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How to Track and Manage Micro-Pests Beneath the Water Surface by Judith Gallova

As if the ocean wasn’t scary enough, some of its dangerous inhabitants lurk unseen beneath the surface. And they’re not only limited to oceans but also rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water. Micro-pests have a significant impact on other water creatures as well as humans, sometimes causing serious illnesses. Here’s how micro-pests are tracked…

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Peabody Peak Capacity Generator Need Not Burn Fossil Fuels

Something is fishy off Pulaski Street by the Waters River in Peabody, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC) plans to build a fossil fuel-powered 55-megawatt generator. The peak capacity generator would operate about 239 hours a year to meet the surge capacity energy needs of fourteen power plants. This makes no sense when…

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Hope for the bees

There is hope for the bees when there’s clover in the lawn. Researchers discovered that lawns in Springfield Massachusetts when cut every three weeks instead of weekly resulted in as many as 2.5 times more lawn flowers, mostly clover and dandelions, and a great diversity of 93 species of bees. Thursday, May 20th is the…

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