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Harvard Square Happenings: Ocean Science Savvy Wednesdays and Ducks!
Save Atlantic Ocean Deep Sea Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument

Cold, fresh water (dyed blue) sits on top of warmer, saltier water, demonstrating the concept of slippery seas! To hear more about slippery seas, listen to our podcast on the subject, plus much more! https://www.oceanriver.org/podcast/slippery-seas-and-the-motion-of-the-ocean/

Stop by the historic Out Town News Kiosk for Ocean Science Savvy Wednesdays from 2-4 pm this summer!

Rob and two student interns demonstrate how salinity and temperature create distinct layers in the oceans and would love to talk to you about the impacts of climate change on ocean currents and the different water masses that compose the Atlantic Ocean!

Hear about Plimsoll Lines, which have been used since the 19th century to regulate the loading of cargo ships. Their purpose revolves around ocean density as well, used to make sure heavily loaded ships sailing from more to less dense water bodies didn’t sink since they’d float lower in the water!

The Ocean River Institutes invites people check out the ducks on display in Harvard Square! Check out the Bank of America window display across the street from the old kiosk! Ocean conservation images and messages are exhibited and people like to pause by the marine life. Parents can be overheard in the Post Office saying, “After this, we’ll go see the ducks.” A woman from France was even seen at the display window looking at the illustration drawn by local artist Dina Chapeau. She noted what Americans call monk fish. Very appropriate since Cambridge resident Julia Child introduced us to the fine cuisine of monk fish, a particularly ugly fish with a baited bear trap mouth. People passing by enjoy the large photo image of a vibrant Boston Harbor with sailing ships and recreational boats on the water.

Illustrations by Dina Chapeau


John’s got ducks on the tops of his shoes.

Duck tours?

Over the streets of Harvard Square.

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Harvard Square Happenings: Ocean Science Savvy Wednesdays and Ducks!. See where we're actively working on this.

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