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The Ocean River Institute supports a loose network of organizations, called Partners, which typically are small, local, regional and/or newly formed groups. ORI helps these groups to educate; to preserve flora and fauna; to conserve landscapes and seascapes; to advance ecosystem-based management; and to reverse human impacts on the environment.

Information about ORI Partners and ORI’s role:

Vote the Ocean!

What is Vote the Ocean?  It’s a call to action, a message, and a mission to inspire political actions for the ocean among voters. We want to introduce you to…

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Ocean Air

Flight operations to advance ocean, coastal, and watershed protection efforts on the West Coast Conservation efforts aimed at protecting oceans, coasts, and watersheds on the West Coast have gained tremendous…

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Marquee Stuart, FL

Youth Driven Cinema

Stuart, Florida – Friday April 26, 2016  We’ll be back for the second annual Youth Driven Cinema Film Festival at the Lyric Theater.  Crystal Lucas, former teacher, and Benjamin D’Avonso,…

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Green VI

  is a nonprofit organization located in the British Virgin Islands which works to demonstrate the principles and benefits of sustainable living in the beautiful BVI – through education and…

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Inian Islands Institute, Alaska

Inian Islands Institute, Alaska

Inian Island Institute Crew Inian Islands Institute was born when four Stanford PhD students, recognizing the deep importance of experiential education and Alaska’s power to capture the imagination, coalesced around…

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Right Whale at Statehouse

Ocean River Network

The Ocean River Network engages, educates and broadens a constituency in Massachusetts supportive of comprehensive area-based management of state ocean waters. The Ocean River Network was supported in 2007 by…

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Campaign for Environmental Literacy

The Campaign for Environmental Literacy is the first and only advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening national policy and legislation for an increasingly vital subject: environmental education. Since CEL’s launch in…

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Piotr Parasiewicz

Rushing Rivers Institute

The Rushing Rivers Institute provides on-demand applied research to protect and restore rivers, offering engineering solutions integrating physical and ecological sciences, professional training and project review services. It builds upon…

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Laura Henze Russell

Hidden River Health Challenge

ORI partners with Hidden River to rid mercury from our bodies, ourselves, our environment, our futures.  Sign the MEDDSURGE petition for Medical and Dental Device Safety Urgent Reform. Report health problems on the MedWatcher website or app (register,…

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