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Reduce Nitrous Oxides Emissions, 3rd largest greenhouse gas
Stop nitrous oxide pollution.

Nitrous oxides are the third largest greenhouse gas culprit after carbon dioxide and methane. Nitrous oxides account for 8 percent of all greenhouse gasses; though this may seem like a relatively small percentage, nitrous oxides are 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide and also contribute to ozone depletion.

The good news: nitrous oxides emissions can be greatly reduced by altering our fertilization practices. Nearly 75% of all N2O emissions come from soil management. From the burning of fossil fuels come 19% of N2O emissions (power plants, industry or chemical production, and transportation). Manure management is only 5% of N2O emissions. 

Since fertilizers are rich in nitrogen, nitrous oxides are released into the atmosphere as a byproduct when fertilizer or soil are exposed to air. Discontinue fertilizer usage or switch to a modest amount of slow-release fertilizers once a year. We can eliminate nitrous oxides emission from lawns by keeping them completely green, no sunspills of exposed dirt.    

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Reduce Nitrous Oxides Emissions, 3rd largest greenhouse gas. See where we're actively working on this.

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