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Live from Bird Island on Florida’s Treasure Coast

Video cameras broadcast from one of the top 10 bird rookeries in Florida. There are 18 bird species roosting and nesting on the island, including threatened and endangered species. The island was recently designated a critical wildlife area by the state.

Dolphins in Florida are dying from too much nutrients washing into waterways.

Listen to Captain Nancy Beaver of Sunshine Wildlife talk with Rob on Moir’s Environmental Dialogues about the plight of Indian River Lagoon, where human activities are colliding with wildlife resulting in “marine mammal unusual mortality events.” Captain Nancy has observed much while educating school groups…

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ORI Relationship

Nancy Beaver is working to research and preserve Florida marine wildlife in North America’s most diverse estuary, Indian River Lagoon. Nan’s Sunshine Wildlife offers educational tours and is protecting coastal birds and marine mammals.

In October 2008, Sunshine Wildlife Tours teamed up with ORI.  We support educational efforts on the Indian River Lagoon. SWT also received support in our mission to achieve better signage and protection for two island bird rookeries in the lagoon, home to endangered and threatened species.



Dolphins play in the wake of a Sunshine Wildlife Tour.

Sunshine Wildlife began in 2000 in response to a need for educational awareness of our fragile ecosystems, the nurseries for all juvenile life in our oceans. We provide on-water ecology tours of the Indian River Lagoon to school groups, community members, and tourists. Since we began conducting tours, we have observed major declines in habitat and wildlife.

Location: The east coast of South Florida on the Manatee Pocket in Stuart, where the Saint Lucie River and the Indian River Lagoon meet. Located 30 minutes north of West Palm Beach.

Wood Storks roosting in mangrove trees

Wood Storks roosting in mangrove trees

Related Activities: Sunshine Wildlife Tours provides many fund raising tours to aid community groups such as the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center. We provide boats and staff at little or not cost for island clean-ups, re-vegetation island projects and oyster restoration.

SWT works with Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute’s Wild Dolphin Project on location and to rescue injured marine mammals, as well as with research and health assessment program. SWT rescues injured and sick marine birds that we then transport to Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital.