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5th Annual Ocean River Institute Dinner with Sunshine Wildlife

Date: Tuesday, January 23 2014

Time: 6 pm

The Miles Grant Country Club in Stuart, FL

Please join us for the Fifth Annual Ocean River Institute Dinner with Captain Nan’s Sunshine Wildlife

Saving Indian River Lagoon by Reducing Nitrogen Pollution, and Saving Fish and Fishing Communities Throughout the Nation.

Featured Speaker: Rob Moir, Ph.D., Director, Ocean River Institute, Inc.

Also presenting:

Captain Nancy Beaver, Sunshine Wildlife Tours.

Discover Indian River Lagoon, the wildlife and wonders of “the most diverse estuary in North America.”  Learn about our efforts to help injured birds, dolphins and manatees and to assist with oyster restoration, shoreline restoration, and spoil island cleanups. Join with us in calling for a lawn fertilizing holiday from June 1 to September 30th. By using at least 50% slow release nitrogen on lawns in the spring we can stop nitrogen run off pollution during the hottest summer months.  Stopping nitrogen run-off will also increase water clarity, reduce harmful algal blooms, save sea grasses, help dolphins suffering from skin-eating fungal infections and clean beaches of slime.  We can have green lawns and rescue Indian River Lagoon while saving time and money from unnecessary summer fertilizer applications.

Call 772-219-0148 for reservations, seating is very limited.