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Piotr Parasiewicz

Rushing Rivers Institute

The Rushing Rivers Institute provides on-demand applied research to protect and restore rivers, offering engineering solutions integrating physical and ecological sciences, professional training and project review services. It builds upon expertise of the Northeast Instream Habitat Program, as well as on the expertise of scientists at the universities and research institutes throughout the country and internationally.


Rushing Rivers’ mission is to prevent further destruction of our powerful and beautiful riverscapes by raising public awareness and delivering leading edge, ecologically sound technology to conservationists and resource mangers. The growing importance of water issues due to global climate change calls for sophisticated, science-based management and protection of running waters.


The Fort River, the longest free-flowing tributary of the Connecticut River in Massachusetts, is of particular interest to the Rushing Rivers Institute. The River is complete with rare mussels and is ideally situated to be a laboratory for professionals, students and citizen-scientists. To better understand the dynamic ecology of the Fort River flowing through Amherst and Hadley, the Rushing Rivers Institute works with local organizations including the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke Colleges.
The Rushing Rivers Institute has brought science and assessments to rivers throughout the Northeast. RRI is an active member of the River Management Society.

Location: Headquartered in Hadely, Massachusetts – with international trips