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Save the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
Speak out against larger take. Mature population of western Atlantic bluefin tuna has declined 82% since 1970.

Bluefin Tuna of the Western Atlantic Need Your Help

Atlantic Bluefin tuna are close to population collapse. Studies show that the western Atlantic population has declined 82% since 1970. Scientists estimate that there are only 41,000 reproductively mature bluefin tuna left in the western Atlantic.

These top-of-the-food chain tigers of the sea are worthy of our efforts to save and protect. The declining state of tuna recently made feature appearances in Time magazine and the New York Times. Unfortunately, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is considering a proposal to increase the killing of bluefin tuna in U.S. waters.  Nations around the world will vote on a proposal to prohibit the international commercial trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna. Now is NOT the time for NMFS to increase the American catch of tuna! Let’s instead lead the world in protecting bluefin tuna.

Please add your words to our effort.  NMFS should not rush to implement these new fishing regulations that permit the taking of more bluefin tuna. Thank you.

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