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Nightmare in the British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands Disaster
Court says BVI Fisheries Protected Area Law Can Not Stop Developers from Building onto Fish Nurseries
Nightmare in the British Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands Environmental Council’s worst nightmare happened on August  12, 2011 when the Court ruled that Hans Creek Fisheries Protected Area, a mangrove shored fish nursery with fringing coral reefs and turtle grass on the west side of Beef Island, does not have legal standing to stop unregulated developers from building into the area.  Islanders came together to form VIEC to protect this marine area plus Trellis Bay and the five salt ponds of Beef Island from their government’s urging (permitting) of over-sized developments for political gains.  When faced with unexpected costs of having to fly in and host barristers from London to defend their natural resources, “nature’s little secrets,” VIEC asked for assistance from the Ocean River Institute.  Now we must rally once more with your letters and personal comments.  Tell the BVI Premier to respect the spirit of the law calling for a fisheries protected area. Tell the BVI Premier to save the fish nurseries, turtle grass beds, coral reefs, mangroves and the five salt ponds of Beef Island.

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