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Help Your Lawn Fight Climate Change and Protect Your Home

Top Ten Reasons for Modifying Your Lawn Care

10. Before you commence spreading pounds of quick-release fertilizer consider letting your lawn combat climate change by switching your fertilizer type.

9.  Replace your patio with a lawn and thank grass for being a sponge when extreme weather hits.

8.  Stop the spreading to have green lawns AND clean water.

7. There’ll be clean water with green lawns when you use only slow-release fertilizer once a year in spring or fall.

6.  More grass, less patios! Let your lawn be a sponge protecting your home from extreme weather.

5. Don’t trash grass. Use slow-release fertilizer.

4. Help your lawn fight climate change with more carbon captured.

3.  Green lawns can coexist with clean waters when you don’t use quick-fertilizer.

2. Do you know where your lawn fertilizer mostly goes? (Hint: It’s not the grass!)

1. It’s not lawns that pollute, its the quick-release fertilizer you’re spreading that feeds harmful algal blooms.


Fight climate change, pledge here to change your lawn care to stop nitrogen pollution and increase carbon capture.

For more information on slow-release nitrogen, an organic alternative to the herbicide Roundup (3 ingredients: white vinegar, salt, dish-soap), and responsible lawn care, click HERE.

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