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The Top 12 Reasons for More Emerald Bracelets in Our Towns

The Top 12 Reasons for Not Spreading Quick-Release Fertilizer on Lawns Improved wildlife habitat (more clover) Mycorrhizal fungi networks capture more carbon 94 species of bees found in natural lawns cut every two weeks, no watering (hits bees) Natural lawns have greater biodiversity Stop nutrient runoff pollution (don’t feed harmful algal blooms) Save Money (save…

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Right whale swimming and blowing two puffs of vapor in a V shape.

Rescue Right Whales from Entanglements with the SAFE SEAS Act

Lobstermen and consumers should not have to cover the costs of new trap lines to rescue right whales from potential entanglements. Right Whales are a national treasure, pride of New Englanders, and sometimes companions of boaters and beach goers. The Stewarding Atlantic Fisheries Ecosystems by Supporting Economic Assistance and Sustainability (SAFE SEAS) Act of 2022…

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Right Whale Resources for Kids Information Right whale facts for kids North Atlantic right whale facts for kids Whales: Right Whales National Geographic: Right Whales Facts About Right Whales   Animal Bio: North Atlantic Right Whale NOAA: North Atlantic Right Whale   Activities & Educational Resources NARW Educational Activities    Educational Resources from FAU: Right Whales    Year of…

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People onc church steps holding Climate Justice signs while a band plays.

11th Hour Calling for Climate Justice

Church bells are rung to raise the alarm for local communities. The recent “code red” report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an alarm call for us all.  We’ll toll the church bell for eleven minutes on the eleventh day of each month as a symbol of warning. Now is the eleventh…

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Act for Clean Electricity in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Clean Energy bill (H.3288/S.2136) is to transition to 100% energy for electricity by 2035 and 100% clean energy for the building and transportation sectors by 2045. This should be an easy-reach standard for Massachusetts utilities to move away from fossil fuels for generating electricity because 20% by 2035 can still be the burning…

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Green Teams

Join A Team  Competing in the Natural Lawns for Healthy Soils Challenge are: Watershed Teams Winning watershed teams are those with the highest percentage of households pledging natural lawns, to not put quick release fertilizer or harsh chemicals on established lawns. Taunton River Watershed Team Neponset River Watershed Team Charles River Watershed Team Mystic River…

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Jerry's Pond Cambridge w geese

30% Conserved or Restored by 2030

Finally, we have a president who cares about conservation. The Biden Administration has laid out a bold vision to conserve and restore 30% of our nation’s land and waters by 2030. Biden’s “America the Beautiful” plan sets the first-ever national conservation goal. And not a moment too soon. Our nation’s pollinators and critical ecosystems are…

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