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Tallahassee Feb 2014 Capital

Rally in Tally

Date: Tuesday, February 18 2014

Time: 11:30am

Florida Capital Steps

Stop FL from ignoring EPA greenhouse gas regulations and stripping local stewardship ordinances and regulations

Floridian Clean Water Folks Rallied in Tallahassee.

Groups for all over Florida converged on the steps of the state capital to call for clean water actions.  Flags flew, signs waved and well labeled individuals were heard calling on the state to past responsible laws beginning with clean springs and working across the landscape to the sea.


Marty Baum, Indian Riverkeeper, into a ten year old named Adrian who spoke for clean water. Rob caught up with Adrian and Cris Costello to present Adrian with an ORI compass-whistle.

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Rob. shown here with Dr. Leesa Souto, Executive Director of the Marine Resources Council, also spent time in the Tallahassee post office putting stamps to 164 letters address to Florida House and Senate members from their own constituents.  Thanks to the 485 individuals who wrote to their legislators and most especially to those who added additional comments.  Legislators heard directly from you in a most personal fashion to let counties and towns have home rule, and to let the feds act to reduce global warming in Florida.

Rob Moir talks about saving oceans and saving dolphins in Florida (6.5 min video)

“This is what will happen if we do not keep our rivers clean!”

Save Florida’s dolphins from nitrogen pollution in the Indian River Lagoon