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Lawns for Climate Restoration Challenge
Without quick-release fertilizer, lawns are healthier with more growth capturing more carbon to slow the Climate Crisis.

The Challenge

Team up to stop the use of quick-release fertilizer on lawns


Win Prize Money

The Ocean River Institute will award three prizes: $1,000 First Place, $500 Second Place, and $250 Third Place to town teams with the highest percentage of homeowners pledging NOT to use quick-release fertilizer on established lawns.

Capture Carbon to Achieve Net Zero Emissions

With the Massachusetts Senate approving “net zero” carbon emissions limit for the year 2050 on Thursday, January 30, 2020, it is time to step up capturing more carbon with photosynthesis and sequestering more carbon in healthier soils, microbes, and plants.

Why Stop Using Quick-release Fertilizer?
What is Slow-release Fertilizer? (Click here for more information and videos) 


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Why Abstaining from Lawn Fertilizer Can Save Your Lawn, Your Home, and Help Fight Climate Change‍

Top Twelve Reasons Not to Spread Quick-release fertilizer

Healthy lawns and soils fun facts


Rob and Kaity talk about how your team can gather pledges to win the prize.



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