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Ocean River Science Savvy Wednesdays in Harvard Square!

Date: Wednesdays, from May 23rd to August 8th

Time: 2 pm to 4 pm

By the historic Out of Town News Kiosk for a fun and informative series of science projects for all ages!

How does your ocean move?

Why do ocean currents flow?

What would make ocean currents flow stronger?

The Ocean River Institute will help you discover ocean motions and the stirrings of our watery planet.

  • What happens when releasing less heat into outer space, Climate Change pushes more energy into our oceans?
  • Why do surface currents in the Northern Hemisphere, including the Gulf Stream, flow clockwise, while the ocean gyre in the Gulf of Maine moves counter-clockwise? Yet, both move with centrifugal motion?
  • Why is water density more important than water temperature?
  • Why are Gulf of Maine surface waters cooling faster in winter and warming in summer?
  • What’s a slippery sea?
  • Why are Plimsoll lines on the sides of ships, what do they tell?

Inquisitive minds are encouraged to come by and make marine life connections with the Ocean River Institute!