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Worcester Lawns for Climate Restoration
Worcester Lawns for Climate Restoration

Save money, time, and the local ecosystem by not using any quick-release fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides on your lawn.


Join with others in Worcester by making the pledge for your lawn to go natural without chemicals!



Your lawn will capture more carbon out of the air and pump liquid carbon into the soil.

Fertilizer weakens the natural ecological balance that makes our lawns unique from one another.

Natural lawns are more resilient to erosion and resistant to pests.

Natural lawns let water percolate through the turf to recharge groundwater.

Chemicals applied to lawns will run off causing harmful algal blooms and ocean dead zones.

More soil microbes will thrive, building microbial bridges, keeping your lawn green.

Natural lawns will hold more water.

How does a healthy lawn benefit you? 

Lawns fight climate change blade by blade by taking CO2 out of the air with photosynthesis.

Healthier, more resilient lawns will better protect your home from extreme weather events by holding more water and releasing it slowly. 

Golf courses follow these practices and only feed their lawns as needed.

You will save money!

…Join fellow Worcesterites to protect our lawns and green your budget. 

Discover your lawn’s Seregeti of microbial life beneath the turf. 

Join us in making the pledge

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