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Westwood Lawns for Climate Restoration
Westwood Lawns for Climate Restoration

Lawns help fight climate change by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.

Want to make your lawn healthier, and save money at the same time? 

Join families in Westwood by taking our pledge.

Why Should I Go Natural?

Fertilizer is an addiction that weakens your lawn and makes it dependent on artificial chemicals to grow

Natural lawns are healthier, stronger, and promote more biodiversity than their chemical counterparts

Natural lawns prevent erosion, keeping your lawn greener naturally

You can treat your lawn like Augusta treats their fairways by only feeding when needed. 

Fertilizer chemicals runoff into waterways causing green-goop algae blooms that are dangerous to wildlife and humans alike.

Save cash and time, avoid costly synthetic fertilizers, and enjoy lush green lawns.

Take the pledge to be part of the solution!


Where We're Working On This
Westwood Lawns for Climate Restoration. See where we're actively working on this.

How You Can Help
The Ocean River Institute provides individuals around the world with specific opportunities to make a difference saving wildlife, protecting ecosystems, in environmental education, science, and conservation.