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Shaheen Portman Energy Efficiency Legislation

Partisan Wrangling Stalls Energy Efficiency Legislation

It’s past time we combat climate change by increasing our energy efficiency. The Shaheen-Portman bill would have strengthened energy efficiency requirements for new homes and commercial buildings and encouraged companies to develop energy efficient technology.  It includes incentives, opportunities and funding to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings, houses and appliances. According to the…

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environmental literacy, climate change education, NOAA

Tell Congress to Support Climate Change Education for Children

Congressman Michael Honda has introduced H.R. 4461: the Climate Change Education Act in the US House of Representatives. Congressman Honda, a former teacher, believes that educating children and families about climate change will help more move more people to take action. H.R. 4461 creates a new $20 million Climate Change Education program at the National…

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atlantic_herring alewives shad

Save River Herring

River herring and shad populations have declined by over 90 percent since 1985. This loss of fish, despite removals of dams and improvements to the health of rivers, is due to overfishing and bycatch mortalities while trawling for sea herring and mackerel.  River herring and shad are incidental takes that sold on market with the…

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Atlantic Cod fish fishing fisheries

Save Fish and Fishing Communities

Tell Congress more funding of fisheries is good for both the fish and fishing communities. About every ten years the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Management Act is reauthorized.  It’s time to revisit the primary law governing conservation and management of U.S. ocean fisheries. The heavy lifting for legislators of today’s Congress is to direct more money, not…

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Ocean Stewardship sailboat

Clam Chowdah Science

Clam Chowdah Science: Ocean Stewardship & Northeast Ocean Collaborative Planning  Gloucester’s fishing industry knows all too well about the complexity of our oceans. Through my years of working with groups like the commercial striped bass fishermen and the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association, I have seen our fishermen adapt to the highs and lows that come with…

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Massachusetts Algae Nitrogen Harbor

Stop Nitrogen Pollution of Oceans – Green Algal Slime Busters

How can you help get rid of green algal slime choking our shores and smearing our beaches? Nitrogen is the worst pollutant in the world affecting the oceans because it causes harmful algal blooms, eutrophication and ocean dead zones (hypoxia), makes marine life more vulnerable to disease, reduces biodiversity in shallow estuarine waters, degrades ocean…

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Ecosystem Research Area for Stellwagen Bank

Protect Essential Fish Habitat in the Gulf of Maine – Establish a No Take Area within the Stellwagen Dedicated Habitat Research Area Join with us in clarion calls for 4 alternatives to the Fishery Council’s Omnibus Essential Fish Habitat Amendment 2 in the Gulf of Maine. ◊ Protect deep sea corals; ◊ Protect forage fish including…

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Nightmare in the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Disaster

The Virgin Islands Environmental Council’s worst nightmare happened on August  12, 2011 when the Court ruled that Hans Creek Fisheries Protected Area, a mangrove shored fish nursery with fringing coral reefs and turtle grass on the west side of Beef Island, does not have legal standing to stop unregulated developers from building into the area. …

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