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Cohasset Healthy Lawns

Cohasset Lawns for Climate Conservation

Your lawn will absorb more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and pump it , in liquid form, directly into your lawn’s soil when slow-release fertilizer is applied modestly in only the fall and spring.  

Save money and help restore soil ecosystems in your own backyards by not applying quick-release fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides on your lawn. 

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Why slow-release fertilizer?

  • Slow- release fertilizer allows your lawn to maintain a healthy soil ecosystem throughout the seasons. 
  • The nitrogen covered balls only release the nitrogen when the soil is moist, thus allowing the soil to absorb the correct amount, rather than becoming over- saturated. 
  • With the soil becoming healthier, it can absorb more nutrients, and prevent any run- off of harmful substances into your local water sources. 
  • Helps reduce lawn maintenance costs, because if not all eleven layers of the nitrogen balls were dissolved, then they are preserved for the following season. 

What can you use to remove weeds, without the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides?

Use a natural pesticide. 

Mix a gallon of white vinegar, one cup of salt, and one tablespoon of dish soap. 

Put in a squirt bottle and begin spraying at the base and surroundings of the weeds. 

Why let your lawn go natural, not industrial? 

  • It allows the soil to capture more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  
  • The more organic matter, the increase of healthy bacteria and microbial bridges to fix nitrogen and carbon dioxide. 
  • The more naturally functioning the soil ecosystem becomes, the more resilient it will be to invasive, destructive bugs. 
  • Fast- release fertilizer, Half and half release fertilizer, and Round- Up, all cost more, cause more damage for long- term lawn function, and forces you to purchase four times the amount of product to make the lawn appear as healthy as a natural lawn. 

What are the benefits of a healthy, natural lawn? 

  • With deeper grass roots and healthy soil ecosystems, your lawn will be able to absorb almost six times the amount of rain water, thus it will become more resilient to extreme weather events. 
  • Chemical runoffs into water sources and waterways will mitigate significantly. 
  • With a constant healthy, moist soil ecosystem, there will be a decrease in atmospheric haze, dust particles, which cause asthma and other breathing issues.
  • There will be a greater presence of wildlife and bees pollinating, allowing for beautiful gardens. 
  • The lawn will look great, fuller, more vibrant. 

Please join us in making the pledge to help mitigate climate change from your own backyards. The more lawns with slow- release fertilizer, the more lawns are forming healthy, natural soil ecosystems below. 

Without the chemicals, your lawn can look just as lush and green as your local golf course. 

Join our healthy lawn campaign


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