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Nancy Beaver

Capt Nan Beaver to Speak at Stuart FL Dinner

Date: Thursday, March 26, 2015

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Miles Grant Country Club

Please join us for the fifth annual

Sunshine Wildlife Tours

Ocean River Institute

Fundraising Dinner

Captain Nancy J. Beaver Featured Speaker

Music & Dancing by Darrell Gwinn

Attire: Casual Dinner

Reservations 772 219-0148

Five years ago at our first dinner, we learned of the plight of suffering dolphins due to polluted waters of the Indian River Lagoon.  The next day Capt Nan Beaver and Rob Moir met with Martin County Commissioners because this county had the greatest number of dolphin deaths in the  Indian River Lagoon.  The first responsible stewardship fertilizer ordinance was passed unanimously by Martin County.  Last August the last of the five counties of Indian River Lagoon passed a responsible stewardship ordinance.   Capt Nan has stayed the course throughout educating thousands voyaging out onto the lagoon with Sunshine Wildlife Tours. Capt Nan has hosted every dinner like a good captain averting problems before anyone else was aware.  Finally, this annual dinner we feature Capt Nan and let her to share her vast knowledge, gained through experience, of the wildlife of Bird Island and in the lagoon waters.

Recently Capt Nan spoke with Noa Randall, ORI Spring Intern, and Rob Moir about the marine life and lagoon she cares so much for.  Bird Island has been designated, thanks to her tireless efforts, Florida’s first Critical Habitat in twenty years.  Nan reports observations of wood storks, magnificent frigate birds, and roseated spoonbills.  Many species of heron roost on Bird Island along with a good number of brown pelicans.  Nan also talks about dolphin research in the area and how the dolphins may be faring a bit better than before, manatees, turtles and bull sharks, too. Despite summer weather bringing blooming algae, there are signs of less algae and seagrass beds recovery.   Nan speaks of problems and possible solutions to the Army Corp releases of mucky water down the St Lucie into the lagoon. There is still much to be done to diminish the damage and to see healthier waters return to Indian River Lagoon.  Call out of thanks to Indian Riverkeeper Marty Baum, Jackie Thurlow (last year’s feature speaker) and big cheer for the River Kidz.