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Youth-Powered Climate Justice with Our Children’s Trust

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024

Time: 12:00 noon

A Virtual Meeting

Join Biodiversity for a Livable Climate and the Ocean River Institute for a lively discussion of the practice and power of youth activism on Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 12:00 noon ET on Zoom.

Mat dos Santos and Laura Gehrke of Our Children’s Trust will talk with Rob Moir of Ocean River Institute about how 16 youth plaintiffs successfully sued the state of Montana to protect their equal rights to a healthy environment, life, dignity, and freedom. At the core of the suit was the claim that Montana’s state government continues to promote and support fossil fuel extraction and burning, expanding the climate crisis and harming the youth plaintiffs.

Held v. State of Montana is the country’s first-ever children’s constitutional climate case to go to trial. The First Judicial District Court of Montana ruled wholly in favor of the 16 youth plaintiffs, declaring that the state violated the youth’s constitutional rights, including their rights to equal protection, dignity, liberty, health and safety, and public trust, which are all predicated on their right to a clean and healthful environment.

Bio4Climate will lead the question-and-answer discussion at the end of this interview. Participants are invited to submit questions in advance when registering.

Pictured above are the youth plaintiffs in seven cases of Our Children’s Trust: Held v. State of Montana, Julianna v. United States, Natalie R v. State of Utah, Navahine F. v. HDOT, Layla H. v. Commonwealth of VA, Florida Petition for Rulemaking, and La Rose v. His Majesty the King (Canada).

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