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Our Partners

The Ocean River Institute supports a loose network of organizations, called Partners, which typically are small, local, regional and/or newly formed groups. ORI helps these groups to educate; to preserve flora and fauna; to conserve landscapes and seascapes; to advance ecosystem-based management; and to reverse human impacts on the environment.

Information about ORI Partners and ORI’s role:

JacoportraitNature’s Voice starring Jaco Vienings is directed and produced by Serena Vienings: Jaco has partnered with the ORI to discover on film and spread awareness of environmental concerns from around the world.
Breacher3_006Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary: ORI assists with High School Student Member and Alternate Member to the Sanctuary Advisory Council.
LauraRussellFallPhoto_001Hidden River Health Challenge: Promote health and help make chronic diseases history by removing mercury from our teeth, bodies, brains, oceans and environments.  We learn, share and act on our health information about genes and toxins to get & stay healthier.
FeedingHumpbacksRMoirRestore Northeast Great Waters: Act for troubled waters of the Gulf of Maine
thm_virgin_islandsVirgin Islands Environmental Council: Dr. Quincy Lettsome, residents of the British Virgin Islands and local groups came together to form an umbrella-representative group to protect wildlife and precious salt pond, creek and mangrove habitats.
P5140265_000_000Rushing River Institute: Piotr Parasiewicz provides on-demand applied research to protect and restore rivers, offering engineering solutions integrating physical and ecological sciences
thm_carlos_morenoAlternatives for Communities and Environment: Carlos Moreno, an ACE youth, leads concerned citizens on a Toxic Tour of the Dudley Square neighborhood in Boston.
thm_coastal_bird_programCoastal Waterbird Program: Becky Harris directs one of the most effective entities working to protect coastal birds and barrier beaches in New England
Nan-1dolphinDSC04590-1Sunshine Wildlife Tours, Stuart, Florida Discover Florida marine wildlife in North America’s most diverse estuary, Indian River Lagoon
thm_practices_1Campaign for Environmental Literacy: Jim Elder coordinates efforts to restore and expand environmental education practices to better connect with nature, think ecological, and strengthen ocean literacy
thm_cooper_islandFriends of Cooper Island: George Divoky’s 29 years of research and story of Black Guillemots on Cooper Island 25 miles east of Barrow brings home the global issue of climate change.
StellwagenDebrisStellwagen Alive!: The Friends of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary has a mission through programs of scientific research, monitoring, and exploration to educate citizens of Stellwagen’s natural wonders, ocean resources and ecosystem-based management issues.
AlaskaProgram_003Alaska Oceans Fund: Deborah L. Williams concurrently serves as President of Alaska Conservation Solutions and leads the June 7th Alaska Oceans Festival in Anchorage
thm_ocean_river_networkOcean River Network: Rob Moir managed to bring together more than ninety organizations and government groups in support of ecosystem-based management of MA’s ocean benthos.
thm_oceanworksgroupOcean Works Group: Alex Loers captains the 70 foot Research Vessel STELLWAGEN to provide scientists a platform for whale research on the Western Atlantic from Canada to the Bahamas.
thm_owl_instituteThe Owl Institute: Denver Holt directs scientific research of wildlife (primarily owls), their ecology, natural history, prey, and habitat relationships
thm_seabird_networkSeabird Ecological Assessment Network: Julie Ellis directs citizen-science beached bird surveys and a network of over 60 seabird and ecological health organizations from Canada to New Jersey