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People onc church steps holding Climate Justice signs while a band plays.
11th Hour Calling for Climate Justice
The recent IPCC report is reason to sound alarms and strike the bell.
People onc church steps holding Climate Justice signs while a band plays.

Church bells are rung to raise the alarm for local communities. The recent “code red” report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an alarm call for us all.  We’ll toll the church bell for eleven minutes on the eleventh day of each month as a symbol of warning.

Now is the eleventh hour for action. It is also a time of hope and opportunity to tread more gently, emit less greenhouse gasses, draw down and store more greenhouse gasses, restore our water cycles, and care more for those already adversely affected by climate change, especially in the economically poorest neighborhoods.

The Boston Area Brigade of Activist Musicians (BABAM) will muster at Old Cambridge Baptist Church at 6 pm and march down Mass Ave, around the Harvard Square Kiosk, to First Parish Church.

Sound the alarm. Be noticed. Hold up a sign to passing traffic. Join with others who care about the climate emergency, environmental justice, and responsible municipal/state legislation.  For more information please contact Rob Moir at info@oceanriver.org

6-6:30 p.m. On the 11th of each month.

First Parish Church, 1446 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Round up, give change to slow climate change

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