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Lawns with Healthy Soils for Climate Restoration
Let Nature be.

Fight climate change with your lawn by not using any quick-release fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides (Save money on lawn care, too)

Join us by making the pledge for your lawn to go natural without chemicals for healthier grass and soil, cleaner waters, and sky!


  • Healthy, natural lawns take carbon out of the atmosphere, which helps fight global warming.
  • Fertilizer used on lawns runoff into waterways, causing harmful algal blooms.
  • Natural lawns let water percolate through the turf to recharge groundwater that cools rivers during summer.


  • Natural lawns have deeper roots and denser foliage.
  • Lawn grass is the best at pushing liquid carbon out root tips to create as much as an inch of soil in a year (3.67 tons CO2 = 1-ton soil carbon).
  • Natural lawns have more microbial life and worms in the soil.
  • Lawn soil with worms can hold 7 inches of rain water.
  • Better protect your home from extreme weather events by improving your lawn’s ability to hold water and release it slowly.
  • Natural lawns are more resilient, more resistant to pests and weeds.
  • By stopping the purchase of lawn chemicals, you will save money!

Join us to capture more carbon from the atmosphere, build more soil with liquid carbon, and stop the use of quick-release fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

Protect your lawn, neighborhood, waterways, and save money in the process!

Join us in making the pledge.

Why Modifying Your Lawn Care Practices Will Do More to Abate Climate Change than Changing Your Car for a Hybrid

In the efforts to slow the ravages wrought by Climate Change, the hare may have beaten the hybrid car while munching on grass.  The real winners are non-fertilized green lawns and permaculture. The hare was just stimulating the plants to capture more carbon.

The bad news is that carbon in the atmosphere has risen in hockey-stick fashion. The incontrovertible truth is that 400 parts per million is 0.04% of greenhouse gasses. Most of the greenhouse gas preventing heat energy from escaping the planet is water vapor (95%).

Much as I like to deploy a sling psychrometer, observing and recording water vapor is challenging. Besides, Charles David Keeling coming down from Mauna Loa (13,679 ft) with a hockey-stick scribed into the atmospheric CO2 graph is the stuff of legends.

Look not to melting ice on Greenland; look to your yard and neighborhood. The green parts of your yard and the green places of your neighborhood can do a lot to reverse climate change, to restore the more favorable environmental conditions of yesteryear. Given the super-sized effects of water vapor in the climate change debacle, how you treat your bit of turf is not insignificant.  Click here for the article and to comment.

Why Stop Using Quick-release Fertilizer?
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