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Green Teams
A 3 dimensional challenge, be counted by team, town and watershed.

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Competing in the Natural Lawns for Healthy Soils Challenge are:

Watershed Teams

Winning watershed teams are those with the highest percentage of households pledging natural lawns, to not put quick release fertilizer or harsh chemicals on established lawns.

Taunton River Watershed Team

Neponset River Watershed Team

Charles River Watershed Team

Mystic River Watershed Team

Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers Team

Nashua River Watershed Team 

Ipswich River Watershed Team

Town Teams

Winning town teams are those with the highest percentage of households pledging natural lawns, to not put quick release fertilizer or harsh chemicals on established lawns.


Dedham Greens Team (10,498 households)

Brookline Greens Team (24,960 households)

Woburn Greens Team (15,901 households)

Burlington Greens Team (10,625 households)

Salem Greens Team (19,094 households)

Beverly Greens Team (16,568 households)

Somerville Greens Team (34,046 households)

Melrose Greens Team (11,238 households)

Medford Greens Team  (23,807 households)

Malden Greens Team (23,367 households)

Rockport Greens Team (3,402 households)

Gloucester Greens Team (13,410 households)

Ipswich Team (5,761 households)

Peabody Team (21,713 households)

Danvers Team (10,689 households)

Middleton Team (2,999 households)

Cambridge Team (46,835 households)

Wellesley Team (8,449 households)

Needham Team (10,801 households)

Weston Greens Team (3,730 households)

Lincoln Greens Team (2,569 households)

Sudbury Greens Team (6,301 households)

Acton Boxborough Team (11,061 households)

Concord Carlisle Team (8,511 households)

Go Green Medford Team (22,917 households)

Milton Team (8,875 households)

Quincy Team (41,187 households)

Bridgewater Team (2,545 households)

Group/Organization Teams

These team will also be scored by their town and watershed, three ways to become a winner fighting climate change, slowing sea level rise, and putting the green back into communities.

Bridgewater Green Committee Team

Bridgewater State Environmental Action Team 

Mothers Out Front Natural Lawns Team

Student Society for Sustainability at UMass Lowell Team

Sustainable Middleborough

WREN Woburn Residents’ Environmental Network

Form your own team to cool the Commonwealth

Register your group or organization by completing this form.  

We’ll work with you to set up your own pledge form and your own reporting webpage.

In the spirit of high school football, we’ll post how teams are doing and present scores.

Springfield MA is where researchers found mowing lawns that had not been fertilized or watered every 2-3 weeks resulted in as much as 2.5 times more lawn flowers like dandelions and clover, and 93 species of bees!  

Save money on lawn care while saving bees, worms, microbes, archaea, springtails, nematodes, rotifers, tardigrades, the full rhizosphere. Grass plants are fed by fungi and bacteria as part of the vast mycorrhizae network, called the wood wide web.

When you let your lawn go natural, we’re all winners!

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