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Glastonbury Lawns for Climate Restoration
Glastonbury Lawns for Climate Restoration

Save your money and fight climate change by not using any quick-release fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on your lawn.

Join with others in Glastonbury by making the pledge for your lawn to go natural without chemicals!


  • Healthy, natural lawns take carbon out of the atmosphere, which helps fight global warming.
  • Fertilizer used on lawns run off into waterways, causing harmful algal blooms.
  • Natural lawns let water percolate through the turf to recharge groundwater that cools rivers during summer.


  • Better protect your home from extreme weather events by improving your lawn’s ability to hold water and release it slowly.
  • Natural lawns have deeper roots and denser foliage.
  • Natural lawns are more resilient, more resistant to pests and weeds.
  • By stopping the purchase of lawn chemicals, you will save money!
  • Natural lawns have more microbial life. 

Join the rest of the Glastonbury community in this campaign to stop the use of quick-release fertilizer and the spread of herbicides and pesticides. 

Protect your lawn, the environment, and save money in the process!

Join us in making the pledge.

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