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Marquee Stuart, FL

Youth Driven Cinema

Stuart, Florida – Friday April 26, 2016 

We’ll be back for the second annual Youth Driven Cinema Film Festival at the Lyric Theater.  Crystal Lucas, former teacher, and Benjamin D’Avonso, environmental advocate will MC the Awards Ceremony.

Students will submit up to 3 minute long videos on saving coastal waters and local ocean life in Indian River Lagoon.   There are three categories of contestants: Elementary School, Middle School and High School.  The judges will be local community members and elected officials.

Grab Bag For Winner 

The Mission of Youth Driven Cinema 

To educate and engage the youth of Martin County by fostering community involvement within the arts and sciences. This new generation of stakeholders is our future as a community, both on the local and global scale. Youth Driven Cinema is a synergistic approach between technology and environmental advocacy.

Please make a donation to the support young film-makers.  $65 meets the costs of one contestant. On the donation page please write YDC on either the interests or dedication section.  Many small gifts will mean much to youths at work cleaning up Indian River Lagoon.  

ORI Peoples’ Choice Accolades

You may judge the first annual Youth Driven Cinema videos.  View, score and comment on the top three videos of each category, 9 videos in all.

Three Steps for Judges

  1. Open a Web page for viewing videos on YouTube
  2. Open ORI’s Peoples’ Choice Accolades Score Card
  3. View, comment, score and submit your score card

Judges 2.0 are those with the stamina to score all 23 films.

For those making their own score cards please email to info@oceanriver.org with Youth Driven Cinema in the Subject heading.

We will tally and post the results.

Footnote:  We expect you will differ from the judges because all the videos have merits.  Some films were high content documentary, others stirring music videos and creative animated videos.  A science teacher will score films differently than would the music director.  If each of the three categories were further divided into three film genera that would be 27 awards.  Only 23 films were entered.  Hence the judges’ conundrum.  What’s your solution?