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Bucking Salmon at the Alaska Oceans Festival, Anchorage

Bucking Salmon at the Alaska Oceans Festival, Anchorage

The Alaska Ocean Festival meets the needs of ecosystems and communities. The primary focus of the annual Oceans Festival is to educate the public and raise awareness about the importance of healthy oceans and to celebrate the bounty of Alaska’s many marine resources. The festival presents a unique opportunity to bring Alaskans together to share, learn and to celebrate the significance oceans have in our lives.

Alaska Center for the Environment is Alaska’s largest home-grown citizen’s group working for the sensible stewardship of Alaska’s natural environment. Alaskans depend on a healthy environment for subsistence, recreation, jobs, and peace of mind. As the state grows, it is essential that human development occurs in harmony with our natural environment.

Alaska Program

The Alaskan coastline is one of our greatest national treasures.

Deborah Williams, Alaska Ocean Fund and Alaska Conservation Solutions, is making known Alaska’s global warming plight, is at work on remedies and is arming citizens with the information they need to act now to reduce carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

Bob Shavelson, Cook Inletkeeper, directs a community-based nonprofit organization that combined advocacy, education and science toward its mission to protect Alaskaā€™s Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains. Inletkeeperā€™s monitoring and science work build credibility with scientists and resource managers, its education and advocacy efforts enhance stewardship and citizen participation. Together, these efforts translate into Inletkeeperā€™s ability to effectively ensure a vibrant and healthy Cook Inlet watershed.

Location: Alaskan coastline.