom which has transformed the beloved swimming hole into a bacterial stew. The recent heatwave has warmed the water to 85 degrees fahrenheit, and the recent lack of rainfall has kept the pond stagnant. These factors, combined with excess nutrient runoff from nearby wastewater treatment…

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