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Save Atlantic Deep Sea Corals

This redfish and other fish benefit from deep-sea coral reefs in the North Atlantic that are threatened by trawling. Photo: Science AAAS Tell the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Council to Protect Deep-Sea Corals This month (January 2015) the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council will decide whether and to what extent to protect deep sea corals.  The New England…

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A No Groundfish Take Area in the Stellwagen Dedicated Habitat Research Area

UPDATE:  The preferred alternative Option B will establish Stellwagen Designated Research Area (DHRA)  entirely within the Western Gulf of Maine Closure Area. 55 sq. mi. about a fifth of the DHRA to become the Northern Reference  Area (no-take). 0% private recreational fishermen reported in 2010 & 2012 fishing in the Northern Reference Area 29 is…

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Fifth Indian River Lagoon County Stops Nitrogen Pollution


The Volusia County Council has adopted a countywide fertilizer ordinance to protect water quality in the county’s springs, lakes and rivers, including the Indian River Lagoon – the full watershed. Volusia County followed Brevard County (2014), followed St. Lucie County (2014), followed Indian River (2013) and Martin County (2011).  All counties of Indian River Lagoon…

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